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Dunno if many people still follow me on here or w/e but I wanted to post a general life / career update for posterity. Journaling, if you will.

So in the past couple of years... I've graduated college with a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology, and I've worked at a few research labs until I landed in the full-time research position I'm in today. It's a stable job (grant-funded until 2020), and the research is pretty important (one study could potentially save 15 years of treatment time for people with Bipolar Disorder who are misdiagnosed with Major Depression D: ). The job itself is.... eh, it doesn't suck, but it's not really want I want to be doing long-term. It's not a particularly hard job for me to do, and my supervisor/boss are very lax, and it comes with decent health insurance and other benefits. Financial stability -- finally! (After years of living on such a small food budget, it's amazing how weird it feels to just go out and get dinner somewhere).

But like I said, it's not what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. Heck, I don't want to be here still by the time this position ends in 2020. I want to make art. It's what I've always known I wanted to do, but the whole reason I didn't go to art school and seriously pursue it was because everyone was saying "That's your dream job, not your real job" or "There's too much competition" (Later I learned that there's "too much competition" for most jobs?? I still got rejected from multiple research positions). I still don't think I want to go to art school; I've already got a big government debt on my back for the first school I went to, so I'd rather just do the work in my free time, make my own connections, and do it myself. I've seen other people do it this way, and it works! As long as you have the drive to make it work.

So that's pretty much what I've been doing. I try to fill any free time I get with drawing. Most of that time is spent on Hazel... which is another whole story, but ideally I'd like to start using that free time for more portfolio-building and social media presence soon. My entire portfolio is out of date... some of my best work is from 5 years ago... but if I spend a year just working on things that would make my portfolio look nice, that would really boost my chances of getting into the field that I want to be in. I encourage others to do the same! If you want an art job then make art nonstop! It was really hard for me to follow that advice in the past, and I'd just waste all my free time playing videogames, but somehow a fierce motivation has come over me, and I'm ready to grab hold of it.

And that's where I'm at. I've been posting art over on my new instagram every week, and posting on twitter and tumblr as well. Hazel is still chugging along, a few pages left until the end of the first chapter, and I've got ideas for a bunch of other projects I'd like to work on too. I've also been trying to eat healthier! I've been having a Soylent every morning for breakfast, they're surprisingly good!!
I’m available for commissions while I search for a full-time job! 😁

More Info:

  • These are character commissions with no / very simple bkgs
  • An additional character is the same price as the base commission, because you’re essentially commissioning twice. I will offer a discount for those who commission more than once, though!
  • I’m okay drawing light gore/NSFW - just ask!
  • Please provide visual references! Character design is an entirely different type of commission~!
  • ETA: 3-10 days
  • Orders < $40: Pay up front; Orders > $40: Pay half-now, half-later is OK
  • I have Paypal and Venmo!
  • I’ve done commissions since 2011 - I’ll work closely with you to make sure I get it right!


Email -
or PM me on Tumblr, Twitter, Deviantart
Hey folks, it's been a while. here's some updates:

  • My webcomic, Magical Hazel has been going strong since the relaunch! I'm really excited to get to the end of this first Illusion Zone. Check it out if you like nerdy things and magical girl aesthetics!
  • I graduated from college! O: I'm super happy about that but also low key concerned about what I'm gonna do with my future and very high key anxious about being able to pay my rent hahaha. Magical Hazel has a Patreon here where you can see exclusive storyboards, concept art, and more
  • Just as a reminder, I am most active on my Twitter and Tumblr.

Also, some of you started following me because of a few OCTs I entered / tried to enter back in 2011. After.... 5 years, I really want to get into one again! They've always been really great experiences, and this one in particular I keep finding myself getting loads of ideas for that I wanna draw/write. I'm excited to start coming up with characters!

"But Rawb, how will you do your main comic, Magical Hazel, while also doing an OCT AND balancing your part-time job at a psychology research lab?"

I just will! Granted, I'll probably be waaayyy more loose with my art for OCTs so that I have time to finish the comics, but it should still look okay. Like I said, it's been 5 years man. I gotta do it! So yeah, that stuff will all be posted here on deviantart for you guys, so look forward to that! I'm going to give it my best story-telling efforts!

Thanks for reading!


Click here to start reading Magical Hazel

Click here to go to Hazel's Patreon page and get to see more exclusive storyboards like this!

