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Made for the Hecate Contest by PhotoManipulation101

Dusk by faestock 
Background by moonchild-ljilja 
Skull Arch by Vinanti 
Hair by RayneMorgan 
Candle by BrookeGillette 
Flame by TinaLouiseUk 
Goblet by poserfan-stock 
Skull Pile by Roys-Art 
Sword by MaureenOlder 
Eye Lashes and lips by lilnymph 
Skin Brushes by env1ro 
Photoshop Actions by lieveheersbeestje 

View close-up of face here:
Necromancer Close-up by marphilhearts

Thank You... by jennyleigh  
Thank You Hug  for the use of your stock!!!

Everything else owned and painted by me using Photoshop.
Copyright @ 2015               

Stop Please respect my art. DO NOT STEAL! Thank you! :love:
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© 2015 - 2021 marphilhearts
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Very mysterious and dark, beautifully done, dear!
marphilhearts's avatar
Thanks so much!!! :huggle:
LaercioMessias's avatar
Lolita-Artz's avatar
wou houuu i love it!! you should do more dark work like this,they are sooo inspiring :love:
marphilhearts's avatar
Thanks so much - heart - purple by AStoKo

I know, but I don't like to do all dark work. I write dark novels (romantic suspense), and I watch murder mystery shows all the time. So I guess that's why I like bright and pretty art... LOL. I do get more inspired to do such things around Halloween. LOL... 
Lolita-Artz's avatar
haha yes,i understand! we dont want to do always the same thing
and i dont know why but it look like dark work dont have the same loves of other kinds of work we do :(

hehe halloween inspire me so much with dark creations too!!LOL
marphilhearts's avatar
Oh, me too... I do like to do darker and spookier things then... but not gross things.
Lolita-Artz's avatar
i like gross xD but i know not everyone love this :giggle:
TinaLouiseUk's avatar
Awesome job! Thank you so much for including my stock :) x
marphilhearts's avatar
Thank you, and you're welcome as always! When I can't find certain things, I know you'll just about always have it. You have some great unique things that help finish off many pieces of art! You are awesome!!!
TinaLouiseUk's avatar
awww thank you xx
pjenz's avatar
great mood in this, fabulous :heart:
marphilhearts's avatar
Thanks... I thought you might like this. I thought of you when I was doing it.
pjenz's avatar
ooh should I be scared?? lol it really is fabulous, and such an awesome mood :heart: very very welcome always
marphilhearts's avatar
LOL... No, I just know how much you like darker works. So when I work on darker things, I just think, would Pjenz like this? hehehe
pjenz's avatar
lol oh yes indeed I do lol.  Have to say though, had a conversation with another artist the other day, and we commented on how are art at times represent what we are feeling, even if we dont know it, which is funny because I started 7 works, and one of them is not a dark piece at all, more like a romantic soft piece, ha ha, didnt even know I had that in me, and certainly didnt think it would turn out like that.  It started as a dark work, then, bam, somewhere along the line it turned lighter lol
marphilhearts's avatar
Oh, I have to agree with the mood thing. I think we had that conversation one time as well.
pjenz's avatar
lol I think we did, around xmas or the valentines day contest I think lol
Vinanti's avatar
A M A Z I N G !!!
marphilhearts's avatar
Thanks so much!!!
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