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Netherlands Coast Guard VTOL

VTOL search and rescue design, in dutch coast guard colors. Sketchup 3D
Thanks for 800+ faves guys!
Inspired by the Bell X-22 and the dutch coast guard.
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Nice work. But i envision this being used in more then one role
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Yeah me as well. I was actually considering to do a firefighting version. 
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Yeah. I can also see the thing being coverted to bus work ambulance detail and survallance.
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Nice design! 
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if we had these "US Coast Guard" i would of gone aviation instead of engineering 
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Fantastic work!
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Wow, Dat is geweldig! Het zou geweldig zijn om ze zien rond te vliegen! :D
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just drone real size  :3
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This is really cool, and it looks like something we could actually see in service in the not too distant future. I love futuristic craft built from a realistic point of view! Nicely done!
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Thanks for the positive words! :)
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Great... the ''KNRM'' wish they had this:P
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Haha, indeed. Seriously though; IMO VTOL's should be standard issue for coast guards. Unfortunately, such aircraft (like the V22) have huge price tags.
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yeah just as dredging the canal once in a while, so they can actually go on a rescue with their boats :D
they cut down the economy at all the wrong places, anyway cool design, looks very plausible
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Sweet design !
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Awesome design! I sketched a troop transport once that isn't far from this design. How'd you get the textures so smooth?
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Hey man. I'd love to have a look at your design. Is it included in your gallery? The textures are actually 3d intersection in the model which were colored in orange / blue. =D
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Ah, I figured as much. Texturing in SU isn't the easiest of things eh ;) It's not in my gallery, I'll upload an updated image of it soonish, so for now here's an old render :)…
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Smooth design.
Wouldn't mind having one of those. =)
Makes me think of the Orcas of the C&C game.
Is the lower part thought to be detatchable?
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I was indeed hoping the design would suggest that =D
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