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[HRD] Jun || Application


“I wonder, in the grand scheme of things, if anything we do will make a difference.”

Name/Status: Khanittha, Cha-leuy (ขนิษฐา เฉลย) 
Nickname(s): Jun (จัน) | Rat (รัตน์) | Rune (รื่น)
Gender: Female
Age: Fifteen Years Old
Birthday: March 7th
Ethnicity: Thai
Nationality: Thai
Height: 5'0.5" | 153.3 cm
Weight: 102.5 lb | 46.5 kg
Blood Type: A+

Ultimate Talent: Photographer
A photographer is a person who specializes in the art of taking still images with a camera. Types of photography vary with landscapes, portraits, candid moments, wildlife, conceptual-- and much more. Jun isn't shy about trying all sorts of photography. Whether it be something simple or a more complex scene, her shots are always focused just how they need to be and in just the right spot. 

Dangerousness Level: One
Trial Skill: Snapshot!
Being a photographer, pictures often have to be taken in a matter of seconds. Jun has the ability to take comprehensible, clear photos of a scene in which she can reference truth bullets from within the photo without having to directly look at every single piece of evidence within the room. Smaller pieces of evidence would have to be examined closely, however, it shaves off a bit of time in her investigation of details which seem a bit more obvious. Photos may also key in evidence which may have been tampered with after such photographs were taken.

Jun can take pictures of a scene to directly examine truth bullets from so long as they aren't hidden or too small to look at in the picture. However, due to her limited amount of prints, Jun may only take a maximum of two photos per body discovery investigation.

Instant Camera + 30 prints
( if you're curious:… )
An instant camera with a double lens. The lens have the performance of a professional camera-- being able to use flash, exposure, focus, zoom, etc. It prints the same size photo each time with a white border and some space to write at the bottom.
Music Box
A simple wooden music box. Wind it up and open it to play You Are My Sunshine. The outside only has a small rose burned to the top of it. The inside seems shallow and completely empty-- though it's only a small mirror which covers the music box beneath it. 
A pink bullet journal. The front has a spot to write one's name where she's written จัน-- her nickname. The journal has about 100 dotted pages. It looks like a basic diary or notebook.
Markers (x5)
A set of five felt-tipped markers. The five colors consist of black, red, yellow, blue, and green in sort of muted tones. 

[+] Observant | Diligent | Astute | Methodical | Disciplined
[=] Skeptical | Enigmatic | Indifferent
[-] Withdrawn | Amoral | Fickle | Neurotic | Vengeful

Jun has always been a rather alert girl-- never one to lose her focus, it's only natural for her to take in her surroundings as they are. Her observation in everything is steadfast and firm. In doing so, she's also quick to note any changes or flaws in things which one wear. A movement of a person or object, an addition of something, or even something missing completely. This way of perceiving her surroundings also makes her keenly aware of how to evaluate and determine the situation of her surroundings or the people within it... and being aware of those things can help her turn the circumstances to her advantage.
Even still, Jun is an orderly and proper person. She has a way of doing things that seem organized and methodical. She prides herself on being dutiful, especially concerning her studies and talent. This diligence she has keeps herself in control and aware of what she's doing. On most occasions, she tends to have a polite and dignified disposition: bowing her head and being sure to not interrupt others so long as it isn't necessary. Always disciplined and astute, she's a very proper student.

Even with her more organized and efficient behaviors, and even with her rather polite way of speaking, Jun happens to be a rather apathetic and cynical girl. She has a showing of indifference in most cases. Rather than feeling interest in the people or happenstance around her, she just tends to not care. She's aware but not enthusiastic. This behavior tends to give off an aloof and gloomy air around her. 
Towards adults, peers, and any other persons around her, she holds a wave of doubt and mistrust. A sort of skepticism in just what they want from her. After all, everyone works in a self motivating way. Of course she'd be concerned with the motivation of others.

