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Please note me if interested!

Digital (no examples yet sorry!) Please note these will not be colored and are all sketches!
Chibi: $2
Waist up: $3
Full: $5

Chibi (no example for these sorry!)
$5: Full color

Waist up
$5: Sketch 
$8: Full Color

Full body
$10: Sketch
$13: Full Color

And since a friend suggested it 
Design customs
$15-$20 Or $30 for a full reference of your custom.
Depending on what you want.

Any additional character is +$3 to any commission.

If you need an example please comment and I'll be happy to show you!

There are no slots!
There are no refunds sorry!
I give every chance to for you to explain exactly what you want so that there is no problem!
SFW or NSFW no problem!
There are some fetish restrictions, if you aren't sure about what I'll draw please ask!

At the most my turnaround is 3 weeks. IT RARELY EVER TAKES THIS LONG TRUST ME!