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It's been way, waaay too long since I've been on deviantART, and that's such a shame, because it's one of my favorite places to be. You all are awesome! Maybe I'll try to check it out at least once a week or so.

But anyway, since there's that lovely little indicator on the side (I think?!), I've gotten a whole mountain worth of awesome Happy Birthday messages from y'all, which is really appreciated! I'm pretty old now, and you could say now I'm really feeling it. :dead:

Hard to believe it's been nearly 10 years since I've joined dA, since I was just barely 18 when I first signed up. Crazy! Maybe I should do something for my dAnniversary. We'll see!

I've also been starting up Pokémon Art Academy streams, so maybe I'll upload some of my masterpieces here, since I'm not sure if all of them are exactly... in character for the Miiverse community for that game.

Lastly, since it's my birfday, might as well pim- err, subtly leave a link to my Patreon that I set up, y'know, just for reasons. Eating Worms 
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...without there being a mountain of amazing fanart! ;p

Haha sorry I have not gotten to it, as it's been pretty busy and all. ^^; I've been peeking at all of the art over the past few days alone from the Black Wedlocke (and other series) and the amount of it and the quality is just staggering! :wow:

I'll try to add any non-immediate-spoiler stuff to the Marrilanders, even if I'm not able to comment on it right away. I do make my best effort to comment on every piece of fan art drawn, so with hundreds of pieces of art drawn, it can sometimes be pretty tough! :lol: But don't worry, I will indeed see it, and I'm sooooo grateful for you drawing it! :excited:

I'll probably go through and add things to my favorites just to make sure they're THERE! I will comment when I'm able to, in the order the drawings were done. I really hate :+fav:ing without commenting, so please don't take it personally if I don't comment immediately; I just want you to know that I love what I see! ^^;

That's gotta be one of the best things about the Black Wedlocke (and previous series of mine) — seeing how much it inspires you, the community, to draw and write! We're all a part of this story and it's a lot of fun. I personally have been having a blast with this series and, believe it or not, I can actually see this series perhaps topping the epicness of the HeartGold Wedlocke. It's got a long way to go, but it's definitely got quite an interesting plot, haha (not just the #Ghetsis2012IMean2016 stuff, but in regards to the Pokémon). :O

Anyway, just wanted to push that old journal away and give thanks to y'all for any stuff you've drawn/written/etc for me over the past few days! :D You all ROCK! :headbang:
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Hey all, just wanted to give a huge thanks for everyone that took the time to wish me a happy birthday. :) It was a nice, relatively relaxing day that led in to a relaxing weekend as well.

Now, I want to take the evening to get caught up on deviantART as well as lurk in the #MarrilandChat for a bit, too. Feel free to join me if you'd like!

Additionally, I've recently decided to reopen my old personal Twitter account, @ProfWaffles. It's been frustrating having so many friends, fans, and other people on my main Twitter account (Marriland) that I haven't been able to follow, mostly because I try to keep that account as professional and focused as possible. It's never been somewhere where I can just post my thoughts or follow everyone, because that slows down my ability to keep track of the most important news.

By having a personal Twitter account, I should hopefully be able to enjoy Twitter more, so feel free to add me there instead of my main account. Just please don't nag me about doing videos and stuff, because I hear enough of that on my main account. =p I may tweet assorted Nuzlocke or Wedlocke progress there, too.

Yup, anyway, that's about all that's exciting right now. So let's end this journal entry by featuring some of the fun birthday fanart I've received! :excited:

Early B-day Gift 4 Marriland by katieluv2sing18<da:thumb id="398013190"/> Happy Birthday Marriland by Squirtlefan<da:thumb id="398424804"/> The Best of Marrils by AceTrainerHope<da:thumb id="398448321"/> Happy Birthday, Marriland! by WildRabiea Slippers The Quagsire by mirandooom Happy early birthday MARRILAND! by NineTails-Senpai
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Sorry about that. ^^;

In a nutshell, I've just been pretty busy lately over the past month or two working on stuff for the site, as well as videos here and there. At the end of the day, I'm kinda exhausted from dealing with so many people, haha, so I just haven't really wanted to spend my off time dealing with more people. I know, that sounds so cynical and anti-social, but I'm actually pretty introverted by nature and "recharge" more when I have time to myself to just unwind. =p

But yeah, it's led to me not devoting time/having time (depending on your view, of course) to stay current with deviantART for a bit.

One of the things that just really kept me going on deviantART was all of the lovely fanart from my HeartGold Wedlocke series I kept seeing drawn up (or written up!) by you all. :) It really made that whole series an awesome experience for me. Unfortunately, though, it has pretty much wrapped up (just have to train for Red and then probably get slaughtered, ugh, NOT looking forward to all that training :().

The new Nuzlocke I've started, my Platinum Nuzlocke, is alright and all, but I have yet to feel that personal attachment to the series in the way I did the Emerald Nuzlocke and particularly the HeartGold Wedlocke. It's starting to pick up, sure, and I have to remember that the same was said about both the Emerald Nuzlocke and the HeartGold Wedlocke in their earlier days. I don't know. I still feel it has a ways to go.