As it may be obvious, Jun is a rather withdrawn and introverted girl. It should be clear from her standoffish attitude that she wants nothing to do with socializing. Her reserved thinking makes her indifference seem even more harsh. It almost pairs all too well with her fickle nature. While some people may be loyal to a noticeable point, her own loyalties are almost nonexistent. There's almost no consistency with how she stands with others, and if it seems she's being friendly, don't think too kindly of it. In nearly all cases, the only reason she'd see it necessary to become friendly would be in her own interests and values-- and those are ever changing as well. 
If you think this sort of thing would make Jun less affected by other people's back-stabbings, you'd be wrong. A bit hypocritical, sure, but the girl has a vengeful attitude. Near petty in nature, she's quick to seeking retribution or revenge against those who she believes have wronged her. Holding grudges for until the wrongdoing has been corrected, it's only made worse by her amoral views. She'll go as far as she must to get what she wants. Right or wrong in the eyes of authorities, all that matters is what she thinks. Unfortunately, there's one more thing about her that makes these things all the scarier. Jun is rather neurotic-- downright paranoid. Even if nothing has happened, her fears and anxiety about something that may occur could drive her farther than anything. 
Near obsessive to a bizarre point, it's not surprising that Jun has an enigmatic sort of air surrounding her. Contradictory and yet completely put together, she's elusive-- almost like a cat: a cat with claws who keeps away from everyone around her.

✔ The Macabre
Anything seen as disturbing, creepy, or even downright repulsive. It can be dolls, photos, people, scenery, music-- literally anything so long as it has that sort of tone.
✔ Softness
In stark contrast, Jun also enjoys the softness of things. Listed just the same as the Macabre, it can be anything. 
✔ Toys
In general, toys are good for photographs and story telling. All toys are good in her eyes.
✔ Long Skirts + Dresses
Jun is a sort of classic girl. She likes all sorts of dresses and skirts so long as they're between the length of her knee and her ankle. All sorts of patterns and designs are welcome so long as they aren't too eye-catching. 
✔ Sweets
She doesn't like to admit it, but she has a sweet tooth. Chocolate, desserts, candy, and more: as long as it's sweet, she'll want to eat it.

✘ Friendliness
Jun is a rather introverted girl, so it's no surprise that friendliness is off-putting to her. Like it or not, she tends to avoid and even be quite rude to people who are overly friendly to her right off the bat.
✘ Large Pools of Water
Jun doesn't know how to swim and seems to have an intense hatred toward large pools of water whether it be lakes, oceans, or deep rivers.
✘ Eyes
Whether it be being stared at, eye contact, or just eyes in general, Jun has a distaste for eyes. It's an outright fear of hers, and perhaps one of the biggest reasons she keeps her eyes covered.
✘ Heights
Another fear of hers, Jun is very scared of heights. It's not incredibly bad, though she'd never go up any place she didn't have to. She's comfortable with her feet on the ground.
✘ Pranks
She just doesn't find them funny.

Storytelling Photography
Though she enjoys the art of taking photos on their own, Jun's favorite type of photography is the type that tells a story. In a single image, whether it be set up or by chance, there are the key things to telling a story: mood, emotion, narrative, ideas, and messages. Every detail is important. Lighting, expression, clothing, environment, angle. It's all important just for the perfect picture to tell the perfect story. 
Profiling + Outlining
A paranoid sort of habit-- Jun likes to profile the people she's around constantly. Drawing or taking a photo of them, writing down their full name.. age.. any information she knows which seems important. Then, she likes writing down their behavior towards her along with how dangerous they are to her. It doesn't matter how dangerous they seem-- she decides on her own everything and puts them on a scale. 
Just a regular old habit. She likes to doodle! She wouldn't consider herself a good artist in drawing, but doing little pictures was fun. Especially on photographs or in her journal. 
Self explanatory. Jun likes to be able to write properly and clearly. Nothing is more satisfying than looking at a perfect page of writing, after all.

Known Languages:
Thai (native)
The primary language of Thailand where she lived-- therefore her primary and native language as she was born and raised there.
English (intermediate)
English speaking is more common around tourist cities, though she lived nearby one. She can understand and speak it well enough (with an obvious accent), however, she does have a tendency to confuse words on occasion and just not understand some things like slang, idioms, and uncommonly spoken words/phrases.

