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Maro / Maroko / FuzzyMaro / MAR0 Poland | 1993 | Female | Digital art | Traditional art | Pyrography

Hi! I'm Maro. I draw and paint since I remember, but I started to publish my works in 2006, when I was 13 years old. I was active on few internet forums about The Lion King movie, and I noticed many users had deviantART account. I decided to join, and shared my first digital drawings here. People really helped me to improve my skills and discover new options in graphic programs I used. I got advices and critique every time I posted something new. That's why I felt more confident with my art skills, and at 2009 I decided to go to the art high school. I passed exams easily, principal and teachers used to praise my skills for the whole time of my education there, but I needed to repeat one year because I haven't passed important tests about the history of art. I finished my education at 2014, my thesis work was a comic illustrating the first chapter of Warrior Cats book. (Sorry, it's only available in polish!)

Today I am fully focused on furry art, because I always loved to escape from reality, to the world of colorful animals, magic, dragons and fairytales. I learn from other artists and books, trying to improve my skills. I still do most of my artworks on computer, but watercolors and acrylics are mediums I really like too. I also do pyrography, an art burned on the wooden surfaces. I am really interested in the art of tattooing, and hope to try it in the future.

This is my little story, and I think being on DeviantART has played a big role in it. I still have some friends I met here when I was a kid. And I am still grateful that many other users encouraged me to go to the art school, where I learned a lot and where I met my husband.

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Nintendo Switch FC 5479-1888-1673

Pokemon GO friend code: 8586 5479 8003

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Favourite things: Purple color, tigers, board games, tomato sauce, pokemons, science fiction, swimming, comics, true crime documentaries, colorful video games, rpg games, tattoos, photography, parrots, soap making, 70 and 80s music, summer, beer "hardmade", artist trading cards

My favourites of my artworks:

Liquid body
Mysterious shiny beetle
Wandering around the space
Proud wolf warrior

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your style is amazing

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