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Announcement by Maro-King

So yeah, as the title says I have a big announcement.

At the end of this year I'm going to start studying. This is why I ALREADY want to announce that I am PROBABLY going to get silent around that time... i dunno might as well be that I'll be more active sharing my study stuff but heyyyy... I just wanna send out warnings.

SO since that's gonna happen I have a FEW plans for the time before October!

Grey Right Bullet by Gasara First of all concerning this account and my newly founded group, I REALLY want to focus on it in this time and make it a bigger thing! I WANT to work on the community and make it a nice and safe place for people to have fun!

Grey Right Bullet by Gasara Another thing is I want to HEAVILY focus on magistra. I want to finish the first book before I start to study and actually get it print ready (print it for my personal use bc ; w ; I could not NOT print it like holy shit) So I want to work on it as much as I can and seriously my heart is just really,,, telling me I need to finish this so ,,, I really want to ; w ; ///starts tearing up I love mgt so much

Grey Right Bullet by Gasara SO, what's gonna fall in short? sadly it IS going to be RENOVATIO. I have been having trouble getting back into it and focusing on it which makes me SO SO SO sad.... and I really wanna try and work at least a bit on it but I already haven't worked on it since I think 3 weeks.... (shits been happening) and I believe I have a few more Renovatio fans here and there and I'm still really sad to say this : (
But renovatio is going to go on hiatus first.

Grey Right Bullet by Gasara I WILL be updating renovatio until the current chapter I am working on right now! so I still have some time to get things sorted out.

Grey Right Bullet by Gasara WOOF, also I forgot, I also plan on MAYBE starting a patreon halfway through my study years! So at a point where I can go "ok I'm good enough I have enough rewards to do this" 

SO I kinda had it planned like this: Finish the mgt book 1, when done get back into renovatio and work on the mgt storyboard of book 2 while making RV pages again and hen when I have enough storyboard to get back into mgt do both again IF the study didn't start already!
So while I do the mgt pages (which I want to look perf) I'm gonna relax and take breaks from mgt with focusing on the Somryd-Alps !

Idk if anybody minds / cares but I felt the need that this is something big enough that I should share it and thb I am SO EXCITED about October?????? LIKE YA'LLL this is pursuing my DREAM career that I had since I was like idk 10 / 12????? idfk bUT HE C K 

so yeah you've already noticed that I am currently focusing on my bodjas here on dA bc let's be honest. This is a species set in my Magistra world and magistra is my everything that's why I am ACTUALLY able to focus on this! I love it and I want people to just have fun ; w ;

aaanyways! so if you're down here thanks so much for reading! I'll be heading off again to work on my mgt bby <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Mudzi Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2017
First of all: CONGRATULATIONS MAN!! :iconbrohugplz: 

As for the other stuff, that's totally understandable <3 Studying does take up a LOT of time ^^' I'm really looking forward to all the Bodja and Magistra stuff~ :la: 
Maro-King Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much!!!

yeah that's why I said that, bc I cannot stop the incoming hiatus and all but I still had plans so ; w ; Thanks!
Mudzi Featured By Owner Edited Apr 26, 2017
ofc :iconarmstrongtighthugplz: 
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April 25, 2017