Marriland's Emerald Nuzlocke - The Final Team
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It's been awhile since the final showdown with these guys, but they were my final troopers against the Elite Four and Champion in Marriland's Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke. I drew all six of these in one night, over the course of just a few hours, because I wanted to include them for the final fights against the Elite Four and the Champion in my series instead of the stock Sugimori art. It seemed very fitting for them. The one I'm least pleased with is Spaghetti, but I really cannot draw Gyarados at all. :fear: The rest turned out nice. Salad is probably my favorite drawing, while Fries and Quinoa take up either second or third place.

Might not want to read this if you haven't seen the series! It contains SPOILERZ!

Species: Linoone
Sex: Male ♂
Caught in: Part 1
Fries was one of the earliest members of the team and one of the first Pokemon caught by Devin. He always wanted to be something special, but never won respect from the team's leader, Waffles, the cocky Combusken ♂, who disregarded him as death fodder. During the fight against Wattson, where both Waffles and Sushi (Tentacool ♂) lost their lives, Fries was nearly thrown away as death fodder to give the rest of the team a chance, but without Waffles to boss everyone around, the remaining team members were in agreement that he shouldn't have to die.

After that fight, Fries swore on Waffles and Sushi's graves that he would make them proud, and from there, the little Zigzagoon began training alongside Frittata (Golbat ♀), Omelette (Illumise ♀), and Pizza (Dustox ♀), since they were the only survivors from the fight against Wattson. Fries caught on quickly and evolved into a Linoone, but he was still held back from any major fights. The unfortunate death of his dear friend, Omelette, brought the Linoone to tears, and he personally avenged the Gyarados that brought her down.

When he gathered the guts to take on Dad Norman's Linoone, he was met with a terrible predicament as he failed to take the opposing Linoone out and watched in horror as it retaliated with a mighty Belly Drum. Knowing that he couldn't take the hit, he fled to let Couscous (Graveler ♂) in to hopefully save the day, but a critical hit ended Couscous' life, and even Frittata (now a Crobat) just barely survived.

Frittata scolded Fries' recklessness. Fries never forgave himself for costing Couscous his life...

He used that to grow stronger, to keep on fighting, and to hopefully save the day against another fight that seemed impossible: Winona and her vicious Altaria. Packing Ice Beam, Fries was the only hope against Winona's Altaria, although after he failed to knock it out, the Altaria danced around wildly before striking Fries with a massive, massive Earthquake, scoring a critical hit against the little Linoone. Miraculously, Fries survived with a mere sliver of his health remaining, and shot the Altaria out of the sky with Ice Beam.

It was then that Fries had finally proved himself and earned his Bro Badge.

Since then, Fries had become a vital team member in Devin's team of Pokemon, and earned the respect of Frittata, who was the only one left from the original team since Pizza went into retirement. He always admired Frittata's courage and bravery, fearlessly leading the troop in every battle. He had no closer friend.

She had seem him grow through every battle. She saw his heart strengthen with every fallen friend. She promised him that they would always be together, and as they headed into the final fight, he honestly believed that they would be together forever...

Species: Crobat
Sex: Female ♀
Caught in: Part 6
Frittata was also one of the earlier members of the team, caught in the Granite Cave around Dewford Town. While many saw her as just a mere Zubat, Devin saw her as just the Pokemon he wanted and knew that she would be an invaluable member of the team before long. After some training, he taught her how to steel her wings and strike with them until she learned more graceful moves later on, which was a big help to her growth.

She fought against Brawly in Dewford Town and proved her worth quite quickly. By the time she got to Mauville's Gym, though, she had fallen behind thanks to Waffles, whose dominant attitude made him the clear alpha male of the team and a Pokemon that Frittata -- now a Golbat -- did not exactly agree with, but had no other choice. As tragedy struck and Waffles' arrogance got the better of him against Wattson's Magneton, Frittata could only sit back and watch as her more level-headed comrades, Pizza and Omelette, fought their hardest to take down the Magneton and then witnessed Sushi bravely sacrificing his life in an amazing endeavor, poisoning and confusing Wattson's Manectric in order to secure victory.

His sacrifice emboldened her, but so did the hard work of Pizza and Omelette. During the aftermath of the Gym, the survivors gravitated towards Frittata as the leader the team, which was an honor she took with pride.

After witnessing the death of the Potatoer (Numel ♂), Frittata vowed revenge upon Team Magma, which she enacted later on. However, she had to first avenge Couscous after her teammate, Fries, failed to knock out a Linoone and ultimately cost Couscous his life due to a brutal Belly Drum. That little mishap nearly cost Frittata her life as well, but she hung in there and guided her team to victory.

Since then, she had taken the leadership role for the team and has always been looked at as a brave, yet kind leader, willing to fight for her friends through thick and through thin. She grew her closest kinship to Fries, who she had seen grow through leaps and bounds over their time together. She promised him that they would be together forever...

Species: Magneton
Sex: None (Male-gendered)
Caught in: Part 30
Taquito is the quirky Magneton the whole team has grown to love, although he was not exactly an early addition to the team. He was found causing havoc in New Mauville, but was eventually caught and brought into the team.

Despite not having a biological sex, Taquito identifies as male and usually acts accordingly, acting as the quirky middle brother type for a lot of his teammates. He is reliably good at giving his friends a laugh and worked hard to prove himself as a worthwhile addition.

