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brisingr - flaming sword

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Hey there,

This shows Eragons sword brisingr (yap, I just read the 3rd novel of Chris Paolini and was inspirated by it).
Didnt find a symbol for fire like it is discribed in the novel so i
just wrote it in elvisch from lotr.
Hope you like it :).

wallpaper (1920x1200)

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GameMasterKyroHobbyist General Artist
Great job! You know, the picture from Eragon's Guide to Alagaësia showed his sword with a silver crossguard, hilt, and pommel, while the description in Brisingr said all but the hilt was blue? (One issue with your design is that the hilt is supposed to be black, but other than that, it rocks! You even got the "four ribs" part around the sapphire!)
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ConnorsesStudent General Artist
This is really nice, it actually looks uncannily similar to what I imagined when I was reading Brisingr (I'm very near the end of it).
It's got a blade of varying shape and width, a slightly longer grip, and even a subtle flame pattern in the metal. I like it. ;)

Also the making of the sword was probably the coolest part of the book thus far but I'm only just now at the siege of Feinster..
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I have the newest book and my fav weapon is still Brisingr
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RadzaartyStudent Digital Artist
Toooo Epic :DDD
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TuskfaceHobbyist General Artist
I think both the handle and the sword are slightly more decorated, more extravangant, but I LOVE the way you wrote 'brisingr' in the bottom corner, (even though it IS from LotR...) and the blue tendrils with the black ones too, look really good. Well done!
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thank you very much :D
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TuskfaceHobbyist General Artist
no problem :)
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Falkieri-KrascaraHobbyist General Artist
oh come on.. I mean.. nice work and everything.. but that sword is basically a recolour of Frodo's sword Sting from Lord of the Rings... A few small differences, but not many.. you should have made a more uniqe design.. Not that I'm saying I could do any better artwise.. but the design of the blade.. that's it.. ^^,
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youre propably right but i assure you, when i created it i did not at all think of lotr...
i was just reading brisingr and didnt figgure it out until one of you guys told me that it looked like sting

wasnt sting blue, too ?
anyways thanks for your comment :)
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Falkieri-KrascaraHobbyist General Artist
Indeed.. I do think sting at least shone blue when orcs were nearby.. So.. now you know you can make sting too.. if you ever feel like it. XD
You're welcome ^^,
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Oh! That fits perfect into my sword collection! So if this was a real sword, how much would you take for it?? Just want to know...
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uh, hard question =D

i'd say the sword would be worth 30.000 bucks , since it is absolutely unique and its folded like a thousand times ;P
the blue metal is also unique and it isnt just colored steel so this might be worth a fortune too ;)

is this answer allright?

thanks anyway :)
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I'd say that's a nice little fortune for such a unique piece of metal... And you are welcome=)
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Heres a link to the glyph on it [link]
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thanks, didn't think i'd get it..
perhaps i'll add it soon :)
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TCPichuTCHobbyist General Artist
ZOMGosh! Brisingr pwns! :eager:
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