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How's it goin', everyone? Marriland here!

Just a quick update letting you know that I should hopefully have now fixed the permissions issue for the Explorers of Sky folder, so you can now properly submit your art of Zig, Cats, and the Gr8Justice there without any worry! I've moved any of the pieces of art that have been submitted to Marrilanders to that folder instead of the generic folder.

Not only that, but I've also set up two new folders for recent series: the Marriland's Super Mystery Dungeon folder and the Marriland's X Wedlocke folder! It should be pretty obvious which videos these are for, but now you'll have a place to put them!

Since Undertale isn't terribly unique for each player the way that Pokémon games are, there won't be a folder set up for my Undertale series, though you can feel free to post it to the Other Marriland Fanart folder, where it currently resides.

Lastly, yes, the X Wedlocke is indeed a thing, not a joke, so woohoo for that! But what's important to remember is death spoilers will NOT be accepted to the gallery until at least 72 hours after the respective episode was posted to YouTube! This is to keep people that haven't watched things right away spoiler-free in case they fall behind. However, you may still feel free to submit them here, just knowing they'll be held back in the queue until after that timer has expired. (And, a word of caution: my favorites section will NOT have such a time-delay, so be wary if you are browsing my favorites!)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the confirmed-not-to-be-an-April-Fool's-Day-joke video series!
As you may have noticed in your notifications today, Marrilanders is back up and running! I know, it's been Nearly a year (or maybe that's a Nearly year?! ;p), and I do apologize for that. I'd like to try ensure that, even if I'm not able to comment or contribute, the community can still share and discover all of the lovely fanart (and other fan-creations) from the Marriland video series!

First of all, I'm glad to say that I've upgraded Marrilanders to a SUPER GROUP, so it has a nice, shiny Bro Badge now to indicate how awesome it is. :) It should also help do some cool things for it down the line!

Second, I've added folders for the Black 2 Wedlocke, the Y Wonderwedlocke and the Omega Ruby Wedlocke. You can now submit your Marriland artwork directly there! Two episodes in and there's already quite a few pieces of fanart for that series that have been drawn, so I wanted to make sure that you'd have a great place to post it so other Marriland fans can see it as well! :D

Third, as I said, you may have noticed a LOT of submissions added to the gallery today! I went back and :+fav:'d and added to the group all of the relevant art that I could find that included the word "Marriland" (that's how I find all of the lovely fanart! :lol:). Unfortunately leaving comments on hundreds of pieces of fanart would have meant I'd be working on this for a week, so I do apologize for the lack of comments I left, but I do want you to know that I loved each and every piece of lovely fanart!

If you did NOT have your fanart :+fav:'d or did NOT have a request to add it to the gallery, please let me know in the comments with a link, because sometimes some can slip under the rug, particularly if they don't include the word Marriland anywhere in the title, description, or tags (btw #marriland is a great tag to use :thumbsup:). I'll be glad to add it as long as it follows the rules!

Last, but not least, in order to keep from that whole "my art is never accepted because Marriland is always inactive" problem (hey, I'm admitting it!), I'd like to appoint a few Benchleaders to the group. Benchleaders are effectively trusted community members who have a good feel for deviantART, have some experience handling deviantART groups, and will be responsible for accepting/denying art to the gallery here. It's not a difficult role, and I'm sure there are a lot of people who would love to help! Experience is a huge help to becoming a Benchleader along with how prominent you are in the Marrilanders community; if I've seen plenty of your fanart as well as comments on other members' fanart, and if you have a good knowledge of how groups go, you're definitely Benchleader material. :) Just let me know in the comments or via Note if that's something you'd be interested in along with what qualifications you have (experience with groups, dA, etc.).

Cheers! And hope y'all enjoy the Omega Ruby Wedlocke! :D
Hey everyone! Just a quick reminder about submissions that may contain spoilers in them: any such submission where it is apparent in the picture or title that something major happened will be held in the queue for a few days, to allow people a chance to get caught up on videos and not have their experience spoiled. Newly caught Pokémon or pairs won't be held back, so long as it isn't made obvious that something has happened (i.e., seeing a Pokémon paired with a new Pokémon rather than one it has been paired with for awhile).

