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Hello DA journal, it's been some time. I`d first like to apologize for the lack of art in 08 it was a pretty sad year for arting but now I got the new Open Canvas so I should be pooping out a few pieces this week just so I can get use to it's ... upgrades?

Now second on my agenda of self hating artist woes, is I missed art table sign ups for the Vancouver anime con Anime Evolution. Now I'm kicking myself due to the fact I'm the mercy of this waiting list business. 80 freaking tables sold out in a few days! Man I`m so bummed about this, well I could always sit on the street corner and pedal my wears.

And if there are any Vancouverites out there and have been to the artist fair or had a table there can they let me know how busy it is and how well I should prepare for prints and magnets?

Any way thats it thats all!

Love your friend y and mine, Marshu :spidey:
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Work is big part of life now, it's pretty much impossible to find time to do any art faggery. ^_^; Would make promises like "I should have a X-mas picture at the least for you guys by next week" but the back ground I'm thinking of will take for ever.

BUT I am working on stuff 5 different stuffs to be exact. So one day in the future I hope to get those finished. But to those of you (if any) that have been waiting for new Marshu art, I'm deeply sorry T______T

Hugs and kisses! Marshu

Stroke My Ego Contest!</U>

The stroke my ego contest is now over and the winners were insanely hard to choose but the top three have been chosen.

In First Place:
:iconlillyleigh: for her beautiful job on sleepy Marshu… I could see there was a lot of time and thought put into this piece, I really dig the detail in the hair.

In Second Place:
:iconcats10: with her Host Club Marshu… The colours swooned there way into my heart with this one, I saw great improvement with this piece too.

In Third Place:
:iconslim954: with just plain ol' day dreaming Marshu… I'm a huge fan of above views and water colours, with this piece slim combined the best of both worlds.

Prizes: I'll be getting in touch with the winners shortly
1st place: A commission sketch, and ANY octo pie shirt you want
2nd place: A commission sketch, and an octo pie shirt from series 1
3rd place: A commission sketch

But every one did a great job, and I loved seeing all your different variations from a take out box to a Jhonen Vasquez style, So I'd like to thank every one who entered and I say you should check them out!


Stroke My Ego Contest!</U>

I’ve been kind of bored and wanting to give out stuff, but I really didn’t know how. So it hit me like a fierce hand across my bottom! Hold a contest! And that I shall, so please read the rules and Give it your bestest!

- Pick one of the 28 Marshus in my Ego picture…
- Sketch, Draw, Paint, CG, Do what ever you please
- Dress the Marshu up or down however you please, but still maintain the main idea for said Marshu
- You can submit up to 3 entries
- Submissions must be handed in by July 3rd 2007
- You can note me your submissions or Email me it at
- If emailed send me your name, deviantart page, and link to the entry

With more entries there will be more categories to win prizes. Also I may add onto the prizes depending where I am for monies.

1-20 entries:
1st place: A commission sketch, and ANY octo pie shirt you want (that includes Spook… )
2nd place: A commission sketch, and an octo pie shirt from series 1…
3rd place: A commission sketch

20 + entries:
Added categories:
Funniest: A print of their choice
Prettiest: A print of their choice
Coolest: A print of their choice



Woot I finaly hit 10K page views. ^_^ Well I'm moving up in the artist world (kinda sorta) still haven't gotten anything on the front page  (I should draw more poorly drawn fat anime chicks) I have alot of sketch work that I will be wanting to fire out as finished pieces soon. So stay tuned and keep your eyes open.

So thank you every one I will try my hardest to impress you even more now ^_^

I'm gonna try doing a weekly short drawing and see how that goes! It may be relevant it may be completely random but just keep an eye open in my webcam section of my front page.

Woot Aikon was blast! Where to start. Umm how bout the night before aikon.

