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My Heavenly Flight (In the End)

Made for the What Awaits Us Contest by :iconsharpenededge:

A year ago this month, God saw fit to take my beautiful Grandmother. She had lived a long life full of love, trials, and blessings. She was 95 years old, and honestly her mind had been gone for about a year before that. My Grandma had a sweet spirit that always shone through, and as I dwelt on that thought, this germ of an idea came to mind. So, this artwork has been a year in the making. I know it still may not be perfect technique wise, but it's more precious that you can imagine. I had the privilege of writing my Grandmother's eulogy, and reading it before her congregation. I started this artwork the same night. I have taken it out often over the past year and worked on it until the tears would blind me. 

In her prime, my Grandma was a beautiful red head. My Grandpa, who is 9 years younger than my grandma, loved her up to the final moment. He kissed her just before she took her final breath. They were married over 65 years. But when the nurses would ask him what made him take on the responsibility of an older woman that came with a ready-made family of three boys, he would answer, "Have you seen her picture?" Yes, she was a beauty. 

This image represents young beautiful girl that my Grandpa fell in love with and, at the same time, that final moment when my Grandmother took her final breath and she took her heavenly flight to the Lord. Her heavenly homecoming must have been a grand time of celebration in heaven!

Spring Background 06 by CD-STOCK 
Sky by EveLivesey 
Vault by Falln-Stock 
Gate with Crowns by YBsilon-Stock 

Isla12 and isla 2 faestock 
Wings by earthianmoonart

Sparklies by redheadstock 

Thank You Hug  for the use of your stock!!!

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Stop Please respect my art. DO NOT STEAL! Thank you! :love:

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strong concept . very nice
marphilhearts's avatar
Thank you so much! :hug: :heart: Your comments and support mean so much!
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you are most welcome
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Very heartfelt emotions and I miss my Grandma too!!!!  Good luck in the contest.
marphilhearts's avatar
Thank very much! And I'm so sorry.
flamingodancer123's avatar
You are very welcome and same to you~~~
marphilhearts's avatar
Thanks so much!!!
earthianmoonlady's avatar
beautiful work. 

thank you for using my stock. : )
marphilhearts's avatar
Thanks... and you're welcome! Thanks for offering it!
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Beautiful and poignant story, my dear. As you yourself stated, it may not be 100% perfect (though its just the Heaven portal that isn't blended perfectly), but the message is greater. Like a good 80s movie. :D

You had very beautiful grandparents, in terms of their love for one another. I am sorry for your loss, but I think it was a relief for her to be finally free and move to the heaven. I have no doubt that your grandpa will join her and be reunited once more in their immortal love. :hug:  :heart:

I wish you all the best of luck in the contest! 
marphilhearts's avatar
Thank you so much for your beautiful words. They really mean so much to me. I think the contest just motivated me to post this finally. But it's not really about winning. I was just ready to share. But I appreciate the well wishes, and I will check out your small critique on the blending. I've learned a lot in the past year, but sometimes I still miss things. I always appreciate constructive criticism to help me grow. :hug: :heart:
clara-01's avatar
It was my utmost pleasure. 
I know what you mean; and even if it was for sharing, which I really appreciate that people still do that, I still mean my wishes. :)

May you live as happily as your grandparents did, my dear friend. :hug:
CD-STOCK's avatar
Wonderful and very sad artwork but the love story of your grandparents just beautiful!
Good luck in the contest, dear :heart:
marphilhearts's avatar
Thank you so much!!! :hug: :heart:
CD-STOCK's avatar
My pleasure, dear :heart:
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I submitted your picture to our contest folder so please accept it, but please see if you can see the folder "What awaits us after we die"  and let me know,  I thought I opened the folder to the members, if not, need to figure out what is wrong.  So please let me know if you see it or not.
clara-01's avatar
I double-checked too, and no, in the submitting area, there is no folder for the contest. I see it in the Gallery, but not in the submitting section. :)
Aura-Dawn's avatar
check it now please
clara-01's avatar
Okay, it works now; the folder appears in the submitting section. :) 
marphilhearts's avatar
I still didn't see it. I'm sorry. But thank you for submitting it for me.
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Excellent work and tribute good luck in the contest and my condolences for your grandmother.
marphilhearts's avatar
Thanks so much, my dear friend! :huggle: :heart:
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