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And finally a chance to catch up on some editing...


More like: 10 shifts in 14 days = 109 hours

I finally got some time off over Easter and I pretty much slept through the first two days. 

With nothing better to do for the other two days I revisited my Patreon.

I’m cutting my original posts down to 20 images each and putting them up for a limited time (maybe: I’m making this up as I go along!) at a reduced rate.

ASFW @ $5

NSFW @ $10


Stay safe everyone.

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Happy 2020 everyone!

I hope the planet makes it to 2021!

I’m not a particularly political person but...

...Has anyone seen ‘Wag the Dog’?
A president, facing a sex scandal, decides a nice little war in Albania will distract the public....
Change the sex scandal to an impeachment, Albania becomes Iran....

....And: ‘Remember Benghazi?’  I can imagine that conversation!
“Yes Mister President: You can say you were trying to avoid another Benghazi.”

“Ben who?”

Meanwhile Australia is on fire.  Apparently it’ll take a century for the planet to scrub all the carbon dioxide, produced, out of the atmosphere.  Of course, one of the places that would be doing the scrubbing would be the Amazon and that’s on fire too!

Sorry: Just wanted to get that off my chest.


I’m going to call it a failed experiment.

On the one hand: I only ever had a maximum of three patrons.  More often, than not, I only had one.

On the other: It gave me enough money, in the hand, to pay off my final Personal Loan repayment at a time when I had no other way to pay it.  So there’s that.  I have a couple (maybe three months) worth of content left before I’ve run through all the shoots I did last year.  Then I’ll have to decide whether to recycle it.  Basically, only one person has seen most of it so....


I started a new job in November.  It’s a completely different direction to what I was doing previously and I’m really enjoying it.  But: Minimum wage.  Although the hours are enough to keep my rent and bills paid and food on the table.  It doesn’t cover much else, unless I do a significant amount of overtime to cover costs for shoots or etc....  Of course that’s looking likely.  Standard is between 36-48 hours per week.  I just finished a 68 hour week.  Next week is 60 hours and the week after that (which should be 36 hours) is looking like it’ll be 56.  Of course, I barely have enough time to do any shoots if I could afford them!  Like I said: OMF’ingG! 

So: Interesting times:  Of course, mostly, that’s the Chinese definition of ‘interesting’!

All the best to you all.  And good luck!  I think we’re all going to need it!

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 …Turn and face the strange

Don't want to be a richer man….


Wouldn’t mind not living under a bridge though!

But times they are a changing!

(Bowie to Dylan… This is turning into quite a lyrical post!)


For the first time in a long time (19 years) I find myself unemployed.  Not that I didn’t see it coming: Having redundancy hanging over your head for most of your working life tends to make it part of the landscape though.

So: Looking to generate a little extra income to make the redundancy payment stretch a bit.

The only other skill I have besides computer operating (a, pretty much, dead occupation in Auckland atm) is Photography.  And so I’m exploring the feasibility of Patreon….


The ‘good news’ to counter the ‘bad’ is that means increased productivity:  I’v already had five shoots for April and two for May.  (I’m having to change the tenses in this!  It was supposed to be posted a month ago!


Looking at two tiers to start with:

$10 – ASFW (Almost Safe For Work J ) images


$25 – NSFW.

And a minimum of two sets per month.

The first features will be Sara.  She has become a major muse over the last three years.  So it seems only fitting that she should be the cornerstone of this new venture.

And: Kristina and Ashley (Who have revised their permissions for what I can post; upwards, which is cool!)

Creating a new gallery here to introduce each set as its posted.  So... watch this space!

Will also revisit sets I’ve posted on DeviantArt over the years and, where appropriate/possible, post expanded sets on Patreon.  This won’t be possible in most cases as the model releases for the last ten years have specifically stated they are to be used for non-commercial purposes.  But still, there are some exceptions.