{ L O C K E D }

VA: [link]
Mix: Hell in a Handbasket

▹ Despite the hair covering her eyes, she can see just fine-- though when she's alone, she will move her hair from her face to take photos.
▹ If you ask her to take your picture, there's a 99% chance she'll say no with a smile.
▹ Seems to have a slight issue with nightmares and sleepwalking. Not often, but there's been a noticeable pattern.
▹ Do not even ask to see her eyes. She won't allow it.
Roleplay Information:
Timezone: EST
Availability: I'm typically available. It varies. Just message me whenever for RPs~
[HRD] Jasper || Application

“Afraid? I'm always afraid. But, I don't hold myself back. I go forward, being afraid. That's why I'm called brave.

Name/Status: Jasper, Muyskens
Nickname(s): Jasp | Jaspy | Mouse
Gender: Agender
Age: Eighteen Years Old
Birthday: July 23rd
Ethnicity: Dutch
Nationality: Dutch
Height: 5'6" | 171 cm
Weight: 142 Lb | 64.4 Kg
Blood Type: O+

Ultimate Talent: Traceur
This talent is one that is both hard to describe yet incredibly simple. It can be split into two categories, both of which Jasper is exceptionally talented in-- obviously. Parkour, being the first of the two, is the sport of moving along a route to get to a destination in the fastest way possible. Jasper runs, climbs, vaults, and rolls out of the way of obstacles in dense areas or high building tops to reach their destination. The point is to be as efficient as possible. When it comes to freerunning, the rules have changed. Freerunning is similar to parkour in that they run, climb, vault, and roll in between or out of the way of obstacles. In this case, however, there is no destination. Efficiency is thrown out of the window as it is just for show. Flips and tricks are added and it becomes an aesthetically pleasing type of sport for show.

In both cases, having fluidity and speed in your movements is key. The point is to be adaptable to your environment and quick in decision of action. Otherwise, the course of motion is thrown off and injury is expected--- as there are no safety precautions involved.

Dangerousness Level: Zero
Trial Skill: Innocent Until Proven Guilty
Jasper's personality is highly involved in this special skill. That is, giving all people a chance. Jasper is likely to try and help one accused on trial clear their name, especially if they don't believe the person is being rightfully accused. This skill can only be used once per trial--- for one person alone. 
When used, Jasper do their best to provide sufficient evidence against what the accuser may be saying to prove the accused guilty and engage in a logic battle with the accuser. If the correct evidence is provided, then the accuser may have to back off. This doesn't mean they won't vote the accused guilty, as if the evidence stacks up, there shouldn't be any arguments. This only means that Jasper doesn't believe in open and shut cases. 
If the evidence is not enough for the accuser to back off, then the skill has gone to waste, and Jasper will not be able to help anyone else in the rest of the trial.

Everyone is innocent to them until proven otherwise. Voting guilty should be done with care and precision. After all, lives are on the line.

An assortment of colorful and, sometimes, cute bandages. Jasper brings these everywhere, stuffed away in their pockets. Not that they are particularly accident prone, but their sport can lead to injuries. Best to put a band aid on it if there's nothing else to do. Put on a band aid, get up, and deal with it. That's their philosophy.
Rubber Bands
Rubber bands. That's all they are. Jasper uses them to keep their hair up. They can also be used to flick at other people, but Jasper would never do that.
It's a skateboard. That's it. Nothing fancy. Just a regular wooden skateboard with grit.
Rubik's Cube
To help develop the mind, its a puzzle cube. Its almost never solved. It's just for fun.
Their pet parrot. His name has the root of war, but the name ultimately means joy! He's a chipper little thing.

[+] Active | Daring | Careful | Loyal | Optimistic | Friendly
[=] Goofy | Lighthearted | Outspoken
[-] Excitable | Naive | Rowdy | Obvious | Ignorant

