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Marriland's pokemon challenges part 1 by Mahogany-Dragon
Marriland' pokemon challenges part 2 by Mahogany-Dragon
Milk Bar Patrons by MagnifiedSun
Marrilands Protags by Chronoedge
Marriland's Emerald Nuzlocke
Medicham by averagepokefan
Feet Meets Top Joey by DarkFoxKit
MEN 2.3 by Moralezk
Men 2.2 by Moralezk
Marriland's HeartGold Wedlocke
Carrot and peach by Cerise-Omega987
HeartGold Wedlocke - The Kanto Team by Marriland
Apricot gijinka by MintStarMari
Marriland's Platinum Nuzlocke
Giratina by averagepokefan
Souls of Platinum by hardykingdacry
Extremely by elnitiarta
Ninjarisu by elnitiarta
Marriland's Black Wedlocke
Quail used Flash by AG311

Mature Content

Marriland's Cheren Final Team REDONE by Tenshineko01
Quail the male Gothorita ~human ver~ by CeriaJ
We'll Meet Again Someday by Cookie-and-her-foxes
Marriland's Y Wonderwedlocke
Y Wonderwedlocke - 'Around The World' (Final Team) by Marriland
Love At First Sight by kenala-chronicles
The Peace Bunny by MagnifiedSun
The Extreme and the Swag by MagnifiedSun
Marriland's Omega Ruby Wedlocke
Omega Ruby Wedlocke - 'The Unexpected'(Final Team) by Marriland
Marriland's Omega Ruby Wedlocke Fanart by CeriaJ
The Hoenn Legend Chapter 1: Cover Page by hardykingdacry
Soar On by NekoSuave93
Marriland's X Wedlocke
Sage by Pigbot3
in memory of allspice the espeon by megameloetta
Farewell, Wonderbug by ninetails159
Marriland fanart by Wolfysh-Owlet
Marriland's Sun Nuzlocke
Toonie the litten (marriland fanart) by Amimar6
Lotus the Mudsdale by Jlmod12
Dandelion the Yungoos by Jlmod12
Lupine the Rockruff by Jlmod12
Marriland's Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky
Cats by ArtsyHoodieDragon
Marriland's Super Mystery Dungeon
Bloom and Mischief by smudgiepie
Other Marriland Fanart
Meowth by averagepokefan
THEME 2: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Adventure
POSH by chiliechii
THEME 1: Be My Valentine
Image by FieryGrowlithe115
Marriland's FireRed Wedlocke
Vs Hue by rosetheeevee12
Marriland's Pearl Wedlocke
Crown the Taco-Bird by Paxastaria

Rules of Marrilanders

Please take a moment to read these rules!

Joining Marrilanders
  • To join Marrilanders, all you need to do is send a join request. It will be accepted automatically, so there's no need to say anything. :)
  • You must have joined Marrilanders in order to submit artwork! Simply watching the group will not let you submit anything.
  • You do not have to submit artwork in order to be a Marrilander! Please feel free to join even if you do not intend on doing any art. But if you really don't want to join, you can still watch Marrilanders for Marriland fanart.

Submitting Art
  • Please submit fanart to the appropriate gallery! If you're not sure which to upload it to, ask Marriland about it or upload it to the miscellaneous folder. If yours is appropriate for more than one, you can leave a comment in the Correspondance message to grab my attention, or I'll just do it if it looks appropriate.
  • Please submit your artwork only once! I have to manually approve each piece and will try to do so whenever I'm able (even if I don't have the time to :+fav: or comment right away), but submitting your artwork more than once just means I have to reject those pieces.
  • Sprite edits and official art modifications are not allowed, sorry. I will still favorite these on my personal account, Marriland, but this gallery is for original fanart. Traces or reproductions of official art, while not encouraged, is allowed. Also copying other people's art is not allowed, but that goes without saying.

Use of Your Art in Marriland's Videos
  • By submitting your art to this gallery, you're granting permission for your art to be included in any of Marriland's videos on YouTube, where credit will be provided.
How's it goin', everyone? Marriland here!

Just a quick update letting you know that I should hopefully have now fixed the permissions issue for the Explorers of Sky folder, so you can now properly submit your art of Zig, Cats, and the Gr8Justice there without any worry! I've moved any of the pieces of art that have been submitted to Marrilanders to that folder instead of the generic folder.

Not only that, but I've also set up two new folders for recent series: the Marriland's Super Mystery Dungeon folder and the Marriland's X Wedlocke folder! It should be pretty obvious which videos these are for, but now you'll have a place to put them!

Since Undertale isn't terribly unique for each player the way that Pokémon games are, there won't be a folder set up for my Undertale series, though you can feel free to post it to the Other Marriland Fanart folder, where it currently resides.

Lastly, yes, the X Wedlocke is indeed a thing, not a joke, so woohoo for that! But what's important to remember is death spoilers will NOT be accepted to the gallery until at least 72 hours after the respective episode was posted to YouTube! This is to keep people that haven't watched things right away spoiler-free in case they fall behind. However, you may still feel free to submit them here, just knowing they'll be held back in the queue until after that timer has expired. (And, a word of caution: my favorites section will NOT have such a time-delay, so be wary if you are browsing my favorites!)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the confirmed-not-to-be-an-April-Fool's-Day-joke video series!
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This group is for all fans and followers of Marriland's Pokemon videos on YouTube — the Marrilanders of the world! Who knows what kind of crazy shenanigans will go on here, but one thing that can be guaranteed is that you'll get some BIG SERVICE!
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