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Spirit Guardian

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👻 RPG Class Concept #2: Spirit Guardian

Spirit Guardians are a main tank class that harness the energy of spirits to QUAD-wield into the battlefield. (Their main weapon is a Spirit Lantern, which uses the first four available weapons in their inventory. It can swing any blunt objects, but not use additional effects of wands, guns, etc). With a Spirit Guardian as your tank, you’re not doomed when a party member dies; this class can revert death and even has abilities that can only be used while dead (I guess that technically makes them a kind of Death Knight). Their near-impenetrable wall of defense can be beaten by taking advantage of their sluggish speed. Visually, you’ll know a Spirit Guardian is on the battlefield by their spirit tendrils!

Happy spooky new year! 🎉 I had wanted to get this out by Halloween oops lol. Life had other plans... I'm so glad it's finally finished.

Paint Tool SAI / Photoshop, ~55 hrs

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Nice work, colors are cool!