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[Suggestion Box] T2 #06

I never really made balloon inflation like that. Sometimes in the past yes, but never actually. I took interest by seeing someone else's work who gave me a new interest to doing it.
Though if that really cause problem to you, I can stop to doing, that it not that important for me, so I rely on your opinion :)

From left to right, we have: 
Aria, suggested by :iconloner2000: 
, suggested by :iconsuper-spartan:
Caitlyn, suggested by :iconhuskarchon:

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Great job. Big, round, cute, and harmless. I know I'm late to this one, but at least my comment will bump the hater below down a notch.

Why would you want to put effort into drawing something and out of all things, you drew this disgusting shitty fetish crap. Go draw something else, degenerate.

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Why would you want to put effort into typing

something and out of all things, you typed this disgusting shitty comment, go do something else, degenerate

Why did you type something to defend something that is extremely disgusting and deserves to be deleted?

Bruh we here to nut. No one cares.

deviantart is an "art website", not e621 2.0

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i am going to close my eyes and go to bed now. too much internet for one day

Ummm... Maybe my parents were right, I Shouldn't be on Deviantart.

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One of my favs 
About the ones on the left: The only thing indicating the existance of arms are hands, are you forgetting that there is a whole arm with more skin separating the hands from the body?
About the one on the right: Just... NO. If they are inflated, it would at least affect their back LIKE THE OTHER TWO!
GOD..          it's pieces like these that kind of make the skill and effort put into them kind of hypocritical.
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Interesting, Loner doesn't usually do Full-body inflation.
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The one on the right is not inflated like the two others, she's just preggo, that's why her body look different.

o..        k............?
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I tried to answer as much as I understood your comment XD
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you need help
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That's cool man! : D 
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So much yes to be had, they're all so nice looking.
I'm less into spherical inflation and more of the inflation in the right side of the picture (which isn't so different from pregnancy, only by theme) but that is also cool. You should verify some times for your liking and just try to get wild with your imagination and ideas.
One of the most amazing inflations i have ever seen :).
 You should do inflations more often.
Please keep this up. Love it.
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You're an artist and a good one. Feel free to express yourself, experiment with anything and everything that inspires you. I enjoy the way your art looks, but don't be afraid to stay fresh in art styles and creativity.
Yeah! :iconfireworkplz: 
Okay my pep talk is done. ^D^;..  Stay awesome. 
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Thank you a lot for these good words, that help a lot ^0^
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You're welcome. :iconthumbsupplz:
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