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hey all, I made a new blog: animarraphy , where I'm gonna (try to) do an animation exercise from a big list of challenges every. day.

follow along if you want to! :>
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Hey guys, I just wanted to publicly thank a couple of you for informing me about Dudewheresmycarman3 reuploading and taking credit for my old ninetails sketch on his dA (along with what appears to be a number of other stolen artworks). I wasn't really personally that bothered by it since it was just a quick thing I did a while ago, but I do want to point out that art theft and not-crediting are common problems that we should all take seriously, and help out your fellow artists when you see it happen!

Here's a handy 101 guide:

Step 1: Report the person who stole it! It doesn't matter if you think someone already reported it; dA is the shittiest when it comes to stolen art and they probably won't listen unless they get many complaints! Or, if they aren't claiming it as their own, and you know of or can find the source, give it to them and tell them to put it in the description!

Step 2: Let the artist know, they deserve it!

That's all! Thank you : >

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I feel like I should have my journal on my page say something that's not "Magical Hazel premiers today!" lol

I haven't... really been posting much art in the past year huh.. yeah idk, I guess I've just been sort of unmotivated and haven't really felt like making anything. And then Hazel started happening so any art I make is for that. But! This summer will be different I think, and I'll probably be a little more active in regards to art. hopefully. yeah. I mean I love making art! So I don't really know how I've been so unwilling to make anything... I guess with school and various things in life, all my attention has been on the stressors in my life and I'm too preoccupied. Or something like that. bleh

Buuuut yeah. Not much is going on right now. Mario Kart 8 comes out soon (GIVE ME YOUR NINTENDO NETWORK IDS) and after that s M a SH   b R O t H E R S and I'm really really excited I'm gonna give myself a heart attack omg

Also Hazel is back and updating every sunday again for a while so check that out if you love me enough. if not thats ok im crying but no really i'm fine it's ok if you don't look at it. OH you'll look at it? yay ok

Uhm also I'm kind of planning on tabling at artist's alley at Tekkoshocon here in Pittsburgh next year I think. I have no idea what i'm doing but. I've ALWAYS wanted to table at an artist's alley, and I think Hazel will have enough pages by next year that I could advertise it and stuff. I literally have no idea how to register and set up a booth and all that, but i will... figure that out. when the time comes.... ..... in the meantime, I'm gonna make posters to sell! Some ideas I have are maybe Madoka Magica ones and maybe a Zelda one, plus Hazel of course... there's lots of possibilities! yeah. And then, if Tekko goes well then of course, i'll also try to branch out to other cons, although I think i'm preeetty limited when it comes to travelling.. I can't really drive yet, and don't have money for hotels and plane tickets and such, so... yeaaaahh that'll be a hurdle later

Welp that's pretty much it. Thanks for readin!
Albeit it's going to premier much laaaaater today like probably closer to tomorrow actually but I'm trying to get it done before Saturday ends. I've had a bit of a distraction from it on christmas eve and christmas day, but that was to be expected. Anyway I'm working really hard on it to get it done!

that is all. :u
Update 11/25: Hey folks just a reminder that this contest is ending soon! I've only received ONE submission so far, so basically if you draw anything for the contest you're pretty much guaranteed you'll be one of the 5 peeps who gets their characters inserted into the comic!

Hi everyone how have you been? that's great I've been great too

So I'm planning on getting the first page of the comic released in about a month, in the beginning of December. I don't have a date set in stone yet, but when I do I'll let everyone know! I still have a loooooot to do to get it ready and I'm sooooo busy it's like almost impossible but I aim to make the impossible possible!

The website is unfinished still, but I encourage everyone to put it in a nice cozy spot in their bookmarks! >> <<


So to kick off the comic's launch, I'd like to hold a little contest.


1. Draw a picture of one or more Magical Hazel character(s)
2. That's pretty much it! Your choices are Hazel, Reagae, or Neal:

Hazel walkin' by Marraphy Magical Girl Reagae by Marraphy Neal Liebret by Marraphy

I literally have no requirements for the picture! Just draw draw draw draw and then submit it to me via note! Well actually there is one restriction: KEEP IT SFW :>

DUE: December 1st at Midnight EST.

5 WINNERS will each get to have one of their OCs included as background characters somewhere in the comic (I'll try to make them all appear somewhere in Act 1!) The winners will be decided on which pieces I liked the most. Technical skill will come into play when judging, but I'd be more likely to rate interesting/fun/unique pieces higher!

So yeah it's just a fun, easy contest and y'all should join the fun! Let's get excited for launch woOO!!!
holy crap why did i just spend $50 on a 24 month premium membership lmao

So far I've spent my summer working my butt off at McDonalds for minimum wage and then coming home and being extremely exhausted/lazy and not getting any artwork done. I apologize to the people still waiting on their commissions, I promise I'll have them finished sooner rather than later. Once those are done, I'll be able to open up commissions again for a little while until Magical Hazel starts up. At that time I'll be super busy with the comic so I won't be able to take any commissions for a while!

