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NC - Secret of the nimh

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This sequel is just stupid, Don Bluth suffered from that, why did MGM have to screw over Secret of NIMH, also Universal shouldn't have done too many sequels to Land Before Time, or An American Tail, but I thought the spinoff to Anastasia was alright, it's not bad, and not good either, probably because these companies were, as Joshscorcher states, that spiteful, that desperate to grab that cash flow, or some kind of little gray area in the middle.
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KodyBoy555Student Digital Artist
:iconkodyboy555: :iconsaysplz: I'll save you, Timmy!
:iconnostalgiacriticplz: :iconsaysplz: Get the fuck out of my house!
:iconkodyboy555: :iconsaysplz: Oh, yeah? You better not destroy my Secret of NIMH 2 VHS copy or else I will unplug your blender, and that is final! *unplugs the blender*
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ChrismilesprowerHobbyist Artisan Crafter
You actually enjoy the sequel? That's interesting. I used to enjoy the sequel, but comparing it to original. I'd go with the original. It's nice to meet someone who can enjoy something that I did once a long time ago. 
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Silly Critic, The AVMA guidelines don't say anything about kitchen appliances. You're either supposed to asphyxiate him in a CO2 chamber, or decapitate him!
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ChrismilesprowerHobbyist Artisan Crafter
It's for science!
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LavaMan32Hobbyist Writer
I'm actually thinking of making a fanfiction that's a direct sequel to this abomination and see if it can be good.
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psychonator17Hobbyist Artist
I’m...morbidly curious to see how it goes.
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You know? People constantly moan about how Disney gets an awful lot of bad Straight To DVD Sequels but, Don Bluth movies suffer from that too. NIHM, An American Tale, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Even Anastasia (Wich from what I can get is despised by Bluths fanbase) recieved one. Come on, the DVD sequel is a syndrome that both Don Bluth and Disney had (It seems to have stoped) My diagnosis: Forget the sequels ever existed (seeing as how most of them didnt even had the same people involved) and keep watching the originals at your whole consent.
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My God.... everyone here is hating on Secret of NIMH 2 so much.... 

I love it! Keep ripping it apart! lmao. That movie was such utter bullshit. 
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WillieMangaStudent Photographer

More faithful sequels to the movie can be found here at dA. Thankfully, this one isn't canon to the movie in any way for at least 5 reasons.

1: Don Bluth wasn't the director.

2: Continuity errors; Nicodemus didn't prophesize the events in the first movie.

3: This is inferior to the real movie, and book for that matter.

4: The book already has a sequel, which this movie didn't follow.

5: THE FIRST MOVIE WASN'T A FUCKING MUSICAL! It only had one song that wasn't nearly as bad as the songs in the sequel.

Besides, it's a "sequel." what did you expect?

If it weren't for all that, I'd have to accept it as canon. So in your face, MGM! It's not a Secret of NIMH movie. It's not official.

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ChrismilesprowerHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you. Just thank you. I was upset when I saw the Mrs. Brisby said that Nicodemus said that Timmy was going to be Jonathan's successor when it reality he said and I quote, "We know to much." 
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Stitchpunk89Hobbyist General Artist
Dick Sebast can eat a dick
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Sketch-ShepherdHobbyist General Artist
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But will it blend?
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There are many, many things wrong with Secret of NIMH 2. First off was the animation. My youngest cousin draws better than those artists. Second off, I think they had a budget cut on talent in writing as well as animation. Third, the girl mouse. She had boobs! Mice don't have boobs!

Eh, I'm stopping at that. NIMH 2 isn't worth the time.
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Neither do hedgehogs, foxes, wolves, lynxes, chipmunks, rabbits, cats and even bats but that's not stopping Archie from putting them in the Sonic the hedgehog comics.
DARKZADAR-ZEROHobbyist General Artist
nimh 2 was a big mistake i was mad after seeing that s**t stain of a movie watching the true original right now !
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The sequel to Secret of NIMH was, to me, an insult to a beautiful movie and an equally-beautiful book!

Basically, it completely disregards the first movie...completely! Mrs. Brisby, the heroine of the first film, has a very minor, two-minute role without so much as a reference afterwards, there were musical numbers for kids that the first movie didn't require, plotholes galore, the ending was stupid, the climax was stupid, EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS MOVIE IS STUPID!!!! Not to mention, A FOREST CREDIT CARD! Seriously, the scam-artist bug pulls out a freaking credit card meant for forest animals! What a dumbass thing to do! Didn't the animals like to take discarded items and use them in different ways? Like, should they have found a regular-size credit card and turn it into a shield or something instead of making a miniature credit card that they obviously don't need?! Plotholes galore, I tell you!

It's really quite a shame when they take a great movie and give it a shitty sequel, or an even shittier prequel!
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WingsOfASongHobbyist Traditional Artist
Seriously, where in the name of Don Bluth was Mrs. Brisby's statue?? Where the rats of NIMH also infected with stupidity along with intelligence and it took a while to kick in!?
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ChrismilesprowerHobbyist Artisan Crafter
NIMH injected them with intelligence. MGM infected them with stupidity. 
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WingsOfASongHobbyist Traditional Artist
HA. Love it!
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ChrismilesprowerHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you. 
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WingsOfASongHobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome! :3
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