Jasper, one could say, is very energetic. One who prefers physical exercise to lackadaisical pursuit, they are often times found running about and playing strange types of sport. Their activeness is rather overbearing, at times, and often annoying as they find more and more activities to take part in. Their favorite activity, freerunning, would put them in quite a daring position. Climbing and jumping from buildings should and is considered quite a bold, adventurous, and somewhat dangerous thing to do-- especially just for fun. However, despite the dangers involved, Jasper is quite careful. Though it seems quite contradictory, nearly every motion Jasper takes is calculated and decisive. In quick time, they are able to switch routes based on what would seem to be the safer option. The whole point of their talent isn't to recklessly hurt themself but to navigate environments with precision.
So what else is there? A lot more, obviously. Jasper isn't just some robot who does sports; they're a friendly dude. Yes, Jasper's pleasant attitude is one that draws others in. Rather than to ignore others or be a rude dude, they act in a kind and warm manner to nearly everyone. That is-- everyone who deserves it. When it comes down to their good friends, things become a bit more complicated. Jasper is very loyal to their friends. They're willing to defend and support them until the end, even if it means their own personal end. This loyalty is unwaning and irreplaceable. In the end, Jasper is undoubtedly hopeful and confident. Their cheerful optimism is almost as hard and blinding as a diamond. 

That being said, there's more to Jasper than happy-go-lucky friendship, isn't there? Kind of. It's true that Jasper is generally cheerful and high-spirited. Their lightheartedness is almost amusing, in a sense that they seem to have no problems. That's obviously not the case, as every person is flawed in one way or another, despite how loveable they may seem. One such point is their frank statement of opinion. While not tactless, Jasper is incredibly straightforward in their beliefs, even if it means getting on someone's bad side. While they'd rather not, it's always better to be honest and outspoken than to be a liar.

So what? Jasper is a little outspoken and incredibly friendly. Well, be prepared because Jasper is kind of an idiot. When it comes to new things, environments, people, and the like, Jasper tends to be excitable. Too excitable. Rather, to the point where it can be incredibly and increasingly annoying, Jasper responds too readily and eagerly. It doesn't help that it's in their nature to be rough and tough around the edges. A rowdy kid, Jasper is quite loud and unorderly. Almost wild, they tend to push things too far when it comes playing violent. Not everyone is as resilient as Jasper, and they know this. They just tend to forget about it. 
Yes, their naivety is shown as their too trusting, too innocent, and too inexperienced to know when too far is too far. That goes both ways, as well, as it's hard for them to tell when someone's taking advantage of them or just being friendly and fun. Jasper is predictable and unsubtle. Their personality is as clear as day upon meeting. This obvious nature makes it incredibly easy to take advantage of the kid. When they're having doubts, one can see it. When they're lying? Oh boy, can you tell. It really is what you see is what you get with Jasper when it comes down to it. 
Jasper is an idiot. Downright a fool. They are lacking in substantial knowledge of education and sophistication. Not to say they don't know anything at all, but that they are, quite frankly, ignorant. They are completely loveable but completely childish, as they lack understanding or are uninformed of things that should be at least somewhat general.
This goofball of a kid is, most certainly, completely gullible as they let others persuade them into doing one thing or believing another. Like a dog, they are lovable and fun, yet they are gullible and stupid.

✔ People
Jasper is very much a people person. It doesn't matter if they're cheery, gloomy, angry, or anything else. If they're a person, then Jasper will automatically try their best to be a good friend.
✔ The Outdoors
Having no electronics aside from a flip phone, Jasper spent most times outside. The fresh air is wonderful and the space to roam is amazing. Plus, parkour inside tends to get on people's nerves.
✔ Animals
No matter what, Jasper has always thought that animals were the cutest. Plus, their adaptability was always interesting to Jasper. People were definitely less adaptable than wild animals.
✔ Dance
Jasper does not dance. Not now, and likely not ever. However, they thoroughly enjoy watching all kinds of dance. It seems similar to parkour and freerunning in that of the fluid motion. Dance expresses emotion through the fluidity of the body, and Jasper respects the hell out of that.
✔ Scars
Blood and gore doesn't bother Jasper too much, as they were once often injured. Injuries can lead to scars, and Jasper, unfortunately, has none! They feel so unlucky as scars are super cool permanent marks to prove you're a badass. They supposed that they just aren't badass enough. Therefore, scars are cool, and if you have scars, Jasper is a fan.

