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Dragons textures for sculptris

Here You have many (27!) different files with dragon's kind textures. All ready to use in Sculptris.
Files have 128x128 to 1024x1024 pixels large. Have nice textuting!
Examples of use: [link] and [link]

Here You have 14 new seamless dragon sclae texures >> [link]

Oto smocze teksturki mojej roboty gotowe do zastosowania w Sculptrisie (i nie tylko). Powyżej zamieszczam linki do przykładów zastosowania.
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I'm curious, are theycopyrighted, or can I add them in any form of comercial use as long as I credit you ?
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how can i add them?
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Can you make fur textures or do you know someone who made the fur textures for sculptris? Thank you!
Venturiantalebuddy's avatar
how do you  put them on?
Dp-Workshop's avatar
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Beautiful textures. Many thanks!
xSpartaan's avatar
Why my Brushes come out with a horrible quality ??
0Luna123's avatar
Find the folder, click extract, I found mine somewhere near a top of the folder
I have the same problem
crpw11's avatar
Thanks for sharing=-)
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Thank you very much! :)
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How can I fit a flat Tile of a  head,with eyes,nose and everything  to the 3d model?
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AWW! thank you verrry much!!!!
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Lovely! Will have to try these out sometime! Thanks for building them. :)
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I am sorry to ask. But I have a dragon model in Sculptris and I would love to use one or two of your textures!
But as a beginner I don't know really how to do it. Do you have a link from where I can get your texture?
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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :D I luff you for this!!! :D
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Que texturas tan geniales, no puedo esperar para usarlas. gracias!!!! Thanks for this cool textures!!!
Royce-Barber's avatar
I think my dA is broken. :\
When I click download on this and another texture pack, dA gives me a 404 page. I wonder if I maxed out my download ability, but it was only like 38mb so far. Hmm.
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Thank you very much.
I just discovered Sculptris and textures are very welcome ! :D
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Are these only colour and pattern textures or do they also add a 'clay' texture to the model?
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Rather, they are only conventional type of color textures.
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