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Full View Please and I might sleep with you '_^

Another relationship picture I did about a week ago, It took me about 3 hours (excluding an hour of trial and error for figuring out what coloring style I wanted to use) I also reduced the size of it so it may be lacking so details.

I swear my next submission will be something fun ^_^
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Wow how did you do that? It looks awesome!!!Clap Love Meow :3 La la la la Nod :happybounce: Heart +fav Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] #1 I love deviantART! Thumbs Up 8-) (Cool) =) (Smile) LOL 
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I dream about having these moments with the guy I love
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i sleep like this sooo many times and i dont go o sex. this moment is fine for me! :)
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So sweet i love the sleeping scene ^^
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Who are they? Minato and Kushina?
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Me and my girlfriend.
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Now if only I could do that without getting in trouble by my parents.... does everyone always have to just straight to sex? I like these moments way better.
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Oh.. great job (:
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The girl kinda looks like Orihime from Bleach, but you didn't mean too do that.. did you?
awesome job though =)
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lol funny story, she (my girlfriend) cosplayed as Orihime at a con afew times!
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:O does that make me a stalker??? :O
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[link] Featured in this spotlight! :w00t:
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ooooo sweet thanks!
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I really like the style and coloring for this. It makes it feel very peaceful.
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I should have asked before I started, but I didnt think about it. Fuck me sideways for being a dick. >>
I used this picture as a reference for a picture i'm working on. Specifically the character on the left. I'm so so so sorry if that upsets you, but I promise, the picture doesn't really.. look -too- similar or anything, and I'm going to make very sure to credit this and provide a link to it when I go to upload the picture once it's finished. Gods. I'm so sorry for being inconsiderate. ;_;
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eek, humm well since you started alls good i supose.... but long as it's just referencing and not full frontal tracing and editing the clothes just to look like your original characters (=_= i hate when people do that). I'd need to see it before I get my panties in a bunch. But thanks for notifying me and credit would be greatly appreciated.
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wellp, there's a link, so you can choose to be upset if you find it appropriate.
Thanks for not biting my head off and stuff. =p
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:aww: cute but about that comment on it... no thanks
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so sweet! makes me smile instantly ^-^
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awww this reminds me myself somwhere in the past :(
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I'm sorry, I have to ask- are they both women or is the one on the left a guy?
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The fellow on the left is a guy
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this is sooo sweeeet! :heart:
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