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THIS ISN'T DONE. (hence the no leggage.)
so this is for ~Rainy-tastic cause she is awesome.
it's her character rift! (:
i forgot the thing above his back, and i tried making his mouth super cool, but i'm not that talented yet rofl. like the marking could be like his mouth is halfway open like every other cliche dog thing? (though it just looked like he popped some bubble gum) hahah. i didn't know what colors to use. ):

and i drew him because he's my favorite character of yours. (:

oh and PS -- i know the anatomy is screwy and skinny and wacky, yo! please don't mention it.
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ohemgeeeee THANKYOUUUU.
Ohmai he owns when drawn in your style.
I love the mouth 8DDD Your style is so amazing<333