Magical Hazel will probably be up later in fall, rather than the beginning. There's still a lot of work I personally have to do for it, as well as waiting for other people for various projects like the website and music. I think I'm going to have a contest of some sort leading up to the release as well. The winner could get to have their OC as a background character or something like that.

I go back to school the 22nd, and I sure wish that date would hurry up.. I can't wait to be back.

Welp, that's all for this journal. hopefully we'll see more stuff from me this month instead of me being a lazy butt.
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hey there folks i'm gonna recommend some animes to you that you should watch this summer. They're all ongoing and really good!

Sundays: who cares
Mondays: who cares
Tuesdays: who cares
Wednesdays: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Thursdays: Dangan Ronpa (might have to wait until fridays for subs...)
Fridays: who cares
Saturday: Shingeki no Kyojin/ Attack on Titan

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club (aka Swimming Anime)

So, fun story: this actually wasn't planned to be an actual anime at first. The company originally just released a little clip of some anime swimming dudes to show off what their money and art team can do, and it got SO DING DANG DIDDLY POPULAR over the whole internet that the company decided to turn it into an actual show. If you've ever seen other lighthearted, slice-of-life animes like K-On or Hyouka or whatever then you'll probably like Free. Despite the intense OP it's a very casual show with plenty of funny moments. It's about 4 guys who swam together on a swim team in middle school, and then they all part ways (except for two who remain friends through high school) and they all reunite and things happen. If you like anime like that you'll like Free. Or if you like seeing shirtless guys, there's a lot of that too. But hey, if you don't, there's a good chance you'd still enjoy it for the humor and the overall relaxedness and plot.

Dangan Ronpa

Alright so I'm not really the most knowledgeable person on this subject since I'm just getting into it, but Dangan Ronpa was a PSP game that is getting it's own anime adaptation. It's about a bunch of talented and diverse kids who are invited to a high school that will help each of them get better at what they do. It turns out to be a trick though, and they're locked in the school forever. The principal is a black and white bear named Monobear who decrees that the only way they can leave the school is if they kill another person....

Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan

And here we have the most kickass anime ever

no, seriously. SnK/AoT is really intense and it's so good I couldn't even wait to watch it in a group with people, I marathoned it one night until I was caught up. It's about humans who live in a world with gigantic men (titans) who try to eat them. Their only defense are the giant walls they built around their city and elite soldiers that zip through the air with their "3D Maneuver Gear" and dual-wielding long swords. You will feel utterly HOPELESS watching this show oh my god. The characters are all really cool, the music's good, the art is very manga-like, and there are some really hilarious moments too in between all the terror and destruction. Everything is very german-inspired, like the city architecture, the clothing, etc etc and it's very neat. definitely a MUST watch. It's further along than the other two anime (it's at episode 13 now) but it's still on-going.
Featuring my favorite OC of the first 15 people to comment.
If you comment, please do the same in your journal, putting the tagger in the first slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone and make more people aware of the many cool yet under appreciated characters that exist here on dA!

1. :iconwebghost: Webs 'Promo Poster' ID by WeBgHoSt Webs
She's a Kingdom Hearts inspired character who controls Dark and Earth magic. P cool!

2. :iconexecutorhijiri: The Holy Cardinal Lord: Victor Cain by ExecutorHijiri Holy Cardinal Lord Victor Cain
A really cool holy magic user that I did a commission of!

3. :iconvioletlinked: Cheryl Sivak (Yet Another Dumb Original Character) by VioletLinked Cheryl
omg look at this cutey patootie aquatic badootie

4. :iconikethewarrior: Darcy ref (updated design) by IkeTheWarrior Darcy
Hmmm it was a tough pick but Darcy's really cute! Check out his other characters, they're all pretty good :>

5. :iconoseike: BoD Baed fir Jodun by Oseike Baed fir Jodun
His species looks really cool! And I like his weapon, it almost looks like a decorative surfboard : P

6. :iconadjacent-to-aurum: :thumb371254692: Camellia
oh no she's cUTE and I love that color scheme!

7. :iconstrayflame: Just Needs A Bow Tie by StrayFlame Yury
aHHHH HOW COULD I NOT PICK HIM HES DA BESS. But no really, he was one of my top favorites in Idris

8. :iconnyfian: Dinkle Twinkle Reference sheet by nyfian Dinkle Twinkle
I think she's p cool O:

9. :iconparastatic: Eclair the Feline by Parastatic Eclair
the cat with the bat O: cool!

