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Your work is striking. This one motivates me and turns my crank.

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I'm an instant FAN omg! love your work

This is really great! I like everything about it. The colours are great and I like how the skates look so heavy. Brilliant!
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You make Living Magic in your Works and your use of colors are part of the Magic... You sell prints have website ❤
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She's a beautiful roller derby pin up girl 😍
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It's amazing how many little details there are even though the painting style looks so loose and free. I'm sure that makes it even harder to work in this style! I really like her skates. Heart 
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Where can I order this as a poster?

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I love this piece of art.
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I love her and your Amazing Style! <3
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very impressive style!
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Great colors and style.
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Ultra szuper! :)
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Geezus! You're on another level! Your work is bonkers ! 🌌🔥
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Amazing !!!!!!
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Stunning work and light!!!
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Amazing Artwork! :) Featured on my YouTube channel:…
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stunning work, love the messy lines
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Stunning artwork and style, just love the vast colour range combinations which unbelievably seems to compliment and create a really amazing image, fine work. 
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