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News: Released Mediterraneo 4.1 Plus [link]

Visual Style for Wlndows XP & MCE
To use the visual styles, you must first install this patch:
XP SP2 [link]
XP SP3 [link]

The backgrounds are creations of ":iconfarout49:", ":iconnmsmith:", ":iconyenkoff:"(2), and ":iconmoofied1:"(3).
The shell-style were obtained modifying the original by ":iconoddbasket:".

Here you can find all my works!

Visual Styles:
Mediterraneo 4.1 Plus [link]
CoStAnth 1.0 [link]
Cobalt 1.0 [link]
SuperRoy 2.0 [link]
XBladeX 1.0 [link]
Mediterraneo 3.51 [link]
Mediterraneo 3.20 [link]
Anthracite Light [link]
Mediterraneo Mod 2.3 [link]
Mediterraneo 2.01 [link]
Anthracite 1.0 [link]
Mediterraneo 1.01 [link]
Royal_Stukazz_4.01 [link]
Royal_Stukazz 3.5 [link]
WMP11c + Vista Explorer-Bar Icons [link]
Stukazz 2.0 [link]
Stukazz 1.0 [link]

Skin for eMule in W.Vista style [link]
© 2007 - 2020 MaRoC68
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can you teach me how to make theme
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I use a software called StyleBuilder and a pictures Editor (
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thanks can you teach me how to use StyleBuilder and
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Per usare StyleBuilder, devi prima installare StyleXP, i softwares sono in Inglese, ma io non parlo Inglese!

To use StyleBuilder, you must first install StyleXP, the softwares are in English lang, but I do not speak English! I'm sorry!
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Thanks! Im so glad I found you, This was my favorite til my pc crashed and I couldnt remember the name of it or where it came from..
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I am honoured of your words, if you are interested at my work, I will announce that today I released version 2 of SuperRoy! :hug:
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really nice work!!..
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Hi. How do I get one of these themes to run on my PC? I have XP media.
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First of all you need to download a patch by the following link: [link]

After having installed (Replace the file uxtheme.dll that is: C:\WINDOWS\system32) the patch, you will restart.

Now extract the content of Mediterraneo in: C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes And run from this position.

I hope to be very comprehensible.
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Cool, it worked. Thanks. These are the coolest themes. Hey, you're in Italy? I'm going there later on this year.
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I thank you very much :)
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Questo VS migliora sempre di più, e questa profusione di substyles è un bene enorme senza dimenticare il shell style adattatissimo. Un gran bel lavoro complimenti ;)
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Ti ringrazio amico:thanks:
La versione 3.31 è pronta, devo realizzare solo (si fa per dire:)) uno screenshot per l'anteprima, nel frattempo l'ho inviato a "roj" che è il mio amico beta tester (io lo chiamo "SCOVER":), se c'è un difetto, lui me lo trova).
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Very nice! I love this!
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... and I love:heart:you!:)
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Great work,congrats!!!!:heart::)
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Grazie:thanks: infinite, apprezzo molto! :D
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OK no problem ;)
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Thanks for the mention in the credits. :) I'll let you know tomorrow aobut the customized version.
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Lovely update! You've got the arrows the correct color now, and matching shellstyle colors. But I thought you were changing the Search colors as well?
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Ho cercato 3 volte il testo che mi hai inviato, ma senza successo. Constin prova ad aprire tu una shell e poi fammi sapere. Grazie

I have tried 3 times the text that you sent me, but without success. Constin you try to open a shell and then let me know. Thank you:)
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