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Mr Eff

I actually did this a few years back, but I've always been very proud of it. This is an authentic 1971 Pillsbury Doughboy repainted in the style of Mr Eff, the representation of one of the voices in the head of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (which in itself was a styrofoam display repainted by the character). I decided to decorate this back when I was still working as a lowly gas station attendant and Mr Eff here kept me company afterwards either standing next to my register or hanging from the mirror in my car. Unfortunately he fades about once a year and I have to constantly repaint him. Of course, he's colored with black permanent marker and an india ink pen. So much for permanent, eh?
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very nice! where did you get the doughboy statue from?
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Thats awesome job! I'd love to make 1 too ...unfortunately ill probably have to use clay. As i'll never find a doughboy. >.< lol

Instead of re-painting him all the time, buy some clear glaze spraypaint (usually $2-$3 at walmart), and spray him with it. It will seal him forever! ^_^