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This is for peace?

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I am not choosing sides. Let this connect to my ignorance of the situations that occur in this world. Yet, let my lack of understanding be a reason - what is the need for the innocent to be suffering?

Cloud Stock: [link]

Peace to Gaza dA Article: [link]
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Interesting work, thank you for using my stock :D
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It's a spectacular piece. Very creative and well executed.
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choice ur side of humanity thats all
choice ur side of justice and peace
these is the stutiation in gaza maybe help us to understand.

According to the UN, most of Gaza's 1.5 million Palestinian refugees subsist near the edge of hunger. Seventy percent of Palestinian children in Gaza suffer from severe malnutrition. Medical facilities are critically short of personnel and drugs. Gaza has quite literally become a human garbage dump for all the Arabs Israel did not want.

Gaza is one of the world's most densely populated places, a vast outdoor prison camp filled with desperate people. In the past, they threw stones at their Israeli occupiers; now they launch home-made rockets. Call it a prison riot, writ large.

In January, 2006, Israel began 'anti-terrorist' attacks and raids on Gaza in an effort to overthrow Hamas. Palestinians retaliated by rocket fire. In June, 2008, a cease-fire was brokered. But the skirmishing continued as Hamas fired rockets to protest Israel's failure to lift the punishing blockage. Firing rockets at civilians is a crime. But so, too, is the blockade, which was an egregious violation of international law and the Geneva Conventions. The western powers backed the blockade to bring Palestinians to their knees.

From 2006 to December of 2008, over 1,000 Palestinians were killed by Israeli bombing, attack helicopters, tank fire and ground attacks. That was before the current crisis in which well over 2,000 more have so far been killed and wounded. Israel, as of this writing, claims four dead from rocket fire. Whatever happened to the Old Testament's 'an eye for an eye?' Israel's new ration appears to be 500 to one.
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Thanks for that.
People should be aware of what's happening on the other side of the world.
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