✘ Television
You'd think that if you didn't have something you're entire life, you would want it and love it when you got it. Well, not in Jasper's case. They watched a few shows at a friend's house when they were younger, and TV just doesn't entertain. Why watch someone's life when you can live your own?
✘ Heels
Must there be an explanation? They hurt, they're awful, and you can't run in them. Period.
✘ Small Spaces
Quite frankly, Jasper gets antsy and nervous in small spaces. The indoors don't bother them, but the small indoors do. There's no place to run and be active. It's suffocating and disgusting.
✘ Mathematics
Jasper... is not the smartest kid on the block. They have okay grades, but math. Math. Math is the creation of the devil to hurt children in the numbers of millions and make them doubt their success in life. Math is bullshit, and it is hard.
✘ Clumsiness
It's not cute by any standard in Jasper's book. The fluidity of motion. The carefulness of action. The calculating, deliberate course of decision is a beautiful sight. One of grace. Being a klutz is graceless. Being a ditz is a staggering, unsteady, and unintended course of action. It is not cute. It is awful.

This one is obvious, likely. Jasper enjoys spending their time doing the sport of freerunning and parkour. They had no access to electronic means of play at home, so outdoor activity was a must. Their jobs they worked around the city required them to be quick, so they began partaking in parkour. It soon became less training and more fun as they enjoyed the feeling of running fast and free. Being fluid and adaptable to the environment was always necessary in their crowded city, anyways.
When Jasper doesn't feel like being particularly active or is sick, they tend to enjoy puzzles. Particularly, they enjoy puzzles like Rubik's Cubes, sliders, and the like. Whilst they aren't too smart, they enjoy the challenges they pose, and they'd like to make themselves smarter in some way. Puzzles are the relaxing go to replacement to electronic games.
While Jasper doesn't get to do this often, they really enjoy skateboarding. It's much like with freerunning how they feel fast and free, but they can do some different things on a skateboard. The tricks are different. You can ride practically vertically as if you're walking on walls. It makes Japser feel like they're doing the impossible. However, they never had a skateboard of their own until recently and only got to do the sport when the kids on the block lent them a skateboard.

Known Languages:
Dutch (native)
They were born and raised in the Netherlands. This one should be a given.
English (fluent)
Generally speaking, most people in the Netherlands fluently speak English. It's quite easy to pick up, though some phrases and metaphors escape their mind on occasion.

The Tragedy that swept over the world those years ago was one of hardship. It changed billions of peoples lives for the worst. The generations that lived through it suffered the worst, and Jasper's parents weren't an exception. 

They never really talked about it to Jasper-- what happened to them during the war, that is. It was likely a similar story to many others and one that Jasper would learn to stop questioning. The Tragedy left Jasper's parents to be distant. Distant from eachother. Distant from their child. Distant from everyone. That seemed to be the case for many people who lived through it. This distance left much to be desired, however, as the world is a social place. Human beings are social creatures. So when it came down to jobs, there were... few to pick from that their parents would feel safe doing, especially in the crowded city of Amsterdam, Netherlands. That left them with their financial issues. They were making just enough on their own to not qualify for any type of help. Yet, they were making the kind of amount that left them without television or internet access. Flip phones were practically the only 'fancy' electronic devices they owned, aside from perhaps a radio. 

The world was a better place now, though. A hopeful place! That's what it was in Jasper's eyes. They had food on their plates and love in their hearts, so they were never upset about their home life. Their parents encouraged them to play outside with other children and be somewhat independent, so that's just what Jasper did. There were plenty of children around the city to interact with. At first, they hung out children in their homes, but the lazy life of electronics made Jasper feel lethargic and disgusting. Jasper took to hanging out with the children that hung around the streets or parks. That's when they began to be really active. It was fun to run around with the other children: playing tag, hide and seek, and other made up games. Climbing trees in one of the parks was always an option and skateboarding was fun, too. Yes, there were plenty of things to do outside if you could think of it.

Then, something happened that threw the family's little circle of harmony off. When Jasper was 13 years old, their baby sister, Aya, was born. The family loved the small girl as much as they loved eachother-- and that was quite a bit, mind you-- so that wasn't the issue. No. The issue was still their income. Before, they could provide for everyone in the family in a necessary way. Now that a baby was in the family, there needed to be budget changes. Frankly, there was not enough money in the budget to feed everyone and pay for all of the supplies needed for a baby. So, to help their loving family, Jasper decided to step up and start taking jobs. For a little while, jobs were sparse and paid little to nothing as Jasper was slow and a child. But soon enough, things began to change. 

