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MT - Sun's blessing

"Fluttershy is coming out, for this pretty shining day. She's open the door but, at the moment when she's about to get out, the sun went to illuminate her belly, where littles babies are sleeping inside their mother. The babies were suddenly growing to reach a point where Fluttershy's top wasn't able to cover her belly."

Happy May-ternity, full of fertility, sun and babies :D


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Wait a minute, this art was stolen for an crappy ad! Here's proof:

Go to 2:51 and you'll see

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I know, it's been ages this have been made.

Umm... having a hard time there, Fluttershy? On second thought, you look cute as heck!

This picture is adorable and way better then what i can do

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This came from the Girls X Battle's ad.

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And this is the original artwork they stole.

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I somehow can’t take this seriously because of the bootleg ad
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I remember this Fan Art, i watched a Video about some Terrible Game Advertisements and this Art appeared in the Game Ad

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Yeah, it happen a lot to artists, even fetish ones XD
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Makes sense for her to grow from the sun, because she's such a flower~ xD
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I came from r/shittymobilegame 
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Welcome then XD
Someones been stealing your art for mobile ads.
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I know, but cannot really doing something against.
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Never thought I'd see this in a mobile ad
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This was used in a mobile game ad 13:24
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This was used in a mobile ad, just so you know.
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Solar Pregnancy huh? That's something you don't see very often. XD
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Anything in my universe can cause pregnancy XD
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You ARE the god of that universe afterall. ;)
So, who is the father?
Twilight Sparkle?
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