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[HRD] Art Dump - Take a picture

Another art dump! Jun belongs to me~

Noelani belongs to :icontonnkle:
Hiroki belongs to :iconleafia-the-tactician:
Kumar belongs to :iconradlosllent:
Yoongi belongs to :iconalchemistotaku:
MonoUsagi is from :iconzeirt: idk why in both art dumps shes bein a lil weirdo but ya kno

...yes that is jun dressed as frisk, what about it??
[AST] Xene

“I am what they call, 'iconic'.”

🌱 𝔅𝔞𝔰𝔦𝔠𝔰    

    ✥ Name - Xene
    ✥ Age - 29
    ✥ Gender - Non-Binary
    ✥ Species - Fae

    ✥ Birthday - Highsun 30th

    ✥ Height - 9.5 in || 24.1 cm 
    ✥ Weight - ??? Honestly, if you can't pick them up, your bones are broken.
    ✥ Handedness - Right

    ✥ Class -
    Archers have near-perfect accuracy when it comes to firing an arrow from a bow, or even tossing a spear.

✥ Residence - Erisefa
    ✥ Occupation - Leader

🌱 𝔖𝔨𝔦𝔩𝔩𝔰    

    [ ARCHER ]

✥ Spells -

    Level 1 - Able to create a sphere of water the size of one’s hand.

    Level 1 - An eruptions of fire from the palm of one’s hand.
    Level 2 - Same as above, but both hands and an extended amount.

    Level 1 - Able to help bring a plant into a healthier state of being. ( The plant must have already been planted )
    Level 2 -  Same as above, but their lifespan lasts a little longer than normal.
    Level 3 - Same as above, but it can withstand harsh weather.

    [ Stats ]

✥ 00        Strength
    ✥ 05        Accuracy
    ✥ 15        Agility
    ✥ 05        Perception
    ✥ 02        Craft
    ✥ 05        First Aid
    ✥ 15        Magic 
    ✥ 00        CUSTOM

🌱 𝔓𝔢𝔯𝔰𝔬𝔫𝔞𝔩    

[ + | Enthusiastic | Amusing | Flamboyant ]

[ = | Mischievous | Talkative | Arbitrary ]

[ - | Pompous | Drama Queen | Sly ]

[ Past ]
Xene appeared in a similar fashion as any other fae might have. Deep in the woods, so suddenly, they were found by a fae who was very sad and lonely. A young boy by the name of Iro who had gotten into a fight with his brother. It didn't take too long for the two to get along... Xene was very talkative and quick to cheer up the sad fae. They were brought back to the village, and when they helped the brothers make up, they were taken into the family as well. 

Their life was about as average as anyone else's. They were a very outgoing and enthusiastic kid, but they did have one goal above all else. To bring happiness to those around them. Their purpose when they appeared for that young sad boy, that was what they wanted their purpose to be for everyone.

[ Present ]
Nowadays, Xene still does their best to be a sort of jokester. Making people laugh and cheering people up is their ultimate goal. Running for the election was sort of.. an impulsive decision, but once they'd decided they really did want to do it, they began taking it seriously.. and their cheerful demeanor and sincerity to bring more joy to the community won the people over.

🌱 𝔗𝔦𝔡𝔟𝔦𝔱𝔰    

    Likes || Dislikes

    + Insects*
    + Pranks/Comedy
    + Festivals/Parties
    + Fairytales**
    + Stars
*Even the kinds that want to kill them.
**The name is ironic. Basically just fantasy stories told to children.

    x Birds
    x Clicking sounds
    x Silence
    x Admitting ignorance
    x When things go too far

    || Hobbies ||

    ✥ Pranking
    ✥ Flirting
    ✥ Reading

    ✥ Known Family
    Adoptive Brother - Demos
    Adoptive Brother - Iro

    ✥ Xene has a huge fear of birds, as when they were younger, one tried to eat them when they got too close.
    ✥ They've been described as a typical sort of 'class clown' or 'mischievous fairy'. It's not a rumor. It's just true.
    ✥ They're the youngest in their little sibling family, but they seem to take care of Iro as if he's the youngest.
    ✥ Xene may not seem like the leaderly type initially, however, they do take their duties as the one in charge very seriously.
    ✥ That being said, they really only get that openly serious in major situations.

Bless tonnkle for making the format for me. It looks so good, cries.


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