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Lusen, the Trickster


🐈♦️Lusén des Bottes♦️ 🐈

I would like to formally introduce my Beloved Son, The Boy™, my DnD character Lusén 😻 He is a Trickster - a Rogue/Cleric hybrid (Fire Emblem fans know what’s up), and he sways very chaotic neutral. He’s very goofy and bold, and very very stupid. He’s here to heal and he’s here to steal ✨

Backstory: He works for a thieves guild that operates undercover as the Snake Eyes Casino, a popular night life spot that cheats nobles and redistributes their wealth. It’s led by the Slithering Soprano, an elusive snake woman don who, on special occasions, makes an appearance to perform show tunes that have a… captivating effect. She took a liking to Lusén, and supported him when he had nowhere else to go. He’s eternally loyal to her and looks up to her like a distant mother figure.

“Lusén” = Nod to Arsene (Joker’s Persona in P5 / mythological thief) as well as Illusion (he’s a trickery domain cleric)
“des Bottes” = French for “of Boots”, referencing Puss in Boots, the mythological cat trickster

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk! I had TONS of fun designing him but I never want to draw another diamond ever again!! 😭

This went up on my Twitter and IG before I remembered to post it here!! So follow me @ windpriest / thewindpriest if you want more frequent updates!!

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