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Maraphy the White Mage

Gotta love white mages :] Best class by far I mean come on...
We were just all imagining ourselves as Final Fantasy classes one day, and I got kind of inspired to draw myself. That's basically what happened here.
Not from any specific game, I just looked at a few random ones for inspiration and made up the design myself.

Time: 8 hours
Commission info here: [link]
Thanks for looking :]
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OMG! I LOVE (no seriously) Final Fantasy! I only have the first game but it's still the most interesting game. It's like Pokemon only it keeps you going with a different plot than expected. Anyway, great job on this! Ur a really good artist! the only thing I would change would be making the feet just a tad bit bigger. Hope I haven't bored you to death with all my blabbing!
Marraphy's avatar
Thank you so much C:
Phizzy-Water's avatar
kevinsos's avatar
the Art is so Cool
but em,.==a "the EYE's" looks Wierd
XP sorry for that
Marraphy's avatar
Hrmm? What do you think looks weird about them? The fact that they're kinda anime? Or that they're too far apart...? Or....?
kevinsos's avatar
that not what i mean,i fact your Art is Awesome
in Indonesia we said "Jilong" ew,....i can't translate that
== but,....i was Quiet awsome
priestessofpie's avatar
This is a very cute white mage design. ^^
Utao's avatar
This outfit is great! It's good to see how you improve day by day :3
Marraphy's avatar
Thanks Utao :>
DisJunctioneD's avatar
Just noteing, i love the detail in the lineing of the cloak.... Sky scap in clothing = amazing!

P.S. i would be a summoner >_> <3 horn
Marraphy's avatar
Thank you! : P
NarratorClaire's avatar
^o^ This is awesome
Rhythm-Wily's avatar
I love how the bookmark matches his outfit!XD
RLClousia's avatar
It's cool to see how far you've come since Woofpet.
Marraphy's avatar
Aw man, those were the days...
RLClousia's avatar
Damn straight. It's amazing to see how you progress from point a to point b.
Twillywho's avatar
ur coloring is so amazinggg!
love FF but havent played any lol
Marraphy's avatar
Thanks! ^^
lol and I'm in the same boat
Twillywho's avatar
ur welcome XD
exactly! ive watched some on youtube and such tho
i like XIII and X the most
oh and VII
Marraphy's avatar
Yeah XIII is really cool. I haven't gotten very far in it though xD Can't wait for the 2nd one
Twillywho's avatar
i know~~ i watched the whole thing lol its like a movie XD
and OMG YUS i cant wait! it looks awesomeee
RainbowRaveHappyAppy's avatar
THAT IS TO DIE FOR!!! :iconepicwinplz: :iconyouwonplz: :wow: :icondragonhiplz:
Marraphy's avatar
Aww, thank you! x)
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