I guess, because of that, I haven't been as motivated to check dA regularly in addition to the previously mentioned time restraints (and social burnout =p). So I'm sorry about that. I even just noticed that I broke 100k views, haha, crazy.

But yeah, anyway, I guess I'll leave this open to a question you can choose to answer if you've been following the Platinum Nuzlocke series: who is your favorite Platinum Nuzlocke Pokémon? Also, bonus question, mostly for my own curiosities (be honest): what do you think of the Platinum Nuzlocke series so far? I know there hasn't really been a lot of... death, despite the grueling rules. But only so much I can do about that, haha, and I have a feeling it will ramp up before too long. I dunno, just hearing feedback from my dA peeps would be interesting.

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Yeah, so remember that cold I was talking about in the last journal? Well, first of all, thank you for your concern. :hug: But second, that cold got drastically worse the very next day. :noes: Like, seriously, Thursday and Friday I got about 35-40 hours of sleep with a fairly high fever (101 şF), a bad cough, and a sore throat, while Saturday things got marginally better, but I was still pretty whipped.

Sunday was busy with getting Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity and trying to get stuff set up for that (didn't even get much of a chance to actually record anything), while today I spent most of my day working on HeartGold Wedlocke Part 57. It was nice to include so much lovely art in the episode, so thanks for that! :D

I still have a lot of comments and a bit of art to get caught up with. I'm mostly caught up with art, other than that within the last few days, but I haven't gotten to many comments yet. There are still some waiting since February 18th. :(

I've gotta play some Mystery Dungeon tonight. Yeah, well anyway, that was my past couple of days. How were yours?
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Sorry I haven't been on dA very much lately. I've been busy with a lot of things, have had trouble keeping up with it, there was a tournament I had to attend last week, and, on top of all that, I've been sick this whole week. :( Yeah, it's just been a bunch of gravy, that's for sure.

I know there's a lot to get caught up on and I'll try to do what I can to get caught up, but it's definitely going to take a while, haha. I'll just go ahead and add everything over at Marrilanders and make a similar apology there. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!
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Oh man, it has been increasingly difficult to keep up with the amount of art and comments given lately. It's heartwarming and definitely something that is worthwhile, but lately the fanarts (both for Marrilanders and otherwise) have been coming in too quickly for me to keep up with, haha. :lol:

That is awesome, but I feel bad that I'm not able to favorite and comment on stuff right away. One thing that I believe in on deviantART, at least as a general rule, is to comment along with adding something to your favorites. I find this particularly true with newer art, and especially art that hasn't had much in the way of comments on it. While I do try to leave more thoughtful comments, I know that lately the quality of my comments has slid a bit so I am able to keep up, so hopefully they are still of acceptable quality. ^^; I'm really no art critic because, to me, all art is special and I just enjoy seeing it. :)

Anyway, thank you all for making these playthroughs of my games even more fun by contributing with your art! You really add to the story. :thanks: I hope that the recent community that has developed has been fun as well. It's nice to be able to connect people and hopefully give them a little extra exposure here and there. :D

Also, Malla123 did some really neat stamps for the Wedlocke pairings! :D I've added a few of my favorite pairings over to the side of my page, but I'll go ahead and feature the set of ten right now so you can pick your favorites and put them on your page (by copy + pasting the :thumb#######: text box on the right-hand side of the stamp's information page, then putting it in your deviantID or somewhere else).

Apricot x Lettuce by Marlenesstamps Carrot x Papaya by Marlenesstamps Carrot x Peach by Marlenesstamps Carrot x Pear by Marlenesstamps Cauliflower x Tangerine by Marlenesstamps Kale x Green Bean by Marlenesstamps Scallion x Grape by Marlenesstamps Spinach x Banana by Marlenesstamps Turnip x Cantaloupe by Marlenesstamps Turnip x Plum by Marlenesstamps
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Wow, that really snuck up way too fast. I actually hit this a few days ago and have just been too busy to say anything about it, but I figured, hey, let's not sweep it under the rug.

I broke 1,000 watches!
That's enough to put a jeweler out of business. Sorry for breaking your watches, jeweler.

Yeah, not really sure what to say about that, but I guess I'm glad that enough people find my art or even just presence on deviantART interesting enough to watch me on it. ^^;

I feel bad because I haven't done all that much in the way of newer art lately. I'm not really a phenomenal artist, nooooo, nor do I even want to be! I just want to be able to draw things for fun from time to time. That's my approach. :)

Uh yeah, I don't really have much else to say other than thanks, so... thanks! :D
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I am currently OFFLINE in the chat...!

Just figured I might as well do a quick little update letting anyone watching me know that I'm chilling around in the #MarrilandChat, because I know I haven't been on in a few days and feel bad for that. ^^; What's #MarrilandChat? It's the official chat channel for the Marrilanders group to chat at, but is also open for any fans of the Marriland site or videos. :) Though if you're a fan, you should really join Marrilanders. :D I'll probably be in the chat for another hour or two while training. Or just relaxing.

Anyway, tonight was pretty fun. I had a chance to get in on a cool Pokemon Let's Play discussion with Chuggaaconroy, Haydunn, TheLightningSpirit78 and Sephazon. It's neat being able to join in on a discussion like that, particularly with such big names! You should really subscribe to Sephazon so you see it when it's up. Pretty big project, really!
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Well that took a bit, but I went through my old favorites collection of all of the wonderful pieces of fanart I've gotten from my Emerald Nuzlocke series and submitted it to the :iconmarrilanders: group.