10. :iconmikallen: Ayami: The Pinstripe Predator by Mikallen Ayami
memorieess~ Ayami is the most precious thing ever

11. :iconsofia-1989: I bite you by sofia-1989 Jack
Simple yet very cool looking!

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Sup! ( ・‿-)
I'm on summer vacation now! I'm having tons of fun!!!!!... er not really, I can't wait to go back to college honestly. u_u only 115 more days??? ( _ゝ`)

I have to get a job this summer... that's gonna bite... there is a lot to look forward to though! There's E3 coming up, and Nintendo's E3 Nintendo Directs, and also Skullgirls will be released on Steam and Squigly will be finished!! Plus, the Dangan Ronpa anime and the new Sailor Moon anime AND the "Swimming Anime" are all coming out?! I can't wait! Not to mention Magical Hazel will hopefully start after the summer is over ! :>>

speaking of that.

Magical Hazel News:
  • Alright so my friend who was originally helping me code the website had to quit on me due to personal reasons. But, it should be ok. luckily, I have another friend who knows coding who's now helping me with it. I'm giving her until the end of the summer to finish it, so it'll be a while before you guys get to see the website but it should be worth the wait! 'A' I'm also working with a few other friends on SECRET PROJECTS that will be in the comic and be really cool. I can't say anything about those yet. In fact, I probably won't say anything at all about them so that they're a surprise! forget i said anything :ninja:
  • Throughout the summer I'll be scripting/fleshing out the story and doing concept art so that it's more ready for release. A lot will be under wraps though; I don't want to spoil people!
  • The comic currently has a Fall 2013 release date!
  • I'm aiming for one page a week. I might start off with one page every two weeks until I get on my feet. We'll see.
  • I'm planning to have a fan art contest leading up to the comic's release. I'm not sure when I should start that. Should I start it soon? Or wait until later this summer?
  • for magical hazel art you can check out the #Magical Hazel tag on my art blog for concept art almost every wednesday and occasionally fan art!

That's all the news I have for now!

And while you're waiting for my comic to come out (and for Homestuck to come off hiatus), here's a few good ones you can be reading over the summer:

Ava's Demon
Cans of Beans
Cloud Factory (Coming in June)
Kiwi Blitz
Gunnerkrigg Court
Strip Search (It's a reality show about webcomic artists :V)

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Aaaah I went to my first con ever this weekend! Tekkoshocon, in downtown Pittsburgh PA. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH it was so fun, I met a lot of cool people, made some new friends, and holy shit were there some good artists there at Artist's Alley.

I'm not a very experienced cosplayer, and I wanted to be God Tier Dirk for my first time so my friend Jessica helped me out with the sewing parts. I only wore my costume for one day but I really should have worn it every day! :U I felt more like part of the homestuck crowd when I was in it and I also received a lot of attention in it haha.

Pics are on my tumblr:…

Oh gosh I need to start going to this every year. And Ohayocon. And any other con that I'm able to go to. The whole experience is just awesome and if you haven't ever been to a con before, then find a local one and just GO! Get your costume[s] planned and started ahead of time so that they're finished before the con! just do it it's really fun!

As for next year's cosplay, I want to do Genderbent Sayaka! Should I?? 0;
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I'm participating in a challenge over at Comicfury forums to design 1 completely new, original character every day for the month of April! If you're interested in seeing what I and the other participants come up with each day, check out the website @

Here's a taste:

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HabitRPG is a cool web app thing where you gain XP and gold from doing good habits and finishing to-do's, and you lose health from doing bad habits or failing to complete tasks. It's like a to-do list with the thing that most to-do lists in the past have lacked: MOTIVATION. You can set rewards for yourself, so you have things to work towards, and if you lose too much health then you'll lose gold. It's overall really cool and you should try it out. I've been staying pretty motivated while using it!

As for the Hazel comic, I've found a place to host it today. However, I know next to NOTHING about html/coding, so the process of getting the website to look good will be long and arduous.
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There's only two things in it so far, but if you're interested in either of these, now would be the best time to buy one because from now until St. Patrick's Day (March 17th), there's free shipping available for many items!

