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Random from Marriland's Emerald Nuzlocke Fanart

Salad the Bellossom by SomeGlassLilies Salad the Bellossom :iconsomeglasslilies:SomeGlassLilies 2 4 Marriland's Emerald Nuzlocke Fanart by Killahkoala Marriland's Emerald Nuzlocke Fanart :iconkillahkoala:Killahkoala 1 2 FLYING SHARPEDO by YuzaHunter FLYING SHARPEDO :iconyuzahunter:YuzaHunter 114 23 ARMY OF SHARKS by PichiPichu ARMY OF SHARKS :iconpichipichu:PichiPichu 9 1 Evil Scott (and the Cursed Quick Claw) by PichiPichu Evil Scott (and the Cursed Quick Claw) :iconpichipichu:PichiPichu 9 16 A BIG BURRITO Appeared! by PichiPichu A BIG BURRITO Appeared! :iconpichipichu:PichiPichu 5 2 Omlette the Swagger by PichiPichu Omlette the Swagger :iconpichipichu:PichiPichu 5 2 Fries the Avenger by PichiPichu Fries the Avenger :iconpichipichu:PichiPichu 9 4 Fries the Lineoon by lupe-addoptables-10 Fries the Lineoon :iconlupe-addoptables-10:lupe-addoptables-10 14 8 WHY COUS COUS by SupremeLinoone WHY COUS COUS :iconsupremelinoone:SupremeLinoone 2 3 No Fries with shake! by ekid020 No Fries with shake! :iconekid020:ekid020 3 3 Fries, an epic Linoone by HikariLatias Fries, an epic Linoone :iconhikarilatias:HikariLatias 16 23 Fan Art- Gangsters of the Sea by Moonshard123 Fan Art- Gangsters of the Sea :iconmoonshard123:Moonshard123 21 4 Untitled Drawing by Zephyr-EX Untitled Drawing :iconzephyr-ex:Zephyr-EX 3 1 Omlette The Illumise by Jenome Omlette The Illumise :iconjenome:Jenome 5 3 Marriland's Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke by prowlinddragon1 Marriland's Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke :iconprowlinddragon1:prowlinddragon1 2 2
I did not draw these! These are some lovely pieces of fanart from my Marriland's Emerald Nuzlocke series!

Random from Marriland's HeartGold Wedlocke Fanart

A Mind Ahead Of Its Time
A Mind Ahead Of Its Time
A Wedlocke Fanfic for Marriland
By GoldenSandslash15
* * *
Two Marill faced off at each other in combat, awaiting the other's move. Then the Poké Ball came and hit one of them.
The Marill tried hard to escape, but to no avail. It had been captured.
"Nice job, Marill." Ethan looked at his first pokémon. "I'm sure this Ditto will help grandma and grandpa out at the daycare."
The Marill in the Poké Ball shapeshifted into an amorphous pink blob of goo with a face. It did not seem happy about being captured.
"Aw, cheer up. Don't worry, my grandparents always have a lot of pokémon in their daycare. I'm sure you'll have plenty of friends to play with all the time."
Ethan turned to face his Marill. "Speaking of which, we really should be going. We have to get there first."
Marill smiled and cheered with delight. Ethan returned it to its poké ball and got on his bike, heading towards Route 34.
* * *
On Route 34, Abra kept trying to tel
:icongoldensandslash15:GoldenSandslash15 2 2
Marriland's Pokemon Heartgold Weedlocke by MigoAbuel Marriland's Pokemon Heartgold Weedlocke :iconmigoabuel:MigoAbuel 3 2 1362461719580 by THEBlackGuy23 1362461719580 :icontheblackguy23:THEBlackGuy23 2 1 Colours by PitchBlackEspresso Colours :iconpitchblackespresso:PitchBlackEspresso 26 9 Legs Dolan by Laughriot68 Legs Dolan :iconlaughriot68:Laughriot68 3 2 Cantaloupe and Turnip by Jeanne160 Cantaloupe and Turnip :iconjeanne160:Jeanne160 1 2 Pear and Carrot by Jeanne160 Pear and Carrot :iconjeanne160:Jeanne160 3 1 Welcome to the team by Jeanne160 Welcome to the team :iconjeanne160:Jeanne160 5 2 Marriland's More Interesting Moment by Jeanne160 Marriland's More Interesting Moment :iconjeanne160:Jeanne160 2 1 Marriland Wedlocke fanart by TessuDraws Marriland Wedlocke fanart :icontessudraws:TessuDraws 15 5 Pomelo by chiliechii Pomelo :iconchiliechii:chiliechii 11 2 The P girls by Jeanne160 The P girls :iconjeanne160:Jeanne160 4 1 Marriland Wedlocke - Turnip and Cantaloupe by TessuDraws Marriland Wedlocke - Turnip and Cantaloupe :icontessudraws:TessuDraws 32 8 Pomelo x Squash by Marlenesstamps Pomelo x Squash :iconmarlenesstamps:Marlenesstamps 17 2 Squash and Pomelo by KidDGrimlock Squash and Pomelo :iconkiddgrimlock:KidDGrimlock 9 2 The Misadventures of Marriland by Jeanne160 The Misadventures of Marriland :iconjeanne160:Jeanne160 4 1
I did not draw these either! Take a look at all of this nice fanart from Marriland's HeartGold Wedlocke!


