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Mechanized Walker Mk1

The unexpected revelation of the British engineered Mechanized Walker Mk1 at the Paris World Fair of 1889 startled governments all over the world. Officially developed by the civilian Cardwell Committee for Technical Advancements, the extraordinary machine was introduced as a technology demonstrator, which would one day be able to perform complex tasks in difficult terrain for the benefit of all mankind. It soon became apparent though, that the Mk1 was actually part of a British effort to drastically modernize the Royal Army and create a military force superior to all in existence.

The true purpose of the revelation at the world fair was to demonstrate technological supremacy in order to discourage other world powers to engage in armed conflict with the British Empire. The British scheme soon backfired though, as it triggered German and French engineers to develop their own versions of the Mechanized Walker. Within years, many standing armies were equipped with the new machines.


Steampunk mech design / sketchup 3D and Photoshop
Thanks for 400+ faves folks!!
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Could be something from the recent game 'Iron Harvest'.

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This is lore, fellas. Good work, really like it. My first fav, didn't realize that feature existed lmao. Yeeeet
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Britain got talent....
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Soooooooooo. Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.
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That looks really cool dude
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THE WORLD SHALL TREMBLE IN FEAR AT THE BRITISH EMPIRE!!! *whisper* what? over 100 years ago? countries reblling? unions? COMMON WEALTH!? DAMMIT! WHY DOES NOBODY INFORM ME!
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This is really tasteful, the more I look at it, the better it gets!
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I really really like the tea-room style cockpit. I can imagine myself slurping a coffee with my feet up on the dash, this thing walking me to work. Excellent design! A rare steampunk concept that looks....well like it would work...
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Thanks for the positive words!
Seems appropriate that the British would be the first.
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I agree man. Hey, thanks for the fave.
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Rise of Legends!!!
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*Sneaks into Downing Street, knocks Cameron out with a beer bottle and swaps the Jack with this*
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War of the worlds much?
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Reminds me of the Mechanical spider from Wild Wild West.
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Heh, these are cool! Kinda diesel-y; I like it.
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Very cool.
And here is an actual photo of one of these built! [link]
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thats pretty epic lol
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It's British, that would be "mechanised".
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THis really reminds me of wild wild west XD. Nice work.
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Thanks for the fave my man
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