His antics nearly cost him in the Fortree Gym, where an Endeavor almost got the better of him. That caused him to take his duties more seriously, and since then, he has become a hard worker and a diligent fighter.

One thing that Taquito always wished for was to feel love. Being a mechanical Pokemon born without a sex, he lacked a heart and thus lacked the ability to fall in love, or at least feel love. Because of that and because of the love he saw his friends shared, he fought extra hard for them, wanting so desperately to feel that glorious emotion.

Whether he did or not is still a mystery, but the fact that it was one of his primary motivations for fighting was a good indicator of how he treasured his friends.

Species: Gyarados
Sex: Female ♀
Caught in: Part 23
While Spaghetti wasn't always a member of the team, she fit right in. Even though she may have grown into a fierce-looking Gyarados, her heart was young and playful, and she always had a lighthearted attitude about everything. She adored her little buddy, Almonds (Sandslash ♂), and always wanted to fight beside him in battle.

Even though Almonds didn't stick around the team for as long as Spaghetti would have liked, thanks to her Trainer, Devin, stashing him away in the PC, she never ceased fighting for him and wanted him to be proud of her. She never really had to worry about him being disappointed, because he admired her even more than she admired him, but it was still a constant motivator and one that Frittata took notice of, using it as motivation while training.

In the end, Spaghetti saw several friends perish, but she fought long and hard against the Elite Four and the Champion, saving the day -- but just barely -- in order to make her loved one, Almonds, happy. Boy was he happy that she survived...

Species: Bellossom
Sex: Male ♂
Caught in: Part 31
Salad was only really trained to help out against the dynamic duo of Tate and Liza in Mossdeep City, but he quickly took on a personality of his own. Being a male Bellossom, life wasn't exactly easy for him, with many questions coming out about his sexuality, but in the end he made sure it didn't matter, because despite not even getting a chance against Tate and Liza, he fought hard against Juan and later on against Wallace.

Since Bellossom are usually thought of as feminine, the fact that he was male caused quite a stir. At first, he was slightly hesitant to how everyone was judging him, but after a heart-to-"heart" discussion with Taquito, he was finally able to admit to the rest of his teammates that he did not fancy female Pokemon and they were more than accepting of it.

After that point, Salad opened up and felt more and more confident about himself and his role in the team. He didn't feel weird or shameful at all, but instead felt appreciated by his teammates -- his friends.

Species: Walrein
Sex: Female ♀
Caught in: Part 41
Quinoa was caught much later on in the series and was only trained towards the very end as an answer to the Elite Four and the Champion. She was glad to be given a chance, but was always viewed as an outsider by her fellow teammates -- even Frittata. They refused to see her as a worthwhile replacement for Lasagna (Sharpedo ♀), the feisty leader of the Army of Sharks.

Despite that, she fought and fought hard, using her best judgement to take on a variety of challenging foes. She wanted to earn their approval.

Even though towards the end she wound up using an Encore that she thought would be the best way to win the fight, her hopes were dashed when poor leadership on Devin's part led to tragedy. The survivors will always blame her for her efforts, even though she had the best intentions. Perhaps one day they will forgive the poor, lonely Walrein...
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I think I ate taquitos before. I do like Quinoa, it's not bad. 
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pokeheartless|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Quinoas THeme: Sounds of Silence
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MollyLizz|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Spaghetti should be tangela
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MollyLizz|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol salad
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pokeheartless|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Fries.....You need a hug
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I love how all your pokemon were named based on food XD 
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Fries is my favorite 🍟
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dinoboygreen|Hobbyist General Artist
You know, Marriland; I don't usually toss this around, especially to most Nuzlockers, but I'm gonna say this anyway: You are by far one of the best Nuzlocke storytellers I've ever seen! Right up there with LizDraws ! And bear in mind, she made a Spinda one of the most powerful members of her Ruby Nuzlocke! Don't EVER stop doing what your doing, and may your teams prosper! Also, Quinoa; don't fret too much over your mistake: I still love you! :D
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LizDraws| Traditional Artist
Aww, thanks for mentioning my comic. :aww: :hug:

And good luck to you, Marriland! :D 
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dinoboygreen|Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, I owed ya for inspiring me on my path to Nuzlocking. :D I mean, you made me feel bad for the death of a Spinda! A SPINDA! RIP, you magnificent, swirly, music-loving bear-thing!
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LizDraws| Traditional Artist
;w; Darla~
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Azurilla12|Student General Artist
Awesome story line! I love it alot! Pikachu Yay Plz 
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Cool profiles for 'em Marriland!
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I'm not against Salad being gay! I'm for it! :D

Fries was the true hero in the story, avenging all of his friends after being bossed around by Waffles.
Salad was the odd one out.
Frittata was the leader of the team.
Spaghetti was the troller.
Taquito was the indecisive one.
Quinoa was the one with a hidden curse.
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Yeahh, while Quinoa wasn't so lucky, Turkey was =P
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PikaandSky|Hobbyist Filmographer
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Frittata doesn't survive.
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PitZagafull|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
we all know that fam
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BubblegumW|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I named my Honchkrow BIG SERVICE. Not only that, but she knows SWAGGER!
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oWindpocalypse|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This was a great series.
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Fries... the bigest normal badass that fiction e ver seen
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How's the training for Steven going?
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you still have Fries for all that time!? you must have taken good care of Fries :3
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