What does this mean for you, if you've done art? Well, you'll just need to hit the little "accept" button in your notifications and it will be added to the Marrilanders gallery! :D That way everyone in the Marrilanders group will be able to see it. It's so much nicer of a system than just dumping everything into a favorites collection, especially with so much in the way of fanart. People have really been getting into it, which is neat! This should also help you get some extra eyeballs looking at your work, which is always good. :)

Now, the only thing is by having your art submitted at Marrilanders, you're granting me permission to use it in my videos. I doubt this would really be a problem for anyone, but I just had to mention that disclaimer. =p Besides, I asked everyone in the comments for that series anyhow.

So yeah, Marrilanders has been a big success so far! I'm planning on getting the Emerald Nuzlocke Fanart Video Special finished this Sunday, which will be my first day off that I don't have to do anything on for awhile. That should be nice! I'm really looking forward to it and feel bad it's taken so long to get done! :excited:

Thanks for the support, everyone! :D
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First of all, I want to say thanks to all of the new watchers over the past month or two! I haven't really done much in the way of journals or submissions, but I've gotten just such a kick out of all of the fanart drawn from my Emerald Nuzlocke and recently my HeartGold Wedlocke series. :)

There's been over 140 drawings from those two series over the past two months, and I have to say that is absolutely incredible! It just makes me feel warm and fuzzy knowing you all like my little video series enough to do art for it. To be honest, it's really helped me get attached to the series even more, because I feel like this isn't just some playthrough, but that it truly is a story, and I've had more fun on these two challenges than any other playthrough before.

I remember having a conversation awhile back with a dear friend of mine about being attached to your Pokemon and their personalities while playing through the Pokemon games. I envied him, because he had the ability to let his Pokemon's personalities shine through. They weren't just Pokemon, but were friends, and each adventure through a game was a story to him. While I enjoyed Pokemon games, I never was able to get so sucked into the game like that. ...well, not until the Emerald Nuzlocke, and most notably after things started getting intense.

It started with just two pieces of fanart of one of my characters, Omelette, the swagtastic (she used Swagger and wore BlackGlasses) Illumise, and from there, a deluge of fanart quickly swept in. It was so cool to see everyone's impressions of characters from the game that I've been playing! Fanart is what really brought the series to life. It made each death all the more emotional as that depressing music played while fanart rolled by on the screen.

As the series came to an end, I truly felt like I was living an adventure, like I wasn't just telling a story, but I was a part of it — that you were a part of it. Heck, we ALL were a part of it! And that made it so much fun.

I finally have been able to see how fun it is playing through a game where you have a feel for the whole team's personalities, like they're not just getting you through the game, but are joining you through the adventure. It's made the game all the more fun for me and, hopefully, for you as well, since I hope it's one of those things you're able to tell.

Sure, there are some people that enjoy just watching a video playthrough and couldn't care less about the "story" or the "personalities of pixels," as there are people who do nothing but leap down my throat at every mistake I make and expect me to play perfectly, but those aren't really the ones I'm playing the games for. I'm playing them because it's my way to tell a story. I didn't think that a video series would actually be that emotional for those watching it. I figured I had to draw a comic or write a story in order to tell the tale of emotions. It turns out that I was wrong; a video series is, amazingly, able to capture emotion, but I know it couldn't without the help of everyone who has contributed to the characters' stories with the countless pieces of fanart I've received.

Because of this, I've realized keeping fanart contained into a favorites gallery is no longer an efficient way of showcasing the fanart I've received from the series. That's why I am pleased to announce the opening of the Marrilanders group on deviantART, which is the official Marriland "fan club" and art gallery!


Whether you are just a casual fan of Marriland (me!) or an active contributor to the fanart collection (aka fanart addict =p), this group should make things so much easier. Rather than the previous "send a note/leave a comment/try to get my attention and wait until I have time to respond so I can put it in my favorites" method, the power of a group should now make this so much easier and should unite the Marriland community on deviantART now more than ever before!

What was particularly touching to me was seeing how many Marriland fans were leaving comments on other people's fanart of either the Emerald Nuzlocke or HeartGold Wedlocke. I would look through and see familiar faces, seeing people who have already drawn a piece of fanart or two commenting on someone else's work, often before I had even taken notice of it!

Because of that, I feel sure that creating a "fan club" isn't vain, because, to me, it isn't really about me, but it's about you and about giving you a place to share your Marriland fanaticism. =p No, seriously, the realization that fans actively want to see other people's fanart and want to draw it themselves is what convinced me that, yeah, this is totally the thing to do. Whatever it is, we've created something, so let's make it easier for us Marrilanders to stick together. :D

I'll work on organizing it a bit more over the next few days. It's been awhile since I've done any sort of work on a group (and I still feel bad for that... sorry pokedorks :(), so I'm a little rusty, but at least this shouldn't become too complex. Maybe if things take off, we can organize a regular chat on deviantART. :)

Alright, well that's all! Thanks for your time and for your support, all! :D And sorry it keeps taking me so gosh darn long to go through all of the fanart. :crying: I may look at it right away, but I make a point to always favorite and comment on each and every piece, because you deserve it. That just takes time and I don't always have it. I guess I probably should have been doing that rather than making this journal entry and the whole club thing, but... um... oh well! Good night! =p
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Hey folks, with the upcoming release of Pokemon Black and White, I'm going to be releasing a dramatically overhauled site layout of my Pokemon website,

I've been working on this for awhile now and it is nearing its release. As of right now, I'm using stock images of Reshiram, Zekrom, and the three starters to comprise the banner and the image at the bottom-right corner of the page. That works, but what would make this site really pop is some absolutely bedazzling artwork of Pokemon Black and White!

