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Free Palestine


Palestine crys ...stop this murder
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Jul 20, 2014, 4:57:05 PM
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If anything it should be "Free Israel from the dahr al-islam colonialsts who aren't indigenous to this land": Who belongs where? Jews vs. arabs in the conflict by DXRD  
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Powerful art.
Listen at 3:45
Illegal occupation. The zionist regime is committing genocide on Palestinian soil.
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wow, this is gorgeous!
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Israel pulled out. Palestine kept fighting. Free Israel.
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Take the red pill:
listen at 3:45
Jews have no right or claim on the land of Palestine.
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why are people always such puppets? Most of the time the only people supporting Israel are hypocritical zionist jews who act like everyone is inferior to them, and Americans who have spent years being brainwashed. Think for a damn minute why most of the world knows how full of shit the ISraelis are.

The Palestinians WILL always fight. YOu do not know what it is like to struggle, and you never will. Neither do the Israelis, they either bitch about things that didnt happen to them(like the holocaust) or keep being racist hypocrites.  After years of being shitted on, Id be damned to see a Palestine accept peace. Israel is the nation to come and racify judaism, murder millions of Arabs, instigate wars, take control of the US government, dehumanize ethiopian/somali jews and then claim it wants "peace". 

Ashkenhazis arent even Hebrews, they are Khazarian converts....

My ass dude. 
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You just made it painfully obvious how much of a hypocrite you are.
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Yes, you're a hypocrite, even an infant could see that.
Look at yourself man, you don't know shit.
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I don't know about "i don't know shit" but blindly supporting israel is a concern to me.
But instead of focusing on me, focus on israel and stop denying reality. Are you jewish? That would explain a lot. So I guess it is time to throw more bananas at Ethiopian Jews?
Because if you really truly loved israel you would help them improve their faults

But anyway man I don't feel like arguing. I don't really know you and I don't want us to get a bad impression of each other, let's save the fighting for real life
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See, this is the problem with your pro-palestine dickheads, you always go "are you jewish? Cause that explains everything", like it matters in the debate.
Why do you fucking care if I'm jewish or from Israel or from fucking chinese? Besides, I think you missed the entire point of whats going on over there:
The Mossad have power of Israel, they are aggresive assholes with a vendetta, and they control the entire government! if you control the government you control the media, if you control the media you control the people, so saying thats Israel, as a culture and people, is the bad guy is like blaming Japan for WW2.
You're so wrong about everything you're saying, and not for the reasons you think.
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oh please "pro palestinian dick heads" Yeah, sure bro
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I really like how you created  this 
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free palestine. love this x
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are the eyes Acrylic? and wonderful
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it´s all watercolor but the white brightness in the eyes (that´s acrylic)
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