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Crystal NIBs for SecurityAgent by marsmuse Crystal NIBs for SecurityAgent by marsmuse
This little application provides two alternative styles for the “Authenticate” panel that appears whenever you’re required to enter a password on your Mac. It works by substituting different “NIB” files — the files that define the window’s interface — for the default system versions. (Jargon Alert: NIB stands for “NeXT InterfaceBuilder,” which was the original IB app developed on the NeXT operating system — the predecessor of Mac OS X.)

The application lets you switch among three different styles:

▪ HUD (Heads-Up Display) style,
▪ Metal (Textured) style, and
▪ Default system style.

To use, just launch and enter your password at the prompt. Afterward, a small window appears that lets you choose one of the three styles from a pull-down menu. You can cancel the action or submit the form to change the NIB style.

After you submit your choice, run the application again to verify that the choice is now active. A logout or restart is not required.
When you want to uninstall the app, just run it and select the default system style.

The application has been extensively tested and used on both Snow Leopard and Lion systems, and it contains the default system NIB files for both, as well as the Crystal alternatives. (Note: MarsThemes is not to be held liable for any damage to your system that may result from using this application. Use that does not follow the above instructions is forbidden.)

These styles were developed to complement the MarsThemes applications CrystalClear Interface and Crystal Black, but they are free to use whether you’re using those themes or not.

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princesserin Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013
Never mind my bad I figured it out.
princesserin Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013
Whether I pick hud or metal I get the same thing. Maybe it could be due to the fact I modified my sArtFile because both of the options give me the images I made for my toolbar.
iDarwin Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012
Edit: I fixed the problem by manually restoring the original via the Terminal. The security dialog interface did initially change, but the modified .nib files in the English.lproj directory of the were nullified by the Disk permission repair function. I suspect that it was caused by Apple's sandboxing of unsigned system files. It might be a good idea to provide an easier solution for manually reverting the files in case of the corruption and failure.
iDarwin Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012
I've run the app and now the security dialog panel does not appear at all and I can not use the app to automatically uninstall as it requires authentication. Which files exactly were modified by this app?
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