Jasper began taking up free time away from jobs to start training. They began attempting to navigate the crowded streets faster and drawing out maps of faster routes around the city. As Jasper got older and faster, jobs became easier to get and wages soon began to rize. Jasper wanted to pay for their own needs, and they let their parents know this. Their parents were wary at first, but as they began to feed themself, they relented. Training began to take up all of Jaspers spare time, as they knew that they faster and more efficient they became: the more money they would make. 

They began doing more dangerous things, like climbing up buildings, jumping down stairwells, and the like. Injury was common at first, but the more they practiced, the better they got. It was called parkour, and that was the key. Jasper soon replaced their old training with parkour, and they were in business. Parkour was efficient, quick, and precise. It was the easiest way to get around, especially when they didn't even have to navigate through the crowds on the street. The money was always just enough, and that made Jasper and their family proud (even if the injuries made their parents incredibly nervous at first). 

People always say you should do the job you love or love the job you do, and that became a very true statement for Jasper. While the oddball jobs they did, which mostly consisted of delivery type work, weren't at all the fun kind, the way they did the job was absolutely the best in their eyes. Parkour was fun. It was a sport. It became less training and more hobby as the years went by and soon they were freerunning. No destination. No worries. Just having fun adapting to the environment and feeling free. Doing tricks for the hell of it was added in and soon the kids around the city began to take notice. Before, Jasper was just some kid who liked putting themself in danger to them, but now they were that kid who could do some really cool stuff. Videos were taken and passed around, some ending up on the internet, and Jasper's popularity began to spread throughout the community. 

Then, there it was. A knock on the door and an invitation to Future Road's Academy. Jasper was hesitant, but even if there was a choice, they knew they would've taken it. They took that day to cut off all jobs with certainty and pack their things. They gave their love to their family and set their course to the Academy soon enough.

Ultimate Traceur--- they never would've thought it were possible.

Mix: Never Give Up

▹ Platonic hugs, hand holding, kisses, and the like are big with Jasper. Get ready if you become friends with them.
▹ Was biologically born as female, but they are just Jasper. Pronouns don't matter because... they are Jasper.
▹ Often chases after the friendship of those who are solitary or gloomy. They feel that if they become friends, the person might become happier or more talkative. If not, then they just gain another valuable person in their life.
▹ Very bad at math. Don't even ask.
▹ Actually has perfectly white and straight teeth.
▹ Quite strong. They can lift at least their own weight, mostly because they have to do parkour.
Roleplay Information:
Timezone: EST
Availability: I'm typically available. It varies. Just message me whenever for RPs~
[C-S] Ueda Shiori || Application

General Information

Name: Ueda, Shiori
Nickname/Alias: N/A

Gender: Female (She/Her)

Age: 27
Date of Birth: 9th February 

Nationality: Japanese

Height: 5 ft 3 in || 160 cm
Weight: 102 lb || 46 kg

Department: Purchasing

Personal Information

( + ) Organized | Level-Headed | Gentle| Curious | Cheerful
( x ) Compliant |Shy | Self-Conscious | Vulnerable | Aloof

Around the office, Shiori has a tendency to keep to herself and only speaks to coworkers whenever necessary. She's willing to do quite a lot to keep her job, even if it means doing other people's work or being a bit of a suck-up. Whether she wants to or not, she has a problem telling other people 'no' and often times just does whatever is asked of her. She's able to adapt generally easily and tends to get her work (and others' if need be) done as quickly and efficiently as she can.

However, when it comes to her personality outside of work, she is quite different. More gentle, kind, and cheerful in general, she's active online and outside. With non-coworkers, she feels no need to worry as much about her every action and tends to go with the flow. Shy and self-conscious, however, she will try to hide herself if she spots a coworker and in other situations which she might find to be particularly embarrassing. Still, it's quite clear that her personality is more open and free-minded outside of work. 


Ueda Shiori was born as the first child to her lower middle-class family in Tokorozawa, Saitama. She went to a local public school and held average and above average grades throughout the entirety of her elementary school life. Around grade four, her little brother was born and a few years later... her youngest brother. 
Shiori was quite active in her younger years, striving to play with the other kids as much as possible.. social and outgoing, things would only begin to change in her years of Junior High.

