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3 months only

By Marrazan
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... And this belly keep growing...


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Must be some sort of alien

crazycarlos08's avatar
crazycarlos08Hobbyist Filmographer
Wow! Already so big too...
mrknowitalll678's avatar
In 6 months she wouldn't survive child birth due to how big the kids will be and  weigh 
Brubake's avatar
3 months really? Holy awesome belly, better get her a 7by8 foot mirror soon. Plus a pink padded pallet on a padded pink porklift/forklift. He, he, ha, ha.
LittleBunnyKotomi's avatar
LittleBunnyKotomiHobbyist Traditional Artist
I see back issues in her future...
AnomalousAntarctican's avatar
AnomalousAntarcticanHobbyist General Artist
What is it that's so freaking adorable about a girl with a big belly trying in vain to pull her shirt down over it?
Cherry-Draws's avatar
Cherry-DrawsStudent Traditional Artist
Seulement 3 mois, qu'est-ce que ce sera ensuite !
Thick-Fella's avatar
Thick-FellaHobbyist General Artist
would gladly work her undercarriage
El-Jorro's avatar
How much bigger...
LastOfTheAnnunaki's avatar
Is this going to turn into a sequence, then?
Marrazan's avatar
MarrazanHobbyist Digital Artist
I didn't expected that so much peoples would like it to be honest XD
I did this drawing like nothing, just because funny.

Well, I think I'm gonna push her a lil' more XD
PTDLSD's avatar
PTDLSDHobbyist General Artist
K-E-Y-K-O's avatar
Les bébés ont bien grandis. :)
SquareofOne's avatar
Must have a lot in there.
SunsetPudding's avatar
I'd probably be squealing with joy at that point-
Marrazan's avatar
MarrazanHobbyist Digital Artist
Most girls in this community would react at opposite as common in this situation XD
SunsetPudding's avatar
I know it'd be hard to handle, but I'd love to have such a big family
and getting hyooge everywhere else sounds pretty fun...
Fig5's avatar
You'd probably need to be rolled by the end of it~
SunsetPudding's avatar
Don't roll the babies!!
Fig5's avatar
Well I mean how else would you get around while so big and round?
SunsetPudding's avatar
Hopefully the person who knocked me up would take care of me so i wouldn't have to?
Fig5's avatar
Well they should be~

But I still like the idea of a girl being so pregnant she needs to be rolled places. D:
SunsetPudding's avatar
I like the size, just not the rolling part. Maybe it'd be nice if i wasn't filled with such fragile cargo, but since i am i just wanna sit around and plump up.
Fig5's avatar
Being stuck also has it's appeal~
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