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I'm still lurking around from time to time. I still draw, I just don't upload. Today I uploaded some stuff that's been lurking around my sketchbooks. I really need to find some motivation to get back into drawing regularly again.
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Ok, so SOME of you might be asking that question. Some of you don't care. Well, it's been a rocky path getting myself to this point. I lost my filming partner. Ended up in a wonderful relationship that recently ended. Got a brand new film crew. Yes, crew. I got a new laptop. I got am hooked on Second Life...

Most of my creative talent has been directed at building on SL and filming so the urge to produce media worthy of posting here has been slim to none. Especially now that my main computer tower seems to have bit the dust for the time being. My websites are down. My morale has suffered... but I still feel this overwhelming desire to DO something with the talent I worked so hard to achieve and have spent so many years neglecting.

Hell, I even have TIME to draw now. I just... I have no motivation. My ideas are all being redirected and my artwork is being completely neglected. But, I'm not giving up. Sooner or later the urge to draw will hit, and hit hard as it always seems to.

Until then, to my subscribers and friends thanks for all the support over the years. I haven't forgotten you guys, and I'll be damned if I ever will.

Thanks for being patient.

My YouTube chanel -
Second Life Exchange page (in dire need of updates)-…
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So tired... can't sleep. Decided to knock back some of the 100+ Deviations that have been sitting in my message box for months. I got it down to 28 but I'm just too tired to keep going. I wish I didn't have to work tonight. To those I've offended with my mass comment barrage, I'm sorry. To those that enjoyed it your welcome. Now git ovah here and comment on my stuff for a change!

New videos. Epsiodes 1-3 online.…

Squee. Now if I can just finish up all my half-done drawings laying around all will be right with the world...
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Ok, so that last journal entry shoulda really been a deviation, so I moved it around. (Yes, the entry is still in the archive, so sue me, I'm lazy)

Does this mean I haven't been working on anything in the meanwhile? Hell no. We've got about 30 minutes of footage planned on the webshow side project while I finish fleshing out the other characters that will appear in the movie. Right now everyone but the main three are extremly generic and I don't like seeing them like that. So, even if it is intended as being humorous instead of horror, I'm pushing to use these shows as inspiration.

My co-fiend Houston is currently working on upgrading Borg's mask and we've got some really cool ideas for that. (You'll learn about Borg in the short videos we're working on) This project just seems to get better and better. There may come a day when I finaly complete something! I can't wait!
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Chuck's Zombie Petting Zoo (or just The Zoo). Movie version demo taken from test footage.

Enjoy watching people die...

We've decided after much debate to actualy film the story as a movie and then adapt the video board game project from it. This is a clip from the begining of that movie assembled out of the test footage we've been taking. This is not the final product. Infact the entire scene is slated to be refilmed with diffrent actors once we get our casting locked down. (Well, with the exception of Chuck who is me of course) There are also talks of a 30 minute webcast done in character to help us get some time to relax and to raise awareness in the project as well as to try to gain some more support. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Anyone intrested in donating or assisting in anyway, please contact me.
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