Junior High was a turning point in Shiori's life. The girls her age grouped together and decided what was and wasn't acceptable behavior. Everyone strived to be ingroup as being outcast was akin to setting yourself up for failure-- perhaps not in grades, but in school life.. If you weren't apart of a group, you were a target and bullying was inevitable. Shiori was never bullied in her junior high school career. The anxiety of seeing other girls bullied brought self-consciousness to her mind, and she forced herself to conform to avoid having that fear come true-- and though she never participated in the bullying herself, she always felt quite bad for not stopping it. 
Of course, all good things come to an end, and as high school came upon her, so did a lot more change. Most of her friends went to a different high school than her as she lived further away in the opposite direction of them. A few remained, but they weren't very close... only held together by the group they once had. It was inevitable they'd drift apart. However, being without a group, she felt anxiety for a long while as many of the other teens had a lot of their friends from their own junior high schools around. A fear of being bullied crept up on her and forced her to remain solitary for a long period of time. She wasn't bullied in the end.. regarded as a silent beauty by her class whether she knew it or not. 
In her final year of high school, of course, she had made a few friends of her own by chance. A couple girls who shared an interest in arcades and dramas just like her. She often brought them over to stay the night or went to their houses. Then.. there was her boyfriend. A boy in the next class over, they'd gotten together at the end of her second year of high school. Her parents had a strong disapproval of him as he seemed to be a bit stuck up and smelled of cigarettes often. Shiori didn't like that herself, but high school love drove her to feel completely enamored with him. Upon graduation, she eloped with her boyfriend ran away from home to live with him. This would turn out to be a terrible mistake. 

Without a job and living with her husband, Shiori found herself trapped in a rather unfulfilling relationship. Her husband expected a lot out of her in terms of being the 'perfect wife'. She had the looks that he desired, but her cooking skills were sub-par at best.. along with her strange interests. After living with him for a few years (going to college during this time, of course), he divorced her and kicked her out. It wasn't as if he were a bad guy, rather that they just weren't right for each other in the first place
Shiori was angry regardless.. too embarrassed to return home and feeling like an awful person for living off of her friends for several months, she decided to finally make a decision of her own. Whether she wanted to or not, it was time to finally start providing for herself.

Of course, the job is terrible... she absolutely hates it, but to live on her own-- she must do what she can to survive this hellish and underpaid career! ..and hopefully not get fired...

> Television || She hates to admit it, but she has a soft spot for romance and drama... 
> Gaming || From adventure, to horror, to even simple clicker games.. she plays any she can. (Especially on a portable device.)
> Arcade || Nothing better than going down to an arcade and wasting away money on things you don't need.
> Bicycling|| One way to keep in shape! It's also fun to do tricks.
> Running || Another way to keep in shape-- not as fun, but it relaxes her.

Likes + Dislikes: 
+ Horror
+ The paranormal
+ Sweets/Candy
+ Baggy shirts
+ Cats
+ Plushies
+ Gossip

x Thunder
x Being touched
x Cigarettes
x Birds
x Insects
x Snow
x Pranks

Liked + Disliked Gifts: 

Favorite Gift - The Ultimate Game Card
Loved Gifts - Winter Sweater | Cat Beanie
Liked Gifts - Heart Frame Sunglasses | Japanese Pudding | Pocky

Hated Gift - 10 Pack Cigarettes
Disliked Gifts - How to Get a Promotion For Dummies | Musical Calculator | Emoji Stickers | Whiskey | Vodka


> Shiori's phone data is almost completely used up due to the various phone apps she downloads.
> On most days, she tries to ride her bike to work and wakes up early to do so. When it rains, she uses public transportation.
> In the bag she brings to work, she has a change of clothes-- often an over-sized long-sleeved shirt and shorts paired with sandals.
> When she nobody is around, she checks as many games as she can to update/level up/etc. 
> She feeds stray animals. (Stray cats particularly like her.)
> She wears contacts at work. At home and outside of work, she wears a pair of circular glasses.
> She has a terrible fear of birds. She will literally cry if a bird flies near her.
> When she goes to arcades, she feels self-conscious as if the kids around her are judging her. They probably are. 

> Voice: TBD
> F.C.: Yoon Seon Yeong || Single Image



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