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Crystal Albook Icons v1.0


Crystal Albook icons
Version 1.0, Released 4/18/07
Copyright 2007 by Leland Scott, Musings from Mars

This release introduces a new set of Crystal Albook icons, redesigned to more closely match the look of the Crystal Clear ShapeShifter theme (available separately). The set includes all the Mac system icons, as well as 49 application icons. More application and document icons are planned.

Crystal Albook is an icon set based on Laurent Baumann's excellent Albook series, which is generously released under the Creative Commons license. The Crystal Albook series incorporates transparency to accompany the Crystal Clear theme and its variants.

Crystal Albook is available as part of the full Crystal Clear guikit file, and can be installed through ShapeShifter. As an alternative, it is available here in several forms:
✓ As iContainers for Candybar
✓ As iContainers for Pixadex, and
✓ As individual icon files for Mac OS X (in ICNS and PNG formats).

(Note: This package was previously included in the 12.5mb "Crystal Clear Complete" download package.)

Updated 4/29/07 with more complete iContainers for CandyBar. A zip file with just the revised iContainers is also available here.

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Excellent icons! A fav!
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would love to have the option or icon format for windows
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Makes me want shapeshifter soo bad!
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I love these icons. I wanted a set of icons that'd work wonderfully with my desktop, nice and transparent and not in the way of the wallpaper. :) And these puppies deliver. On top of that I managed to make my own via the external drive icon as a template with my Seijimei Studios insignia in the center to further personalize my setup. :)

Impressive work! ^_^ d
Hi, I love the icon set but i have to agree with teddibio's comment when they said that shapeshifter won't let you use the application and system icons at the same time. Is there anyway that you can combine the system and application icons for shapeshifter? Or having the icons as regular image files instead of .icns files so that i can manually change the icon using copy and paste.
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hey so i'm using your mac theme crystal clear 1.2 (i love it! and can't wait for 1.5). and i also download the crystal albook icon package, the only thing is, shapeshifter won't let me use the application and system icons at the same time. is there anyway to get around it? or can u combine all those icons together just for shapeshifter?
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How can I unpack that .dmg file ?! Hoped to find those icons in PNG format, so I can use them in a skin (if it's allowed)...
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i'd love to see these in black :D
hmm i was wondering if u could plzz release the pngs for this icon set for windows users
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I love the icons!! But... is there any possibility to get the icons in png format to use in Windows? I can't work with *.dmg giles, and the zip file isn't available :(
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What's the font you use in your menubar?
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That's Augie. It's one of the many fine, free fonts and other goodies from Emerald City Fontwerks. You can apply different fonts to Mac OS X titlebars and other elements using software like Tinkertool.
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