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December 15, 2010
The Eternal Battle by *MaRoC68 lisisi states "In this composition, I see an excellent technique, eye-catching details in an epic scene, the eternal struggle between good and evil, light and darkness, the eagle and the snake. In the background there is a caravan that (IMO) is the human being, he is small and frightened, and with great difficulty, trying to find the right way in the storm of sand that make walking difficult and obfuscated. The artist wanted to share this beautiful photomanipulation with the whole community of Devart and publishing this work as wallpaper, he made visible pretty detail and slight defects, but above all he has used all stock by Devart's artists."
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Suggested by lisisi
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The Eternal Battle

My new photomanipulation


~OverStocked [link]
~xNickixstockx [link]

=J-u-d-a-s [link]
~Kyuuten [link]



!fotovizions [link]
~bloodlust-stock [link]

caravan [link] by ~gamarai
motion [link] by ~Allyboodevil
feathers [link] by *Min-27

Other - my personal stuff and digital painting

I thank all in advance for each :+fav: and comment ... it may happen though that i could be unable to reply individually.
In that case I apologize in advance, sure you will understand.
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Thankx nice pic

RandomArtKid's avatar
this reminds me of Harry Potter 2/The Chamber of Secrets
alphadevilll's avatar
very captivating.If i may ask how does one give a live stock image an animated look?
morningstarskid's avatar
Till all the Snake heads are removed.....:heart:....You inspired Me More Than you will ever Know with This....:highfive:
SchivaFire's avatar
Wow! Beautiful picture!
Milan9191's avatar
The 1st thing that came thru my mind when I saw this is battle between Seth and Horus, just he is a falcon... It's great....
Seaview123's avatar
Very nice work on this picture! Really sharp!
Ari3-3's avatar
Wow thats awesome! *speechless*
I love eagles, and somehow like cobras :D
very esthetic...
amazing *~*
kiefer1981's avatar
janedj's avatar
alicebaby04's avatar
great work!

you are invited!
would love for you to join our group and submit your art to our galleries :)

Trinitite's avatar
Looks amazing!
emma00's avatar
aooowwww great
pitkon's avatar
Very good work!
candle-luv's avatar
it reminds me the flag of mexico :) this is so cool!
TheSvennos's avatar
Just wonderful. Can´t stop wonderning how you did that ...
mortalshinobi's avatar
looks like that eagle is in a bad spot. waaaay too close to a tensed cobra poised to strike. surprised at how calm that caravan is with those two giants only feet away from them. :D
really love the detail and work here, especially on the snake.
NIGHTFURY18's avatar
AWESOME~ :D I love the texture on both the eagle and cobra! :D
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