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Crystal Black iTunes 1.3.1

This little application installs the Crystal Black theme for iTunes, versions 10.1 through 10.6. To install, simply double-click the application and select "Install." You'll need to authenticate as the admin user to proceed.

You can use the app to uninstall the Crystal Black theme as well. To uninstall, double-click the app and select "Uninstall."

For more information about the iTunes skin, refer to my blog article,
Crystal Black for iTunes


Leland Scott
Mars Themes

Note: This skin is incorporated in the full Crystal Black theme, which is available on the Crystal Black website.

Last Update:
06.06.12. Minor enhancements to version 1.3, which was recently updated to be compatible with iTunes 10.6.
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How do i get this to work with Windows... :(
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false alarm!! hahaha i just had force quit my itunes and reopened and it works perfectly awsome dude!!! thanks
kimitography's avatar
i just intalled this on my mac and nothing happened.
do i need to set up something like skin something like that?
zafraanT's avatar
awesome stuff ..
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Beautiful skin! Any chance to see an 10.6.1 update? Any chance to ever see an Aqua Inspiriat, AquaSE, or Milk skin?
the-mel-22's avatar
Easy , Sleek, very nice! Thanks!
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This is wicked sweet!
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Holy crap... This is AWESOME!! I didnt even know i could do this with iTunes!! Thanks so much for the great skin!! :)
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i second that! bad ass skin
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Seriously... make this one for Windows.
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Will you ever make a Windows version of this?
Luchs's avatar
Wish the font could be brighter in the black window. Other than that, a beautiful skin. Thank you.
tjhay07's avatar
it's not for windows? oh meeeennn.
wow! if only this was for windows :(
It says that it can't find my itunes...why is that?
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Looks amazing!
bluevast's avatar
Nice! Will there be an update for 10.4?
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hey its not working for itunes 10.2 !!!.......
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i Downloaded the File . And it`s just a .DMG file. I tried mounting it using deamontoll light but nothing happens. Can you please Help me :(
hannahjhay2117's avatar
i tried Opening it with magic ISO but it says "cant find the file or File isnt CD iamge File. Please Help :(
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fricking cool theme !! installer worked great ,( itunes 10.2.2) installed and restarted. thanks keep up the great work
DarKiNeZiS's avatar
The installer is a great idea ! Worked really well for me, thank you so much ! :)
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