These drawings are still encouraged and loved! I'll still :+fav: them on my main account when I get a chance. And you can still submit them to the group, don't worry! Just know that they won't be accepted immediately; they'll be accepted after a few days, when an appropriate amount of time has passed.

Also, try to refrain from posting major spoilers in journal comments or on the group's profile comments.

Thanks everyone! :D
Hey everyone! Once again, I'm sorry that I let the Marrilanders group go unattended for awhile. September was a busier month than I thought trying to wrap things up before the Pokémon X & Y rush, and once that started, I had to focus on that almost exclusively.

Now that Marriland's Pokémon Black Wedlocke has finally been started and I'll be doing Nuzlocke/Wedlocke series again on YouTube (thanks to all of your encouragement!), I should be more active around here, and I look forward to getting some volunteers on board to help approve artwork to the group.

It's actually really incredible to think that within the first eight hours of Black Wedlocke Part 01 being live, I'd received 11 pieces of fanart between Twitter, YouTube, and deviantART — that's incredible! It's a huge motivator for me, too, and I'm glad that those of you who took the time to draw something already have been inspired enough to do so! :nod:

As such, I've added the Marriland's Black Wedlocke gallery folder to the group. If you're submitting artwork here, you should add any Black Wedlocke artwork to there while submitting. I may also add artwork I stumble across on dA myself to that group, so if you see a notification asking to add it, feel free to accept it! (Keep in mind that, by accepting it, you're giving me permission to include it in my videos — y'know, that should probably be obvious and exciting anyway, but I just had to make sure that it was said!)

I'm looking forward to getting caught up on all of the fun Marriland fanart! If you've submitted something to dA and did not yet get it accepted to Marrilanders, please, I encourage you to resubmit it and I will accept it right away, putting it into the proper folder!

Thanks everyone, and I'm looking forward to what beautiful fanart the Black Wedlocke will inspire and how close it'll bring the community together! :#1:
Hey all, sorry that things have been relatively quiet dead around Marrilanders here. It's been a busy couple of months around the site and on YouTube, so I unfortunately have not had much time for deviantART lately, aside from checking through Marriland-related drawings every now and then.

While things are surely going to get busy as X & Y are released on October 12th, I do want to make an effort to be more active around dA and Marrilanders until then, to get things running around here again.

In the past, one of the things that held me back was wanting to comment and fave every single piece of fanart submitted, so when I didn't have the time to go through the backlog of art submitted (or just posted to dA outside of Marrilanders), rather than just accepting things, I'd get stressed and leave things there. Yeah, not all that productive! :fear:

I think, though, that it'd be better to just accept things as they come so they at least get some exposure. I genuinely do try to make as much of an effort as possible to leave an actual comment and a deserved fave on every piece of fanart, but with hundreds and hundreds of pieces of fanart (and fanlit) submitted, it just might not be possible anymore. Still, I will try my best to keep up, but I personally just have to come to grips with the fact that it might not happen. ^^; Please, please please pleeeeaaasse, don't take offense if I don't comment/fave on something, or if I just fave it! If I just fave something without a comment, it means I am busy, on the go, and don't want to forget about the drawing or give it zero recognition, but I really do prefer leaving both a fave and a comment, as well as seeing to having it in the group here. :)

That being said, during this next month, I would like to start having Sunday as the day where I get caught up on dA. I think that picking a date and sticking to it will just help keep from having a massive backlog, which is what usually happens. I'll also try to be around the #MarrilandChat whenever I'm available on Sunday.

I do apologize for letting things go in the past, but during these past few months, I really have realized how much I enjoy the community around dA. We've got a nice group going on here that all share a common interest, so I will try to do a better job of giving back to this wonderful community. :D

Thanks everyone!