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Concept for a player class in an RPG idea I had. Storytellers read tales aloud in order to summon flaming phantasms from the story to inflict damage for them or support them. They are sort of like a Summoner and a Bard; their main stat is Intellect and they read (channel) stories that summon things like Excalibur to deal physical damage. The entire story needs to be channeled to deal their full combos, so one of the Storyteller's biggest weaknesses is being interrupted and having to start their story from the beginning. Their main weapons are of course Books/Novels/Novellas, and adding runic pages will enhance the story's capabilities.

Design-wise, I tried going for a "Magical Librarian" kind of look? In battle, Storytellers should easily stand out by the flaming bookmark turning into things as they read.

detail + progress shots going on my insta and artstation

Anyway, I'm ready to go back to cel shading now for the next 5 years peace
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