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My beautiful nine year old daughter sees most of my art, and she stands and watches as I look for new model stock, etc. She saw this model and decided I MUST do a Frozen poster with Elsa for her. Laughing So of course, I can't turn down such a simple request when she looks at me with her lovely eyes. She is very pleased with the result and happy that none of her friends have one like this. I thought I would share this with y'all!

Elsa Portrait by MariaAmanda
Cloud Pack by TinaLouiseUk
White Glow by TinaLouiseUk
London 72 by MASYON
IceFlowers Texture by AuroraWienholdSTOCK
Fantasy Sky by IgnisFatuusII
Veil Brushes Set 1 by Falln-Stock
Mascara by lilnymph
Snow Flakes Brushes by AnnFrost-stock

Thank You Hug  for the use of your stock!!!

Everything else owned and painted by me using Photoshop.
Copyright @ 2014                

Stop Please respect my art. DO NOT STEAL! Thank you! :love:
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Great work. My daughter loves Elsa and Anna so much!
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Mine too and all her friends. Frozen items were in abundance under the Christmas trees in December! LOL

THANKS so MUCH by KmyGraphic
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aww so cute!! and such a wonderful gift :D
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Thank you! My daughter loved it!
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your welcome,i am sure of this!!!
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awwwww what a beautiful thing to do for your daughter, its a good way to keep that mother/daughter bond, and makes her feel like she contributes and takes part in your art.  Beautiful thing, that bond.  Its fabulous work, so enchanting, :heart:
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Thanks so much on all accounts! :hug: :heart:
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so very welcome :heart:
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Nice work, thanks for used my stock=)  
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Thanks! And you're welcome! Thank you for providing it!!!
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thank you for useing my stock, this is so lovely workHeart 
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Thank you! And thank you for providing the stock! It's awesome!!!
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Gorgeous work! Thank you so much for using my stock :) x
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You're welcome. And thank you for the compliment!!! :hug: :heart:
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Beautiful work! I just posted a similar scene for my daughter too! :giggle: It was fun and you couldn't find a better model!
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Thanks so much. I will have to check yours out. I wasn't going to jump on the Frozen bandwagon, but she wanted it, and she's a good girl. I LOVE the model. I pulled up several different ones, and that's the one my daughter chose.
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My little one saw the movie for the first time about a month and a half ago! I have to admit I've been in a manipulation slump lately until I decided to create an Elsa for her! I enjoyed working on it and purposely did NOT look at all the others that had used the model before knowing full well there would be plenty of similar piece may not be original but I'm proud of the way it turned out! as you should be proud of the way your lovely piece turned out!! :heart:
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Reply... I didn't look at others either. You did a beautiful job for sure... and thank you again! These little girls are really into Frozen right now. I know my daughter and her little friends all racked up on the Frozen stuff for Christmas. hehehe... But they are so sweet. Whatcha gonna do? :hug:
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