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NC - Moulin Rouge

Rule 63 FTW XD

Enjoy...but not too much ;)
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I only watched the ending number.
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I'll enjoy it...too much.
Lalunabluena's avatar
it would be awesome if The Nostalgia Critic had a sexy twin sister. 
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Nostalgia Critic: MOM! Get off my Moulin Rouge Review! Would would dad say!
Bigbuny's avatar
A Whitney Houston joke, a little to soon huh Nostalgic Chick?
kayanne21's avatar
Early actually. This review was made like 3 months before she died.
Gotta admit. That joke did make me cringe a little. XD
Bigbuny's avatar
I heard he has a fiancé. Is this her? Wouldn't that be interesting if she was?
artistafrustrado's avatar
for some reason ,i know in fanart a genderbent NC would be sexy but i just cant imagine him as a sexy girl xD & i doubt he would be that busty XD
istillfunction's avatar
Rule 63 Doug....Well I think its time to switch back to caffeine cause this decaf shit isn't doing jack for my sanity.
istillfunction's avatar
That said, MaroBot its rule 63 the entire Channel Awesome team.
horohorogirl666's avatar
looks like the nostalgic critic got in the cursed spring of drown girl
kenyastarflight's avatar
Is it me, or does Chickified Critic look a lot like Nichole Kidman in a Nostalgia Critic cosplay? :giggle:

Also, the following conversation is now playing in my head (totally stolen from Homestar Runner):

"Gaaagaaagahhhhh, so confused! What to think??? Hot Nostalgia Critic? My brain is splitting in half!"
"Oh, hey Spoony."
"GAAAAH! Get out of here, Critic!"
"Oooooh, you sound tense. Want me to give you a shoulder rub?"
"Yes - I mean no - I mean - next picture!"
MaroBot's avatar
It is Kicole Kidman in Nostalgia Critic' costume ;)
kenyastarflight's avatar
It's still rather amusing, though. XD
Jasuchin's avatar
I actually saw something like this at Anime Fest believe it or not.
Ashcrexl's avatar
i dont know what to think of this. on the one hand, it is supposedly NC as a woman, which is terrifying. on the other hand, it kinda looks like nicole kidman wearing a tie and jacket, which is awesome! so, uh... damn.
UltimateDarkRuler's avatar
Man...i remember this sucks then just like it sucks now! :iconwthewwplz:
Kazouru's avatar
Wasn't it rule 36? You are confusing me MaroBot -.-' And again, I want your skills!
Darkton93's avatar
For all you fanboys who defend the Nostalgia Critic and say he only reviews bad things, and whenever he reviews something good he's positive...

...yeah, this is the perfect counterpoint. This along with Last Action Hero and Pokemon.
etrules's avatar
He reviews movies he considers bad, and this was one of them. And he never watched Pokémon, and only did the review of it because so many people requested it.
Darkton93's avatar
How long has it been since I made that post? A year?

The problem with him reviewing things he thinks are bad, as opposed to stuff that actually ARE bad (Batman and Robin, Felix The Cat) is that people take his word as fact. It's just like Yatzee, people parrot his opinions without forming their own.

And the fact he never watched Pokemon should give you an indication how ill-thought out his review was. He should've just put it under his "Top 11 things I'll never review", or something.
etrules's avatar
I disagree. I know that he got many things wrong during his Pokémon review (although that's understandable), and I thought he treated Airborne too harsh (and his freak-out in his Haunting review got very tired and a bit immature). And it's all opinion-based, so it's not like some movies are factually wrong. He reviews movies if he can say a lot about it, and those movies are usually the ones he doesn't like.

The whole reason he reviewed Pokémon was because of how many people requested it.
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OH YERAAAAAHHHHH.... Wait a second....
Great pic.
I like moulin rouge I hope he isn't too harsh on it.
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