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Im the Nostalgia Critic BITCH

My Third TGWTG T-shity contest entry

This time it is "Im the Nostalgia Critic BITCH" with Gangsta Critic :D :D :D


This Submission made it to the Finals...if you like my work, vote on it on [link]
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Awesome, just Awesome..
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or as the NC would say at times in his deep kick-ass voice, "Biatch!" XD
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total badassary!!!!!
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LoL He Got Pimped :giggle:
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Very awesome indeed!!! :D

You got talent!
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Good work on both the characterizing and the typography. It looks very cool.
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Bitchin' design! Looks like the Critic's gonna bust a cap in someone's ass!

Why must your designs be so awesome MaroBot? Keep up the fabulous work. :D
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Yay they talked about our T-shirt arts on Live Podcast Awesome ^^
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Bummer, I wasn't there at that time (though I was there for the first bit). They're replaying it right now though.
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Hey there, I found you just before I was about to post my entry for the "Blow Rocks" T-shirt. Just hold on a moment and tell me what you think after I post it.
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P.S. awesome design, and I love the shine and the gritty details.
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