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Kyon as Atlas by marodorplanen Kyon as Atlas by marodorplanen
I guess I made this as a tribute of sorts, for one of my favourite book/anime-series: The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya. And to one of my favourite characters ever; Kyon, because seriously: he deserves sombody to cheer him up! :D

Atlas is an old god in greek mythology who, after having lost a war against some other gods is punished by being assined the task of carriyng earth (or, in some verisions, the sky) on his sholders for all enternity (though after a while some guy felt sorry for him and petrified him with Medusa's head, which turned him into a mountain, but that isn't really revelant to my methaphor).

Somehow I have always found Kyon's situation a bit similar to Atlas's, as he constantly has to run around, coming up with ways to stop Haruhi from destroing the world - and that's as much of a burden as anything, right?
So Kyon is, just as Atlas - though quite metaphorically - carring earth on his sholders.

And, of course, Atlas didn't have Haruhi jumping around on top. ;)

I finally finished reading the series about a few month or so (YEY! :boogie:), and during the whole time I was reading I had this image in my mind. I was very surprised when I started to look at TMOHS-fanart and couldn't find ANY drawings or whatever similar to this one! I don't know if I am being especially creative (right...), or if I am simply the only one who cares enough about Greek mythology to make this connection. (Or maby I just didn't look for fanart at the right places?)

Well, anyway this annoyed me greatly for a few weeks, because I felt like I was going to have to make this picture myself, and I REALLY DID NOT WANT TO because... I have ever drawn manga in my life. Like EVER. XD

So it was a real hassle and just making the sketch took me ages, and I am still really not that sure it turned out all that good, but what can I say? Manga's just not my style. :XD:

Oh, right, this is the statue of Atlas that I used for insperation, and the reason why Kyon is standing in such an akward pose: [link]
shadow343 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome, It's actually quite good and the connection between Kyon and Atlas really is an obvious one(if you know about Atlas that is). And you're right there should be more fanart of it.

good job d_(^-^)
marodorplanen Featured By Owner May 16, 2013
Thi-hii!:D Det var väldigt snällt sagt! Supersvårt var det, för någon som aldrig målat manga. XD Jo, jag har då alltid tyckt det var uppenbart... ^^;

TACK! :tighthug:
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