Alright the Thursday night I was printing stuff with count-platypus till 2 am then after she left I was still up till 4:30am making shirts and printing more stuff out. I didn't manage to get it all done plus I needed to wake up at 6 to let Kroger drop his stuff off. So I went to bed at 5am leaving the kitchen a complete mess…

Waking up at 6 only getting 1 hour of sleep was most terrible but I got cleaned up and Kroger swag by to drop of his stuff and get some printing done. Then he went off to volunteer so I finished up my shirts and prints. Then me and count-platypus had some last minute shopping to do thus we did that and went back to her place where I just died on her floor from lack of sleep. We headed back to my place from there we bussed to the con. After getting in the con we headed to the artist room where we met up with Kroger and set up. I did fairly well that day, and I got some little boy to hold my will yaoi 4 food sign… he reminded me of pie-is-i mwahahaha.

Saturday! The day me and count-platypus were cosplaying as Raito/Light Yagami and Misa. I was super pumped from the start but alas I had some Problems I'd rather not talk about which made us abit late ^_^; AANNNYYY who moving on, we reset up……… and eagerly awaited the grand sales of the day. Cathleen our super cool neighbor to our left was dressed as Chun-Lee which was insainly awesome so I took a cool picture… (I bought some of her art and did an art trade for a print and some food X3). After a rather un-eventful hour or so me and count-platypus went to take pictures of ourselves cuz we are vain like that. So here's an ass load of pics………… I think we made a rather sexy Misa and Light (I look sexy in a suite) after the photo shooting we went back and relaxed behind the table to sell stuff and send Kroger 's army dude on little missions… And then I saw a freaking cloud in a dress plushy… wow that thing was awesome he had leather panties that had "I <3 Sephy" on them kukukuku so naughty. after the art room I had to hang around a bit longer cuz Kroger had to volunteer so I talked to some folks, watched the sailor moon movie (My word sailor Jupiter on the big screen so hot X3), and watched abit of nightwalker I think it was called(Mmmmm ankle-less angels are hot) met up with a pants-less yuna19 and went to the dance. MY WORD THAT PLACE SMELLED! So I danced to 2 songs and a slow song hit so I eeped and went back to the night walker room where Kroger was volunteering. After we were done that yuna19 brought us back to her hotel room and we had food and drinks (She's a life saver we didn't eat anything all day!) THANK YOU <3 we left there around 12ish and we printed more stuff off at my place and went to bed.

Sunday was nice and slow, when I arrived I got a rather sexy surprise A SYE  PLUSHY made by the talented vickykitty (I'll post pictures of it later). A few people wanted me to sign their prints that they bought off of me mainly cats10 and  george16 (had a table across from me) they were cool about it though, but man my signature is so gross X3. I also put my Axel painting… up for auction and that didn't go to hot, I had to buy it back ^^; but luckily a kick ass Roxas approached me later and bought it off of me for $25…

My total Profit of the weekend was around $380, $90 of which I spent on stuff -_- man I bought way to much but it's all stuff I would of attempted to ordered off the net.

So I'd like to thank every one who came out to say hi and every one who bought my art. THANK YOU <3

Hello folks and folkets as you know Ai-Kon is this weekend. And like last year, this year I have an artist table again. So here is what you can expect from me this year.

Ai-Kon 2006 Stuff:
- 8.5 x 11 Prints (new and some old)
- 4 x 6 Prints (new and some old)
- 5 Pre Made Octo-pie Shirts
- Order forms to buy Octo Pie shirts
- A NEW Octo Pie to order (will be available online after Ai-kon)
- 12 x 18 Water Colour Axel from KH2 for sale

So if you're in the area please stop by ^_^ see you then.

Octo-Pie Ordering Instructions

Alright "Series 1" has finally come and you're wondering "How can I get my hands on some of those most righteous tee shirts?" ^_^ Well I'll tell you how.

First you pick which "Octo-pie" you want, your choice of a black or white tee shirt and what size (S, M, L, XL, XXL) Also What sex (male or female). Then see the costs and S&H info (remember Canadian funds). Then go to your local bank and purchase mail order form for the amount needed to get the shirt and the S&H (see below). Then in a letter write the information for the shirt you want along with your address, and email. Then send the letter to me (see mailing info). And once I get the letter I will make the shirt and send you an Email telling you I've shipped the shirt. With the shirt I'll send washing instructions, which is very important to follow for pro-longing the long life of the shirt.

