Glass Butterflies

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I reach for those glass butterflies
but they're so fragile to hold
I'm watching them fly
and I'm beginning to let go

their wings too tender, too light
they glow so beautiful
as they're slowly out of my reach
nothing was ever complete

if only I knew this was real
if only I knew how you feel
with your glass butterflies

seventeen's still so young but I
know that I've learnt so much
nothing is that serious
unless you're thinking of my love
and I come to recognise
that I'm a shadow, walking into lights
would you dare blue eyes
say that you want this from your life

ch x2

I take a glance above
at your butterlies
and I look to see their wings
fly to heaven high

my hands still want your touch
and my arms still open up
and everytime I close my eyes
I see your smile

ch. x2
written 22/10/08 11:43pm

This is for the ever so loved Liss.
I never knew you like I wished to, but you are beautiful inside and out.

R.I.P Liss.
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Wow. That's so beautiful! Glass Butterflies... I like that. =)
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Marshmellowpuff's avatar
It's a really bittersweet song. I think that's why I really like it.