First of all, here's a special preview of the new design for the site, which is likely to be released Saturday:

The Theme Selection allows for five different themes, each with a different color scheme and banner. I would love to have each theme with its own banner for the corresponding Pokemon, or at least for the three starters. Wouldn't that be cool? :D I think it would! :#1:

What you can't see in this is that there's a little Pokabu sitting in the bottom-right corner of the page against the dark background. It's just the stock art, but it works. It'd be neat to replace that with something else nice. :nod:

:bulletred: So where do you come in, you ask? :bulletred:

It's easy! I'm looking for art to use for the banner and the little Pokemon in the bottom-right corner! Yes, that's right, your artwork, with your permission and blessing, of course. :nod:

Since there will be five themes available, it would be incredibly awesome to have each theme's banner reflecting the Pokemon of the theme. Like, for example, if you're using the Mijumaru theme (which is the old site colors), the banner could be a cute image of Mijumaru up there and have another cute Mijumaru in the bottom-right of the page. Maybe even decorate other areas of the site if needed. And for the Tsutaja theme, the banner could be more Tsutaja-like.

You can either have these images drawn ahead of time or work on them specifically for this purpose ― I'm not fussy about it. The most important thing is that you'll give me your blessing to use them and incorporate them into my site,, however I need to. That may include adjusting the sizes, adding fades, putting my logo over it, etc.

:bulletred: "Yeah, but what's in it for me?" :bulletred:

Good question!

By allowing me use of your fantastic art, you'll receive the following benefits...
  • Your artwork will not just be featured on, but will be representing one of the largest and most popular Pokemon fansites on the web!
  • receives hundreds of thousands of pageviews every day, so your art will be viewed and displayed that many times, which is an awful lot! And no, those figures aren't an exaggeration (it's a surprisingly big site!).
  • Any page on my site incorporating your work will receive credits thanking and crediting you for your art for as long as I use it. Additionally, provided your gallery is appropriate for a PG audience, I would also be glad to put a link to your deviantART gallery or a site of your choosing on those pages.
  • You are still free to use post your submission on deviantART (or leave it on if it's already there) or wherever else you have it. You're just letting me use it. :thumbsup:
  • If you're a member of pokedorks, I will give you 30 EXP of mine as well. :D (So long as I don't run out, of course! Guess this part is first-come, first-serve.)
  • I'll also leave a shout-out for you on my deviantART page hopefully directing people to your galleries. That may be a good way to lure people in for commissions, too, just saying. ;p
  • You'll of course be kept in mind if ever I need any more art. :nod:
You can hopefully see that there are plenty of benefits to allowing me use of your art. :o Plus you get to help out a big site look really spiffy cool! B-)

:bulletred: "That sounds great! Sign me up! What do I have to do?" :bulletred:

Whoa there, tiger! I love the enthusiasm, but you have to understand you're gonna need to fit the criteria in order for me to use your art! So please take a moment to read this next little bit so you know how you can help.

Since this is a large site viewed by hundreds of thousands of people each month, the image has to be of pretty darn good quality. Even though I love supporting lesser known artists and art that may not quite have that jawdropping, awestriking beauty to it, in this particular instance, I have to be very picky about what art I use. I have to. It has to look really darn good. So please, don't invest a lot of time and be upset with me if I don't select your work (you can still submit it to, say, pokedorks of course! :D); it's my job to be picky and go with what I think will look best.

So here are some bullet points of what I'm looking for...

