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i'm finally drawing

seriously again.

so this is austin, my beloved OC.
say hi!
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looking at art like this, drawings where the people are so simplified and perfect and distinctly styled, always inspires me to draw more humans.
i'm just so goddamn bad at it!
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aww, thank you! you should draw more humans! i bet you're not as bad as you think! (:
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i've been trying! some horrible people drawings will probably turn up on my account sooner or later.
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yes, i can't wait to see them. (:
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............HI 8D :iconlalaplz:
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Hi? XD he seem's like a cool char, you should do a full body sometime :] maybe you already have...i should look. XD
Anywhoo, its been cool to see how your style has developed and stil developing. from like just wolfies now to boys XD
you really do have a style thats just your own, at least from what i've seen. it's cool, keep it up!
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aww, thank you! (:
no, i don't have a full body one. ); i have drawings of him laying around my house, i'm just too lazy to upload them. XD.
aaaah! and thank you again! (((: yeah, i finally stopped drawing wolfies. hahaha took a while! but i'm sure glad i did. (:
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XD i see
hahaha, youre welcome. yea, it's always good to expand your horizons i guess is one way to say it XD I'm still working on my own "expanding horizons" but realism is haaaarrrrdd >3<
but i remember when i could only draw cartoony animals...back in the day....rofl. XD
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