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Mayternity Through Time - Edo Japan

My entry for the Mayternity through time, started by :iconimpreg-nation:

Edo was the longest peace era in Japan's history (268 years), a time for trade, innovation and, of course, procreation ;)


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Wow! Could you write a story to go with this? I think it would be even better that way!!

Beautiful! I adore the costume design of the red one

Anyone want to Rp this with me?

12wo's avatar
Incredible job of the patterns on the clothes. :3
PJToon75's avatar
They look so beautiful. Good work!
potente789's avatar
classy and so sexy - the perfect marriage - may their babies be awesome !!!!!
Marrazan's avatar
Thanks a lot :)
May the women remain as cute as this pic then :)
CoffeeSlice's avatar
Good job and pretty colors :D !
Marrazan's avatar
Thanks :D
It was a very nice month, full of creativity :)
Megatron1997's avatar
Pretty. not a fan of pregnancy though, but pretty nontheless.
Great stuff! Take two beauties and add giant bellies to make them even more beautiful.
universeking22's avatar
can you do more maternity through time 
Marrazan's avatar
Too much work, sorry XD
I got this occasion to participate, but I don't have the time to do more :o
over-goddess-washu's avatar
Heh I love their huge boobs and massive to super massive bellies heh PervyMoni PervyMoni PervyMoni PervyMoni PervyMoni PervyMoni PervyMoni PervyMoni PervyMoni 
MilaCuteGirl1996's avatar
Wonderful beauties with wonderful bellies! This is very amazing!
Marrazan's avatar
Thank you a lot :D
MilaCuteGirl1996's avatar
Thanks you too for your artworks! 
Snow-chanDA's avatar

The lighting and design is just fantastic ; O ;
Marrazan's avatar
Thanks a lot :D
The kimono design wasn't that hard, I used CSP base tools and it goes :D
Mogwai-toejam's avatar
Now I've seen everything
EscapefromExpansion's avatar
The nice era of beautiful belly. :love:
Marrazan's avatar
Magnified bellys :D
TheBongGolem's avatar
Completely Radical cats! I love the coloring and lighting in this piece!
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