For the banner up top:
  • There will be one banner for every theme. Currently there are five themes. Not all banners have to come from the same artist, but the default banner is going to be the most popular one, since it is the one seen by default. That is the one I want to look the nicest, and I think some sort of battle scene with some of the more popular Pokemon like Zoroark, Reshiram, Zekrom, or even any of the starter Pokemon duking it out would be fantastic.
  • As for the different themes, I'm looking for something cute showcasing the respective Pokemon. Something against a background, preferably, although I will need to crop+fade it past about 700px wide and 140px down. So that means I need a cute Mijumaru image, a Tsutaja image, and a Pokabu image.
    • You do not have to make it into a banner for me, nor does it have to be exactly that size. It can be high resolution and not match those dimensions. You're just giving me permission to modify your image, resize it, crop it, and add my logo to it.
    • But do keep in mind that vertical images aren't really as useful as wider ones, due to the proportions I have to keep the banner in.
  • If you already have something drawn in your gallery that you think might work, post a reply to this journal with a link to your gallery or a link to your specific piece. BY DOING SO, YOU GIVE ME FULL PERMISSION TO USE ANYTHING LINKED TO HOWEVER I SEE FIT FOR MY SITE, POKEMON.MARRILAND.COM, but I will still be in communication with you via notes to make sure everything is good anyway. :)
  • If you haven't yet, well, get to work! Don't do it solely for me, though, and be satisfied with posting it even if I don't use it. Just remember that wider images are better for me, since I will need them to fit in that banner size.
    • Traditional art is not recommended, unless you're extremely good at it. (I just think that a digital piece would look best up here, that's all.)
    • When you're done, just post a reply to this journal, linking to your finished piece. Again, as I emphasized above, by doing so, you give me permission to use it, etc.
  • You can also feel free to post a link to your gallery and allow me to tentatively use anything there to see if I want to use it. Just in case you don't know if it's worthwhile or not, or if you have a lot of different art. If you want me to do this, I'll get in contact with you via notes on deviantART so we can discuss details. :nod:
  • Instead of posting a reply, you can also send me a note as well. Either method should work fine.
  • If I like anything or want to use it for my site, I'll be sure to leave a response and get in communication with you about using your work. :D
That's the gist of it. As far as the miscellaneous Pokemon-in-the-bottom-right-corner art goes...
  • Like the banner, this image will change depending on the theme the user is using, with the default theme (Reshiram) being the most popular. I do not want Reshiram or Zekrom down there, but other popular Pokemon like Zorua or Chillarmy would be good examples of Pokemon that I want down there. I also want Mijumaru, Tsutaja, and Pokabu for their respective themes.
  • There cannot be any background on these images! You will need to supply me with a transparent background version of your work in order for me to use it. That's because I need to make sure it blends in with the page.
  • Traditional art is fine for this image, just as long as I can make the background transparent. So don't color in the background or anything.
  • I will change the transparency of your image when I put it down in the bottom-right corner so it isn't as contrasted, so you are giving me permission to modify your image.
  • If you already have something drawn, great, the same rules and stuff as above apply. If you don't, that's also fine; once more, same rules.
  • These can be from different artists or from the same artist. I'm not too picky and I'll just go with what I think is cute. :) The bottom-right image is much more about being cute than the top banner.

I think that's about it. Nothing too complicated, really.

:bulletred: TL;DR :bulletred:

  • I want to use fanart for my site's banner and miscellaneous images.
  • If you want me to possibly use your art, post a link to your drawings that would look good in the banner on the top of the page (and any other themes, like Tsutaja, Mijumaru, etc.)
  • If you're unsure if you have anything good, but want to offer use of any of your art, just post and say so and I'll let you know if I want to use it. (Don't make this tough.)
  • I use your art, I give you credit, hordes of diehard Pokemon fans get to see your art, plus you get uber-pride knowing it's on one of the biggest Pokemon sites out there.

Tried to condense it the best I could, but that's the basics.

Alright folks, what are you waiting for... Let's see if we can get some really great art for! :#1:

And don't forget to check out :iconpokedorks:, the most awesomest, dorkiest, and hippest Pokemon Art Club out there! :#1: (Be sure to mention that Marriland referred you. ;))
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Lol. That's what happens after 1½ years of no message checking. Actually, I have checked some of my notes, because I do stop by nearly every week. More on that in a sec.

So, let's see... what's happened since March 2007? Quite obviously a ton. The release of Diamond and Pearl really changed my life, I'll tell you that, and I've been spending a lot of time covering that and keeping up with my site. I started also doing a YouTube video series on Pokemon Diamond, and now... well, yeah. Probably anyone reading this has seen it. I guess it's pretty popular. Definitely never thought Pokemon videos would be that popular... But hey, I'm just glad to be able to entertain and inform people! :#1: Makes it all worthwhile, if you ask me.

I've just been so busy keeping up with all of that that I really haven't had much time to do art or spend time on dA. I'm sorry. I probably shouldn't even be typing here right now and should retreat back to coding or something, but, well, you know. A year and a half is a long time without any updates.

Realistically, I do not have time to regularly visit dA. I don't have time to respond to stuff or look at all of the purdy artz. I don't even have time to draw, really, except for a few random doodles that will probably never get posted. Sorry if you were expecting anything out of me.

But, like I said, I do still stop by every Sunday to participate in the weekly chat over at the club I'm in, :iconpokedorks:. It's always a lot of fun and, even if you're not a member, you're welcome to chat. Though becoming a member or "Pokedork" is pretty painless and always awesome, since we have over 1000 members and it's definitely the best Pokemon Art Club out there. ;) You should check it out! :#1:

At the very least, you can check out the chats each Sunday night. I usually show up at about 8:00pm CST. :) But there's a lot of other awesome funny Pokemon fans there, too, before and after I show up.

Yeah, well, I think that's about it. Now to nuke a bunch of messages, stop slacking, and get back to work. :fork:

Top of the mornin' to 'ya!

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 17, 2007, 8:35 AM
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First and foremost, Happy St. Patrick's Day! I don't think I have any Irish heritage in me, but I like to celebrate it regardless. ^^; I did a quick color-swap for my Journal to celebrate because I figured I wouldn't get around to drawing anything for it. The day isn't over, though.

