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Shimmering Animated Gif Tutorial

Awesome-Work by marphilhearts

How can you make this shimmering animated comment gif? Just follow the free tutorial above, and then let me know how it turns out. Please don't take my tutorial and share it anywhere. If someone is interested, just point them in my direction. 

 You're Welcome by marphilhearts Really Beautiful by marphilhearts 

A tutorial on how to add sparkles instead of just shimmers... coming soon!
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So that is how it is done! :clap: Thanks for sharing :heart:
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You are most welcome!
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Yay! I want to learn how to do simple gifs like this. Thanks for the tutorial Little Pixel Heart Little Pixel Heart Little Pixel Heart Little Pixel Heart 
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You are so welcome!
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amazing :D thank you for sharing!! :heart:
i am not sure i understand the first step:chose a sparkle style,its something already on photoshop or its a sparkle stock i want to use?
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Julie, there are tons of free to use styles on DA. I'm adding a link to just one set. I already have tons of styles in Photoshop. I'm a "style" junkie... LOL. Once you discover how to use styles, it will change your life!!! That's how I make a lot of my jewelry stock.

Glitter Styles by LexiVonEerie
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its beautiful thank you!!! but you will laught,i never used this and dont know how to use it :blush::rofl:
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Do I need to write a little tutorial on how to use styles? 
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if you want^^ it can be very usefull or if you know youtube tutorials to share to save you time?
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Here are a few to get you started...

You load styles the same way you load brushes. Go to the same place, but at the top where it says "brushes" click on the arrow and find "styles". Now you can add any of the style files you want, and you'll find tons and tons for fun on here.
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wow thanks a lot! it look fun :D
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It will make you addicted! LOL
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You are an Angel, thank you so very much xx
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You are most welcome, my dear!!! I hope you'll understand it well. (I mean I hope I wrote it clear enough) Let me see if you make something. :hug: :heart:
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You just are so amazing dear. Thank you for help out :hug: 
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You are most welcome, my friend! :hug: :heart:
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