$20 Canadian Funds plus shipping and handling (see below for S&H info) Per Shirt

"OCTO-SPECIAL" Order 4 shirts and shipping is FREE</I>. Price $80 Can.

Shipping and handling:
Can/US:              $5 Can.
Anywhere Else:  $8 Can.

Mailing Info:
Marshall Unger
1021 Talbot Ave.
Winnipeg MB
R2L 0T3

Any other questions please Email me at: OR leave a comment.
Woot working on some Death Note fan art right now it's looking mighty sexy. but befor I complete that I gotta finish the avatar battle royal guild artwork, I didnt expect it to take so long but cell shading every little thing takes for EVER!!!!! all in all it looks rather nice so I hope the gaians will dig it.

I'll post a link once it's done.

AND for the folks that have no clue what death note is here is the scanlations… ... I wish I could read japanese so I could actually buy and read the stuff. but i must wait and hope it comes out in english.

OH and other manga new I can't find xxx holic 5 I've been looking for 3 months now, and #4 said it was out in March I think.

AND other my manga news. I got to make a lesbian couple and a story line for 2 characters and I'm good to go for starting my story. so woot woot.

the end. :spidey:
Erg I'm going through that stage every artist goes through where every thing they draw looks bad and not right. And I'm almost 18 now and my art is no where near where i want it looking around on dev there are some people younger then me with insainly mad skill and such. I supose I need proper programs or something like open canvus (I needs it soooo bad) and a more up to date photoshop (i got 6)
Blah and I got an artist table at the upcoming con in august and I want to have alot of great stuff to sell. I sure hope I get my shit together for this :spidey:
Ya so I'm a super guy on dev for afew days which I'm gonna take full advantage of.

It's some cool free sample I'm geussing or if anyone subscribed me thank you T-T <3
I needs to find me a P chat or something i really want to draw with people T-T
OMGBBQ i final chossen the names for the Nameless lovers drawring *drum roll*

For the guys name the winner is :iconlostcyn: with the name of Marquis! congrats in the faces.

For the girls name the winner be :iconlady-videl: with the stunnig name of Erika also Congrats in the faces.

So could the winners pleas post what they wish me to draw for them in this journal or email me at

Thank you every one els for participating in my naming game. don't worry there is bound to be naming games a many.
my word got moved back row is homo gay at least i go my tunes *breaks out in head banging bliss* ya im sitting y wo guy i dont know so what the crap so bord .... X_X

I <3 barrymores

oh ya and last call for any one wanting to enter the nameless lovers contest I'll anounce the winners some time this week fear my randomness.... thats right fear it!
Just cleaning out my gallery and putting stuff in scraps. So don't forget to look in scraps and what not..... ya.

And dad's computer is still dead so im thinking its gonna be a while till my next CG. BUT im screwing around in my multi media class with flash so im gonna have some shpiffy stuff in that area so WOOT.
Papas computer died and thats the only coputer i can do any art on and scan on so im a wheeee bit fuxing pissed off ....actruley ....


and moms computer sucks my left one so it looks like its gonna be a long time untill I can scan or CG any thing.

In conclusion im angry "erg"
You spin me inside outside then you hold me so tight we'll dance and party all night

mambo mambo laio

so kiss me in th moon light you know it allways feels right We'll dance and party all night

mambo mambo laio </singing>

i  need to draw some crazy go nuts moon light kissing scene and who nows it might even be a guy and a girl ^.^;  (probably not)
Do some DDR fanart

oh and finish art trades and requests
Well i have a few works that need working on so here they be:

:iconrioki: art trade
:iconcount-platypus: art trade
:iconpie-is-i: 7k congrats

If there are any requests post em' and ill see what pops up.