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Yes, it is true. He is here. And when I write 'here' I mean HERE! In Sweden: IN MY (small) CITY! :eager:

So, when I came home from school yesterday my dad said:

"Did you know that Rupert Grint is here?"

Me: "Oh yeah? And what on earth would he be doing here? Very funny. XD

Dad: "No, it's true. According to the local radio he was writing autographs in town just an hour ago."

Me: :jawdrop:

So, here's the question: how come that I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT A FAMOS HP ACTOR VISITING THE CITY I LIVE IN??!! It would have taken me five minutes (tops) to get to the location of the press conferance and see him! AND I DON'T FIND OUT UNTIL IT WAS TOO LATE?! :pissedoff:

And in school today I found out that my old classmate, who is working at a local resturant, got to serve him! I. AM. SOOOOOO. JEALOUS.

However it seems that Rupert Grint is here to record a new movie called "Camrade". It is (from what I've heard) an English and German production, and since the plot is set in Norway I'm not sure why he's here, but I suppose that we got better equipment (as we do make a lot of swedish movies in my city) than the Norwegians do?

I doubt that I will ever get over this... But who knows, he is going to be here for a while... Maby I will be able to catch a glimpse? O_O
I will keep my eyes open... :plotting:
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...and I realised I've got twenty one HP-books! I've always wondered how seven books can fill up one shelf on their own, so it explains a lot. XD

However, right now I'm working on a painting for my best friend. It will take a long time as it's not HP-related (wich means BORING), but when I'm finished I will stert drawing more, I hope. :D

I hope you all have had a nice summer (or whatever season it is where you live...)! :hug:
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Yes, right now I'm SO tired of winter, mostly because we had so much snow this year. I thought it would never go away...

So to make us feel that summer is on its way, today my best friend and I decided to go to the sea and swim. Stupid idea, since it's only 14 degrees outside ans SO much colder in the water. XD

We did it however, and I can't even describe how cold it was! The people on the beach (who were all wearing jackets) were all laughing at us, but we still did it! :dance: And when we got up there was a group of pensioners who were clapping their hands. XD

So that's today's adventures. ^^ I only hope that I didn't chach a cold. It kind of feels like it... ^^;

However, I hope summer will come soon. ^-^
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Lately I've been listening to alot of wrock songs (fanmade songs about Harry Potter), and it hit me that I've never talked to somebody about wrock. Well, exept my best friend who dosn't care about Hp at all...

So, I just wanted to ask if there's anybody else out there who likes it. ^^

And also, I hope that I will be able to upload some new drawings soon. I still got homeworks up to my ears, but I have to rest sometimes, don't I? ^^;
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Yeah, today is a pretty big day for the city where I live, Trollhättan.

In Trollhättan we got two carfactories, you see; Volvo and Saab. Everybody knows at least a few people that works in any of them, and they are a big part of the city. When I were little I didn't even know there was any other car brands! XD

As a lot of other car brands, both Saab and Volvo have had a lot of problems after the finance crisis. Specially Saab. The owner, GM, have wanted to close it down more than one time.

And, to make a long story short, yeasterday night, after almost 13 months of worry, the information came that the Dutch company Spyker are going to buy Saab.

The story isn't over of course, but pretty much everyone here is reliaved! ^_______^

I don't know if anybody of you care very much about this, but I just wanted to tell somebody, since it has been such a long time of worry; whole Sweden have been holding its breath the last two days. XD :)

And I hope that my English isn't too awful... ^^;
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I can't believe that I've almost been a member here for one year! I joined on christmas day last year, after I got my scanner. ^^
I wanna thak all of you guys ; you've been so nice to me! :thanks:

And tomorrow it's finally christmas eve! Since we sweds have all celebrations and gets our presents on christmas eve I'm a bit excited. ^^ It was more fun when I was younger of course, but well...
However we have a lot of snow this year, so I'm very happy. :)

Have a very Harry christmas everybody! :rudolph:
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I started a new school (a so called "gymnasium" - it's almost like the english sixth form, or a secundary school I think) about a month ago - as everybody in Sweden does when we've finished the nine-year compulsory school.
I was stupid enough to pick the hardest of all the options I could choose between - "the natural science line" (I have no idea what to call it, but in Sweaden we call it "line" XD).

As a result I've got so much homeworks that I almost don't have time to draw anymore... :tears:
Nor I have time to read or keep writing on my fanfiction... -__-'

Ok, I know I'm just pitying myself :stupidme: - but what I wanted to tell you was that I probably won't be able to draw in a while and that's why I probably whon't upload anything in a while...

And Sorry if my English is bad. ^^
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Yep, today it's Harry's birthday! ^^ I've looked forwald to today, and my family is laughing at me because I've spend yesterday and this morning making a Happy birthday cake for Harry. :) I wanted to make his favourite (I don't know whats it's called in English) but I thought that would be too hard, so I had to make another one, and it really donsn't matter since Harry can't eat it anyway... ^^;

I finished Gof yesterday and as I put it down, I felt a sting of sorrow.
Because I sometimes really feel like it's real, you know. Harry, Sirius, Hermione, Hogwarts, Grimmauld place and all that. That the things in the books really has happend.
I feel kind of frustrated sometimes because I know nothing of it IS real, and it's so horrible I know people who dosn't exist. You know that feeling?

