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1 Ornament PNG
Copyright @ 2016


 By purchasing/saving/downloading these PNG’s you agree to abide by the rules below. If you don't like these rules do not download/save this PNG.


    1.      If you are publishing on DeviantArt your work made with this resource - crediting me is required. Put a clickable link in the description of your work. That is a must. Violating this rule is breaking mutual agreement that is made when you download this stock.

    2.      If you publish your work outside DA credit isn't necessary.

    3.      Author retains all copyrights to the enclosed materials. Buyer is not purchasing the contents, only the right to use the contents. Buyer may not redistribute this archive file, in whole or in part unless explicitly stated in an addendum within the product downloaded and only to those specifications. Buyer may not store it any place on a network or on the Internet where it may potentially be referenced by a third party. Author retains the right to resell this work at any price to anyone else, or stop selling it at any time.

If you create your original digital artwork with this PNG, you have full copyrights to your artwork and you can use your work commercially. No need to ask me. Permission granted for commercial use. However, this PNG file in its original form may not be reposted on any other sites for free and this png may not be sold or offered in exchange for personal gain. If you want to share this png with anyone give them direct link to this stock

 It is prohibited to make other stock/resources/tubes with this PNG and offer them for free or for personal gain.

PNG Resource on transparent or isolated background © Marci Perrine
Promo image © Marci Perrine
Derivative Artworks made with that PNG © Artist who created them

Stock-Stamp by marphilhearts
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