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Spaceship cabin

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I wanted to try something different, so I decided to go for a spaceship cabin interior. It's not suited for zero gravity, which suggests the ship's equipped with a rotating hab ring or some shiny gravity generator. Either way, the cabin provides a place to relax for a bit, after the shift has ended.

Done in Sketchup 3D / Kerkythea.
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I like. And, yes, looks to have an en-suite...

Reminiscent of Syd Mead concept drawings for Alien / Aliens. Nice.

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That's a very cool comparison. Thanks man.

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very nice and would love to see more spaceship interior work of yours!

Love it! More starship/spacehab interiors please! :)

Marrekie's avatar

I"m glad you like it. Thanks!

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Keep up the good work!
BeakTVArt's avatar
Really amazing :)
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Nice! greetings from austria :D
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Nice interior! Wow, there's a free rendering software? I'm glad I learned that!

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You should try it!

Pintaukit's avatar

I've looked it up, thanks! I can't install Vray that's why.

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There's a free open-source tool for pretty much anything you could ever want to do.
Pintaukit's avatar

You're right. All I need is to search it. Thanks!

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Wow!  A spaceship cabin with bright colors and sufficient lighting.  That's certainly something you don't see every day.  
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Glad you like it!

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I don't see adequate provisions for a microgravity environment.  And are those loose gizmos on that desk?  You call that securing for space??  :D
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Haha, good point! The cabin could be part of a rotating ring though.

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There could be a gravitational force generator in the ship if technology is advanced enough and if it is even possible
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Or it could be a sizable enough ship for a habitation ring with centrifugal gravity.
'Michael Collins' Freight-runner by Marrekie

Inside of this thing no doubt. 
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