I’ll keep each Patreon set up for two months and then retire them permanently.  This will give an overlap of a month with each new set.

... At least, that's the plan!

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...Fruit flies like a banana.

Its been a while.

I wouldn’t say I’ve been wrestling with depression: More like wrestling with ambivalence.

After mum died and... other stuff... I found I had a lot of things in my life I just didn’t care about.  Work, issues..., post-processing, keeping up with submissions to DA....

Part of the DA stuff was the wish to revamp my site but not being able to delete old/unwanted images except one at a time in a, way too laborious, task when you had to consider the removal of over a 1000 images.  No help from DA though.  It took me way too long to realise I could just chuck everything in storage.  Not ideal but....

So...  I was a couple of years behind before I ‘lost interest’.  Now I’m four years behind and I may have to do something drastic!  Lol!

Hopefully I’ll be posting more and more often.... We’ll see.

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Aaaand Kenny Baker and Gene Wilder....
In the words of Kenny's most famous role: "Beep boop, wee woo
wah Mother humper...!"


Since my last Journal was written (not posted) we've lost Muhammad Ali.
and less than a month ago: Anton Yelchin (Checkov in the Star Trek reboots, Charlie Brewster in the Fright Night remake, Kyle Reese from Treminator Salvation, Odd Thomas... 65 acting credits (according to IMDB) in his 27 years. Dead in a car accident.

On a more positive note:
Previews for my upcoming posts...

My last few shoots from 2014:

01 Aleshia 160314 preview by marshrr 02 Sylvia 180514 preview by marshrr     04 Natalie 220614 preview by marshrr     05 Charlotte 220614 preview by marshrr    

Mature Content

05 MJ + DJ 160614 preview by marshrr

Mature Content

06 DJ 190714 preview by marshrr
     07 Clarette 190714 preview by marshrr     08 Natalie 260714 preview by marshrr     09 Alice 210814 preview by marshrr     10 Aleshia 271014 preview by marshrr     11 Cher 061214 preview by marshrr     12 Tania 121214 preview by marshrr     13 Natalie 291214 preview by marshrr    


14 Laura 230115 preview by marshrr     15 Cher 250115 preview by marshrr     16 Aria 010215 preview by marshrr    

Mature Content

17 Fiona B 080215 preview by marshrr

Mature Content

18 Angel 260215 preview by marshrr

Mature Content

19 Alice 170215 preview by marshrr
     20 G St Shoot 220315 preview by marshrr     21 Leah 300315 preview by marshrr     22 Natalie 220415 preview by marshrr     23 Alexis Jasmin 060515 preview by marshrr     24 Michelle 180515 preview by marshrr    

Mature Content

25 Angel 310515 preview by marshrr
     26 Natalie 310515 preview by marshrr    

Mature Content

27 TKUS 240615 preview by marshrr
     28 Anna 270615 preview by marshrr    

Mature Content

29 Brooke 270615 preview by marshrr

Mature Content

30 Lizzy 270615 preview by marshrr
     31 Tabea 030715 preview by marshrr     32 Michelle 020815 preview by marshrr     33 Chante' 020815 preview by marshrr     34 Cher 031015 preview by marshrr    

Mature Content

35 Laura 251015 preview by marshrr
     36 Karina + Cathy 311015 preview by marshrr     37 Sara 181115 preview by marshrr

Woohoo!  Finally made it to 2016!

Mature Content

38 Michelle 140316 preview by marshrr
     39 Muni 210316 preview by marshrr    

Mature Content

40 Charlotte 210316 preview by marshrr
     41 IDNZ 020416 preview by marshrr     42 240416 Anna Preview by marshrr     43 010516 Karina + Cathy preview by marshrr     44 070516 Tania + Deja preview by marshrr     45 080516 Ashleigh preview by marshrr     46 070616 Sylvia by marshrr     47 110616 Sara preview by marshrr     48 180616 Katie preview by marshrr
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