So yeah, I guess I kind of lost track of dA again. Like, for a week and a half. :o So, I had 152 deviations and 91 messages waiting for me. I'm sure I missed some stuff, so I apologize in advance, but at least my inbox is cleared. ^^;

I haven't had a ton of time to draw recently, and for what spare time I do have, I wind up doing things other than drawing. I tend to get like that. I'll hit an artistic spurt eventually, but I have a lot of stuff to prepare for before the release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, such as the Custom Card Designer and a total revamp of my site's Diamond and Pearl section. Oi... Hopefully I won't be quite as busy come mid-May. ^^;

So anyway, what exciting has been going on while I've been off? Well, let's see here...

Last Monday, I devoted the entire day to playing Twilight Princess on the Wii. The last time I played was at the end of January, how sad! :crying: It really is one of those games that is best enjoyed when you have plenty of time to devote to it and don't just pop on for a sec, so that's why I don't get around to playing it too often, hehe. But WOW is that game amazing! To avoid spoiling things (spoilers may be posted in comments, BE WARNED), I beat the third dungeon, and things are getting really crazy! In all, I played Zelda for over 10 hours that day. Not quite the 18 that I was hoping for, but a valiant attempt nonetheless! :w00t:

Thursday was my brother's birthday. For not being my birthday, though, I sure got a lot of stuff! :o I mean, I got $10 in shiny new dollar coins (which look REALLY neat, by the way!), a can of gourmet Macadamia nuts that registered a whopping 900+ calories, and a cellphone that doesn't look like it came out of the stone age. Cellphone?! Whoa! That's a pretty nice gift for not being my birthday. ^^; I mean, my bro got one, too, but it was his birthday. =p

The minutes on the cellphone are pretty expensive, because it's a pay-as-you-go, but it actually works in my area, which is amazing, because my old one would get about 7 seconds of airtime per call before it died, rendering it useless in my house. :( It's very nice for taking shorter calls, though, and it looks like a real honest-to-goodness cellphone! It's silver, it flips open, and it even has a color screen! :love: Sure, it doesn't have an MP3 player, Camera, Can Opener, and all of that other stuff that they put into cellphones nowadays, BUT I DON'T NEED THAT BLOAT, I just want a cellphone to talk and send text messages. That's all I need it for!

So yeah, anyone that has my old cellphone number will have to get my new one unless you want to talk to my mom. :XD:

Let's see, what else is there to talk about... hmm... well, my "diet" has been going great, until this week, where I started gaining some pounds again. After sneaking some chocolates (new Hersheys Kisses flavors! :heart:) and the all-out pork-out of a calorie fest on Thursday, it's understandable. Ah well, it's probably good that I put some of it back on so it will let me lose it again. I'm not concerned. I'm still at what I consider to be an awesome weight for myself, but it was really inspiring seeing such a low number on the scale early in the week. I saw the 20 lb. mark! And, when I saw that, I realized that, since like early 2005, I have officially lost over 50 lbs... :omfg:

Sorry if I tend to babble on about that. I just feel really inspired. When you've been a seriously overweight person all your life and you gain control of things in a healthy way (as opposed to taking the easy, ineffective way out, such as surgery, diet pills, etc.), you really just have to let it out. Someday, I hope to be an inspiration to other people struggling with losing weight and write about my experiences. This "diet" seems so natural to me and I am having no difficulty with it at all. Maybe it's just my willpower, or maybe it is an actual way of looking at things... either way, I hope to win this life-long struggle against my belly, and I hope to inspire others to do the same. :o

Wow, that was deep. :XD:

Anyway, back to dA stuff... I will try to get at least SOMETHING drawn and uploaded this week. I need to, yeah, for school credit, yeah that's it! :D 60 hours nets me half a credit, so I'd better get moving! :rage::megaphone:

Also, I need to do some adjustments to my devWatch list. I haven't added anybody in like a million years, and...
"He watches 64 people, while 64 people watch him."
:O_o: Do I finally have an even number there? Well I know that I watch some people that don't return the watch, so that must mean that the same is true in reverse. Hey, if 'ya watch me and would like a watch back, please feel free to say so and I will probably be more than willing to accommodate! I mainly only comment on Pokemon, animals, Moogles, or anthros, though, because those are my main likes.

I'll probably be adding some people that are long overdue for a watch tonight or tomorrow, as well as some people that I would like to keep my eye on because I like their art. I mean, I guess that is what watching is about, although I do also believe that it should be for friends and people that comment on your stuff a lot, too. ^^; So, umm, if you're reading this for some random reason and I devWatched you out of the blue, don't feel like you have to acknowledge it, return it, or anything. I don't want to freak 'ya out or make 'ya feel uncomfortable - I just want to keep tabs on 'ya cuz I'm either interested in your art or interested in your happenings (*stalk stalk stalk* :XD:).

Well, I have probably said plenty. I guess I'd better get ready to spend a day with a lot of Pokemon fans! Where'd I put that aspirin... :fear:

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Helping out at the State Championship

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 4, 2007, 2:38 PM
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Yesterday was the Pokemon TCG State Championship in Rockford, IL (Loves Park, actually, but close enough). My 'mum in the Premier Tournament Organizer in the area, so she's the one in charge of running large events for the Pokemon TCG, and this was a very big event for her to run, because the State Championships have always been going to another location in Chicago for the past several years, and they never really did a fantastic job at running it or anything, so everyone was really excited when it was announced that this year's State Championships would be held in Rockford, where we have a large base of Pokemon TCG fanatics.