Mimimimimimi by Marraphy comes in variously sized art prints, framed art prints, stretched canvases, stationary cards, iPhone/iPod cases, and throw pillows

My Little Kirby by Marraphy comes in variously sized art prints, framed art prints, stretched canvases, and throw pillows

The throw pillows are amazingly cool : D

here's the link:…
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FINISHED - Here's a link to all of them:…
Thank you for all the requests everyone! It certainly kept me busy and it kicked me right in the motivation gland! Maybe I'll try one of these again, when I hit a certain number of watchers maybeee

SO I thought this would be a fun exercise to do :B

I'll take 1-2 characters per person; just post em here in this journal (with a reference if it's OC) and I'll draw them. At the end of the day I'll compile them all into one image and then ?????? profit? !

omg what am i getting myself into

edit: This is good yes keep em coming  :] and don't worry if you don't hear a reply from me- i'm still doing your request! Also, because of the sheer amount of characters there are (and i predict there to be more), i might not post all of them until tomorrow- please be patient, i promise i'll get em all done :J

edit 2: I'm not accepting any more requests at this time! Thank you to everyone who participated, I should be posting all of them any time from Saturday night to Monday. There's a lot more requests than I expected! Most, if not all of them will be traditionally drawn in pencil and touched up/shaded a little digitally
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Would anyone like to commission a picture of themselves in their [homestuck] God Tier outfit?

I've seen a few people offering god tier commissions like this, and I'm pretty sure it would be allowed since you wouldn't actually be requesting a drawing of any of Hussie's characters, so it should be fine.

You all know what my art style looks like, but here's an (old) example:

I'm Seer of Heart by Marraphy

They'll probably be on a white background.

I'll charge $10 for fully-colored and $5 for a sketch.

Send me a message if you're interested; I'll just need to know what your class/aspect is, and if you're willing to give me a reference pic/photo/description of what you look like then that would most certainly help!
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I had a pretty great weekend! Lemme tell you the highlights about it:

On Friday, some friends and I went to a weekly event at my school that's called Friday Night Improv. It's a comedy show that the audience participates in- people volunteer from the audience to come onto the stage, and they act out improvised scenes based on suggestions given to them by the audience. It's very fun! Also I hear that our school is the only place that has this kind of show! Well, I got to perform a couple of times and made some people laugh, and of course, all of the other people who acted were HILARIOUS. So it was very enjoyable! My roommate and I are definitely going to go to these more often, maybe even every weekend. They're just that fun!

Saturday, my roommate and some other close friends arranged a party for me, inviting all of our friends to their house. There was cake, lots of Froakie (a 6th gen Pokemon I'm kind of obsessed about, or rather- my friends have a running joke that I'm obsessed with it and I play along) and a lot of mango-flavored alcoholic punch! : P That was my first time drinking actually, and while I couldn't get myself drunk I did get PRETTY TIPSY :S We all played a drinking game and then afterwards we played Cards Against Humanity, which is a pretty great game to begin with but it's even more fun to play when EVERYTHING is funny to you. I mentioned Froakie, yeah? Well there was a "Pin the tail on the Froakie" and also the CAKE was blue with white icing to match his coloration. : P So yeah, I had a looot of fun that night.

And, as a disclaimer - I'm not trying to advocate underage drinking... drinking can be a fun time, but only if you drink responsibly! I was at a friend's house surrounded by responsible, caring people who ARE over the legal age and weren't going to let things get out of hand. And I had two people to walk home with too, who both weren't that drunk (neither was I!) and my home was only a 5 minute walk away. Plus, I don't see myself drinking often, probably only on very special occasions, and only drinks that taste good >_> (My friend is a culinary major and made sure the drinks would taste good, because I don't like the taste of nearly ANY type of alcohol, bleh..)

So yeah,. Sunday. I spent most of the day with a good friend. We watched Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, two VERY great anime movies. VERYYY great. Please watch them. You'll love them. So yeah I pretty much spend most of the day with him. Later on, we were talking, and..... wellllllllllll. I'm no longer single uvu we decided we both wanted to date and so yEA. uvu

And lastly, tonight -my actual birthday- I went to dinner with a few of my friends, it was a pretty nice time. Also, lots of happy birthday messages from people on dA/FB/Skype, which I would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for. Really. Like... it feels sort of like the ending of Paper Mario 2 where Mario hears all the voices of friends he's made all across the land and it's really... nice. uvu

So, that was my fantastic weekend. I hope everyone else is happy and having a fun time too!

As for deviantArt-related things... I'm CONSIDERING auditioning for :iconartists-at-the-ready: or :iconbts-oct:. I'm interested in them but I don't know if I'll have the time now. Other than that, I'm working on a couple of commissions (Commissions are still open, btw, there's one slot left!) but that's about it art-wise.

Well, goodnight everyone! sweet dreams uvu
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