Speedpaint - Deku by Nestly Speedpaint - Deku :iconnestly:Nestly 63 24 The Next Journey by CJizzlelette The Next Journey :iconcjizzlelette:CJizzlelette 18 6 Here Comes The Sun Team by TamarinFrog Here Comes The Sun Team :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 1,891 204 And His Name Is John Cena, I Mean, Yarrow by liamisgreat And His Name Is John Cena, I Mean, Yarrow :iconliamisgreat:liamisgreat 4 0 Lily and Cotton by InkedEspeon Lily and Cotton :iconinkedespeon:InkedEspeon 2 0 farewell Dandelion by InkedEspeon farewell Dandelion :iconinkedespeon:InkedEspeon 2 4 Buttercup, Heather, and Aster by Ardomew Buttercup, Heather, and Aster :iconardomew:Ardomew 8 2 Life will be beautiful  by Pr0ject64 Life will be beautiful :iconpr0ject64:Pr0ject64 7 1 Garden by Pr0ject64 Garden :iconpr0ject64:Pr0ject64 3 1 We will be you're home by Tenshineko01 We will be you're home :icontenshineko01:Tenshineko01 11 7 Two Heathers by ChaoFlakaa Two Heathers :iconchaoflakaa:ChaoFlakaa 11 2 Yarrow as Green Arrow by Epicwott Yarrow as Green Arrow :iconepicwott:Epicwott 3 1 Marriland's Sun team by Tenshineko01 Marriland's Sun team :icontenshineko01:Tenshineko01 9 4 Crocus by ThePuddleCat Crocus :iconthepuddlecat:ThePuddleCat 4 1 Crocus The Zubat by JessicaPedley Crocus The Zubat :iconjessicapedley:JessicaPedley 16 13 Crocus Doesn't Give a Flying F*** by liamisgreat Crocus Doesn't Give a Flying F*** :iconliamisgreat:liamisgreat 2 4
These are just my most recent favorites in general, which can include stuff from the above collections as well. I like these arts! :nod:


Stamps & Stuff

Yeah, stamps don't really accomplish anything, but hey, maybe you'll learn a little bit of what I'm all about by seeing the stuff I put here. :o

Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan 183 - Marill by Marlenesstamps flaaffy stamp by PFV0-Stamp Leafeon Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Flareon Stamp by ice-fire Shaymin Stamp- Sky Forme by PFV0-Stamp Buneary Fan Stamp by Shineymagic

Marriland Fan Stamp by Conspicio

Carrot x Peach by Marlenesstamps Cauliflower x Tangerine by Marlenesstamps Spinach x Banana by Marlenesstamps Apricot x Lettuce by Marlenesstamps Turnip x Plum by Marlenesstamps

I Like Waffles. Stamp by bizarrostamps Emote stamp by Synfull House Stamp by Rikku2011 .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot Totoro Stamp 1 by Toonfreak Steven Universe by stampsnstuff Coffee Stamp by CarinaReis Cat Love Stamp by cloudrat STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz Favs stamp by ankewehner Wacom User :stamp: by Amblygon Why? stamp by aftersunsets Rocko Stamp by Netaro Breaking Bad Periodic Table Theme Stamp by SpectreSinistre Support Cute Things Stamp by Artrisy Burn Notice Stamp by ColonelFitz White Collar Stamp by poserfan Monk stamp by Bourbons3 Tina Stamp by WetWithRain Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit by Frozen-lullaby .:Popularity Stamp:. by iEvilash Gatomon by Marlenesstamps Biyomon by Marlenesstamps Palmon by Marlenesstamps Gomamon by Marlenesstamps Hawkmon by Marlenesstamps Veemon by Marlenesstamps


It's been way, waaay too long since I've been on deviantART, and that's such a shame, because it's one of my favorite places to be. You all are awesome! Maybe I'll try to check it out at least once a week or so.

But anyway, since there's that lovely little indicator on the side (I think?!), I've gotten a whole mountain worth of awesome Happy Birthday messages from y'all, which is really appreciated! I'm pretty old now, and you could say now I'm really feeling it. :dead:

Hard to believe it's been nearly 10 years since I've joined dA, since I was just barely 18 when I first signed up. Crazy! Maybe I should do something for my dAnniversary. We'll see!

I've also been starting up Pokémon Art Academy streams, so maybe I'll upload some of my masterpieces here, since I'm not sure if all of them are exactly... in character for the Miiverse community for that game.

Lastly, since it's my birfday, might as well pim- err, subtly leave a link to my Patreon that I set up, y'know, just for reasons. Eating Worms 
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I've been known to art from time to time, so excuse me in advance. =p

Yeah, I've actually had a deviantART account for a long time, although I haven't been active on it in years. I probably won't be super active, because I'm so busy nowadays working on my site and YouTube channel, but I do like to do some art for fun every now and then.

Twitter: @Marriland (and @ProfWaffles for my personal one)
Facebook: Marriland Page
YouTube: Marriland (duh)
tumblr: :new:




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