Now, I'm not going to go into too many of the details or anything, but I will say that we had 111 players in the Tournament, making it the largest Pokemon TCG tournament in all of Illinois for at least 6 years. That alone makes it a very huge accomplishment.

I was the Head Judge there, which meant that all of the complicated rulings and penalties would go by me. My word would be law. Fortunately, our event had a team of 7 Judges and staff (myself included), as well as plenty of other volunteers, and I think that everything was handled very smoothly after we got the initial snags out of the way.

There was one ruling that I was very sad to make, though. I had to essentially remove one of my friends - a player who just learned how to play only about 2 months ago but has made remarkable progress in learning the game, especially for his age of 11 - from the Top 8 playoffs due to a critical problem in his deck. There really was nothing less I could have done to stay fair. Fortunately for myself, while I was trying to solve the problem and make the ruling, I did not know who's deck was in question, so I did do my duties properly. It's just always hard having to do that to a friend, especially one who actually made the Top Cut for the first time. Sigh... I'll get over it, and I hope that he will forgive me. :(

But yeah, I am physically and mentally exhausted from the event. It took so much out of me! Although it was stressful and kept me on my toes, it was pretty fun and I think that everyone except for just a few people (just due to situation) had a great time, and the event was very well managed. I'm glad that I could help assist in its success! :salute:

Well, now that the event is over, I get to resume my work on one of the new spiffy features for my website, which has kept me occupied over the last week (that's why I haven't been very active). I'm working on a very, very extensive online Pokemon TCG card designer that is going to be so amazingly awesome it will literally knock the socks off of anyone that uses it. I'd better get my sock-lawyer handy for this one... ;P A lot of very intense programming is involved, especially because I'm trying to tie it into my Oekaki, but it is getting there, and a beta version will be available very soon. :)

I'll try to get some art uploaded pretty soon. I've got a few sketches here and there that could use some refining. Hopefully sometime this week if I get the chance. :)

That's all for now. Have a nice week!

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'You need to eat more,' says the Doctor

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 22, 2007, 6:05 PM
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I had to go to a routine twice-a-year checkup to see my Doctor today. No, nothing wrong or anything, in fact I feel pretty good health-wise, but it's always good to check up just to make sure everyone's a-ok.

Now, since my last visit, I kind of put on a lot of weight, started a new eating habit (counting calories), and lost all of that weight and then some. I forgot what I weighed the last time I went, but I do know that I've lost like 16 lbs. (go me! :w00t:) since Christmas, so that's gotta make the 'Doc happy.

The long and short of it is that, as well as telling me that I need more exercise (it wouldn't be a checkup without that), my Doctor also told me that I need to consume more calories each day. I wasn't eating enough. Now, how often do Doctors tell you that? ^^;

I'm still only eating around 1,500 - 1,700 calories each day, although I never find myself hungry, eat 3 fully-portioned meals, have an afternoon and night-time snack, and still hover at that amount. How in the HECK do you people eat more than that?! I just don't get it! Who'da thunk, a heavy person like me having difficulty eating enough to get to a healthy calorie intake, and by difficulty I don't mean cutting back - I mean eating more! :XD:

While I was waiting at the clinic, I did some drawing for my fun little banner thing for my Journal. When I got back home, I edited it on Photoshop (yeah, I'm on Windows for the time being, because I miss my Photoshop), and then snazzied out my Journal some more, adding a Marill to the right-side of the entry. Plus, it'll always stay at the right-side, regardless of how you stretch your window. It's really neat! I also added some more cool boxes and stuff for my Friends and Clubs. And I fixed that pointless section of text at the top so it now looks pretty spiffy and advertises people to get Firefox. =p

Guess that's about all for now. I should be doing some school work, but I really kind of want to draw now. Oh yeah, and I really need to work on my site, too. Ack! Too many things to do! :dohtwo: I think I'll go back to the Day Dedication system, where I spend the different days of the week on one thing near-exclusively. That seems to work well for me... :blush:

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Subbed again, snazzed out, and ready for art!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 21, 2007, 1:43 PM
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EDIT: I am, like, the dang KING of groovy rounded CSS boxes in Journals and in life, tyvm. :)

Howdy folks! I was talking with my Virtual High School Teacher about a really awesome way to earn credit: Art! I was looking into it on their website, and I guess I can get some credit if I spend 60 hours of time on art or art-related endeavors (visiting museums, going to art lectures, etc.). I asked him about the details, and he said that it's fine if I do sketches, digital art, and even the Oekaki. He was actually quite fascinated in the concept of the Oekaki, actually, so that's a plus.

Soooooo... this means that drawing is no longer just a pastime that I have to find time for. No, now... it's serious business! :salute:

To celebrate, I figured it was time to resubscribe to deviantART. I've been planning on doing that as soon as I became more artistically-motivated and had a bit more free time. I'm still not sure about the free time thing, but since I'll actually get something else out of art other than enjoyment, I'll make time for it. :mwahaha:

I spent the majority of my afternoon working on a snazzy Journal layout. They didn't have CSS-enabled Journals back when I was last a member! ^^; It'll probably look like an ugly dog on Internet Exploder, but it (should) look great on Firefox.

