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Wolke Character Reference

Wolke - It's spelled the German way, pronounced the Dutch way, like "Wolk" : O
Race: Human - white
Age: 22 years
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10" - 177.8 cm
Weight: 161lbs - 73 kilos

Wolke comes from Arcus, a floating pirate city in the sky comprised of giant flying ships. Each major ship counts as its own province, and he is the son of Nala Nimstrautus, a province leader, and her husband Vir Nimstrautus. Coming from a relatively wealthy family, Wolke is privately schooled with the other descendents of pirate leadership, but don't think that means he has an easy life! Descendents of leaders are perhaps MORE expected to bring glory in battle than your average cloud pirate.

Why do the cloud pirates live in the sky? It's not just because they're named "cloud pirates" - they would actually much prefer to live on the Earth. But down on the surface, the Witches will hunt any pirate they see. So, Arcusians(? lol) use their cloud stealth abilities, lightning-imbued weapons, as well as teamwork to trek down to the surface to gather food and materials to keep their civilization alive.

Overconfident. He's usually so sure that he can do something that he doesn't even want to bother trying. That said, he'll be enticed if it looks challenging. If he's winning a fight effortlessly, he might let his guard down because he got bored.
Optimist. He's usually not very worried.
Smooth. He's good at talking, and it's easy for him to make new friends. He's also good at picking up dates!
High standards. When he's doing a job, he wants to make sure every part of it is done right. He cares about doing a good job.
Playful. He usually fits in with teens and children because of his love for silly humor. He's a little more professional and experienced than them, though. He'd hang out with adults, but he's kind of in an awkward mature-yet-immature stage.

He likes training, reading, sewing, animals, flowers, whistling, meat, spicy food, and constellations. He's probably a Libra

He's the kind of guy you met at a bar and had an awesome one-night stand with, and he treated you nicely the entire time and escorted you home the next morning, and years later still says hi and remembers the name of your mom's favorite dish that you told him about.

Cloud Powers
The pirates of Arcus can use stealthy cloud powers. There's no limit to it besides their own strength and level of fatigue. Wolke apparates his hood, mask, and cape when he's using his powers. He can make clouds appear and then jump inside them for cover, he can apparate them under his feet so that he can float or run on top of clouds, and he can even pop out of one upside-down and shank you! I invite you to get creative with it.

Speaking of shanking, he's got a fold-up knife that one might expect to see in one of the barracks of Arcus. When you flip it open, the lightning gemstone activates and it produces a solid electric blade like a lightsaber. It can be used until it needs to recharge; cutting thin surfaces with it doesn't cose much charge, but using it to hack at steel will make it hard for it to maintain its solidity and will dissipate after a few uses. The blade starts at a blue or green color, and turns red when it's about to break.

He's also got a bow handle, and when activated it makes a lightning bow+string. He can shoot electric arrows rapidly from it, which shock whatever they hit and then disappear. The shock isn't very strong from a single arrow, but being hit with a whole flurry of them could stun for a moment. After he shoots a flurry, it needs to recharge for a short moment.

+Once he gets in, he can inflict a lot of damage up close
+Lightning elemental attacks

-No powerful long range options
-Relies on getting in close
-Weapons need to recharge
-Not dressed for cold weather
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