(*Sigh* well, when I die I will definiely go to Kings Cross and take a train to Hogwarts, i suppose. XD)

And it's so scary because one of my friends just come back from London, and she said that she saw a (REALLY) handsome guy with black hair and grey eyes there. Long, pale, muscular.
She said he looked so much like (she imagine) Sirius Black that she almost went and asked what's his name was, just to check. And when she described him I got a really strange feeling because her description fits SO perfectly with how I imagine Sirius that it's scary.
And in LONDON too!

Ans it's so strange because a year ago her (my friend) and I had a really long talk where to find a "Sirius". Childlish I know. XD

I'm sorry for bringing this up, but it was just sooooo scary...

And btw, you don't have to worry about me - I know Harry Potter dosn't exist in real life. I just want to think so... ^^ I'm not mental or anything.

Sorry if my English is horrible - I'm doing my best! >_<

And I almost forgot : HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY (and JK Rowling)!
I've finally seen the HBP-movie! :dance: I saw it last week, accually. ^^
I really didn't like it at all... But it was funny, and Slughorn was great. ^-^

However my best friend kind of destroyed the mood in the scene when the inferies attack Harry at the cliff. When the first inferi got up from the water, my (when it comes to HP, TOTALLY cluless) friend, who hadn't read the book, leaned to me, wispering: "Aha, will he die now, Gandalf?"
(I had said to her that someone was going to die. Her first guess was Sirius, btw. ^^)

I so :heart: these people who aren't Hp-fans at all, and their comments about HP. XD
I also heard about a person who watched the Ootp-movie, and in the scene when Luna show Harry the thestrals, she said "But now it obvious that she's VOLDEMORT!"

Well, I hope that the DH's going to be better, but i really don't like tha director, so... :(  

And English isn't my native language. Forgive my mistakes. ^-^
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I'm going to watch Harry potter and the half blood prince tomorrow! :boogie: I havn't been at home, so I havn't been able to watch it yet-__-

I'm looking forwald to it! I hope it's better than the last one...
As far as I've heard, peoples opinions about it are really different.
I heard a person on the radio who thought that the golden trio's acting was bad...
I've also heard that they've put in alot of scenes in it that wasn't in the book. In that case it's bad for me, because I really HATE when they do that! :pissedoff:
But alot of people have been saying that Sloghorn's good, and I also heard that the movie's a bit... slow. Witch make me really happy, because I really dislike when they make them WAY to short, leving out half of the plot. :(

Well, I will see tomorrow, won't I? ^^ And it can't possible be worse than the last one. It almost hurt my eyes seeing it. They totally destroyed my favourite book. :cry: (Please forgive me if you like the OotP-movie :forgiveme: In that case, I'm happy for your sake)

However, if you want to tell me your opinion about HBP-movie, I'm happy to hear it!^______^

And btw, I will hopefully upload a new painting soon. ^^
(And English isn't my native language, so please forgive my mistakes)
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I've finally finished the first book (again)! :D It felt really nice to read it, even if I felt a bit sad since I never can read it for the first time again... I would be wonderful, wouldn't it? To forget everything that happend in the books and just read them over again, without knowing what's going to happend...

However, this time, I finished it in one of the most beautiful places on Earth (I think). In a fores, by a lake, lying on a oak-log in the sunshine. It was a wonderful moment. ^^

But Philospher's stone isn't as well-written as the other ones in the serie. I wonder if that's because JK Rowling felt that she had to make it as short as she could, since it was a childs book, or if she simply become better. Maby both. :hmm:

And I'm planning on drawing Remus Lupin, and hopfully the rest of the marauders, but I'm so horrably lazy...  -__-
I would also like to draw more Black family pics, but we will see. ^^

And I'm sorry if my English is bad.
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Well of course I ALWAYS love Harry Potter, but sometimes it just hits me how much. ^^

I've started to read the books over again and every time I read I gets this warm feeling in my stomach. :D Nostalgia...

I'm making a schoolwork about JK Rowling (:heart:) and therefore I was in the library today to get some books about her. I got so happy when I read them.
If I knew that there was books about her in the library I would have read them a LONG time ago!

However, I want to thank everybody who have been discussing Harry Potter with me here! :thanks:
I don't have any HP-interested friends (they find me so annoying when I starts to talk about Hp XD) so I really appreciate it! :hug:

And sorry for my bad English...
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I should be studying for tests right now... But I don't want to! T_T

People say Swedish school is easy!
Honestly, I don't get how people in other countries survive...

I want to draw more fanart, but I don't have time to TT_TT
However, I should soon be finished with the colouring of my Toujours pur drawing.

I'm also planning to upload some schoolworks :)

And I've just joined a club ^^

And sorry if my English is bad... I know I'm not very good.
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Ok, hello!
Im new here, and totally incompetent when it coms to cumputers (it took me one and a half day only to be a member).

I come from Sweden (you know, ABBA country) and i suck at English, especially the spelling and grammar, so please forgive me if you can´t understand what im writing.
Hopefully, I will soon understand how to use my scanner right so I can brodcast some of my drawings!

OK, that´s all for now! Bye!