It's not entirely finished and I do plan on making some additional changes to it as time goes on, but I figured I'd just let it be as-is for now so I'll actually get around to making a Journal entry for it. Yeah, I tend to get a little carried away. <_<

What else is new with me? Weeeeeelllll, I installed Ubuntu Linux on my computer, and I am likely going to have that be my primary OS (operating system) from now on. It's so much better than Windoze (Windows), and on so many more levels, too! I can get tons of free programs with just a click or two, I don't have to worry about spyware or viruses, plus I can actually program PHP and MySQL on my computer, just like it was a website! That's great, because PHP is my main programming language, and to have the ability to do stuff without having to worry about jeparodizing my server is great! :w00t:

I guess the only real downside to Linux is that it doesn't have all of the Windoze programs. Sure, it has a lot of programs, but Windoze still has it beat. I mean, there's no Adobe Photoshop (use The GIMP), no RPG Maker XP (build my own), no Winamp w/ snazzy video game music plugins (XMMS on Linux can play .psfs, though!), and also a lot more. Oh well, I have it so I can still boot into my old system just like it was before Linux, like I'm doing right now. That'll help me with the grand transition. There's also a program called Wine that sort of emulates Windows and lets Linux run them. I haven't had much success getting it to work with the programs I've tried running, though, but at least it's an option.

Well, I guess that's all for right now. I'll try to work on some art sometime now that I have a great reason to. Oh yeah, and maybe I will actually be able to keep track of dA from now on! ^^; (Sorry about that... I also go *poof*, don't I? ;p)

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After over 2 months after its release and almost 1 month after Christmas (when I was supposed to have gotten it), I FINALLY GOT MY WII TODAY!!!!!


Oh man, you have no idea how crazy you become having LoZ:TP for the Wii for a month and having no Wii to play it on. GAAAAAAAH!!! But now, I finally have it!

Twilight Princess is great from what I've played so far. Turning into a Wolf is very cool, and Midna is downright hilarious. :)

Sooooo... if you see a lot less of me, at least you'll know why. ^^;

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I guess I've done more art than I thought during that mysterious period of time that I've been gone. Curious...

New Scrapage x19!

I might try make some of the scraps into full-blown deviations, because some have potential. I'd probably be better off doing that instead of trying to draw new stuff, because my hands have been like a dead bug when it comes to drawing nice looking new pieces of artwork recently. UGGGGHHHHHH!! :(

So, I'm sure that there's plenty of questions...

    Why the !@#$ did you leave for ANOTHER month and a half?!
  • 'cuz I didn't have much time after I came back and I haven't really gotten around to much new, exciting art. I feel bad when I don't have art to share.

    OMFG you didn't draw anything since NOVEMBER!!
  • Yeah, I know. I suck.

    What's up with that short entry you posted the other day?
  • I felt like doing something different and NOT posting a gigantic entry. Just to throw everyone off. :3

    You didn't comment on my deviations/respond to my comments/do anything you lazy-son-of-a-fish!!
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    I probably will just dump all of the new Deviations and manually comment on stuff that really appeals to me. I'll try to keep current on comments/faves/journals, but I can't promise anything.

  • I'm starting my Friends List from scratch, on a post-to-be-in basis. It's not that you aren't my friend, it's just that you haven't commented since I redid the list (so I don't need to manually go through and find out who removed me/added me/etc).

    Just say "Cheese" in this or any Journal entry and, if we're both watchers of each other, I'll add you to the Friends List immediately!

    What have you been up to over the past month? ^^;
  • Work and friend drama. I have also been working on a new project for my site that will allow you to make your own customized Pokemon cards as images. PHP's GD library is so cool! :)

    But yeah, I will be VERY glad when I don't need to worry about a certain work project of mine. <_<

    What happened to that Christmas Drawing that you were gonna draw?
  • My dog ate it. My imaginary one. No, actually, my brother's computer (which had all of my ref. pics that I saved) kind of crashed while we were on computer AND my 2GB flash card didn't arrive in time for me to put them on my DS, giving me only 1GB to work with, and I wanted to have Arashi no Yoru Ni (One Stormy Night) on there instead. I didn't even get to watch any Eto Rangers! D:

    So, sadly, I'll probably just have to hope that everyone forgets it. ^^; Sorry all! I'm really unreliable when it comes to art, especially right now when time is a commodity more precious than gold to me.
Am I saying that I'll be back frequently? Probably not right now. Once I get my work finished, I will never have to worry about that specific burden again, so I will desperately try to make a glorious return to the dA scene, but until then, I'm going to focus on getting it done.

I'll resubscribe once I finish it up.

Thank you, all of my friends, for ... being so cool and awesome and understanding!! (and accepting bribes :thumbsup:)

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Quick Update

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 17, 2007, 8:33 PM

Vacation was great. Too much drama afterward. I'll try to get caught up on Sunday. See ya then! ^^;

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This entry is being taken over for CSS testing for pokedorks. :mwahaha:

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